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5 Tips to Looking Your Best in Photobooths!

Lights, camera, flash! You’re at a beautiful place, a fun event and with the people you adore. You’re having a time of your life and you also know it’s a great time for a photo! You spot a photo booth and you’re excited! But, how do you look your best in these photobooths?  


#1: Have a cheerleading team!

Attending events with your friends can be one of the best ways to create memories. There is food, music, laughter and not to forget, lots of picture taking! Help your friends take photogenic pictures by making them laugh when it’s their turn! This allows the subject to relax and look their best in that state. Candid photographs have their own beauty so throw out an inner joke, and be their very own cheerleader. This will make photo taking a breeze and a whole lot more fun!



#2: Go crazy!

Photographs preserve memories and it is like the whole world stops right at that beautiful moment. The photographs that make you smile are taken at moments unrehearsed and real. Give your widest smile, your weirdest pose, and your loudest laugh. Look at your friend and laugh out! Tickle your friend and enjoy the moment together. Give your loved one a little kiss, whisper “I love you” into their ears. It doesn’t need to be just a traditional smile. It may seem a little scary with big bright lights in front of you, and the stress of having to come up with great poses in seconds? The difficulty level just rose up to 1000. The trick is to just let loose, be yourself, and let the pictures speak a thousand words.


#3: Props to props! 

Props are a life saver for some shy and awkward ones out there! They are a great way to hype up the photographs, making them much more interactive and fun. Props can effectively be used to convey the theme of the event, commemorate a special day and express emotions/feelings! There are thousands of different kinds of props: signages, accessories, write-on boards and miscellaneous (toys, flowers etc.). Make full use of the props and use it to spice up the feel of the photos! Go crazy and go with following your heart. Imagine yourself to be an excited little kid, how would you pose now?


#4: Add a little touch!

This is more for the ladies, but gentlemen you are free to follow this step so as well! The power of makeup can help to add a little more colors to your look. You may have slept at 3 AM last night catching up on your favorite drama or trying to rush out that report. But, don’t let it show in the photographs (Unless that is the feeling you’re going for). Lipstick is one of the basic and fastest ways to look extra energised. You don’t need to show up with full red lips; just dap a few times, lightly on your lips for that sprinkle of colour that makes your lips look natural. Concealer is also essential when you’re trying to look less tired. Use your fingers to dap on the concealer to cover up those panda eyes and blemishes, flawless in seconds! The good news is though, the flash will help you to look a little brighter than usual!


#5 Study your angles!

Angles are very, very important. Certain angles can flatter your face shape, make your smile a little brighter, make you look less tired. Everyone has an angle that they look better in. For example, research has shown that most people look better in their left profiles, as compared to the right. So experiment in your own free time which angles are your best. Take photos of yourself and compare them. Know yourself and your angles. When it’s time, strut your beauty in the most flattering angle possible!



All in all, the most important thing is to relax and have fun. Don’t worry too much about how the photos will turn out and just enjoy the process. Here at Vivid Snaps, our mission is to make sure that you enjoy your time at our services as much as you’ll enjoy a plate of hot pancakes!


Photos taken at: Wilson and Cheryl’s Wedding, Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Featured Service: Instant Photobooth

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Supporting Early Confirmation

Vivid Snaps is an event photography & videography company with 8 years of experience in the industry. Throughout the years, we are most grateful for the support of our esteemed clients who are also our best business partners. We value the opportunities to create beautiful event experiences together and we are committed to provide the best service to our clients.


What Is This All About?

We are rewarding our clients for confirm our bookings early, as this simple action helps our team to deliver better results for your projects.


The Story Behind Our Initiative

Our society is progressing rapidly as technology helps us find solutions quicker than ever, unknowingly we grew accustomed to making decisions at short moment’s notice. However, we also recognise that many processes have the potential to achieve better results with more time. Therefore, we take a step to champion a beneficial solution for our clients and our team members.

Vivid Snaps Career Internship

Positive Team Creates Positive Results

At the core of Vivid Snaps, we have always believed in creating a positive working environment for all our team members. Everyone in our team upholds strong integrity and mutual respect, and this in turn helps us deliver genuine service to our customers.

We think that work supports life, and life supports work. We strive to maintain a work environment that our team would proudly call it their second home. When we work like a family, we create amazing results for our customers.


Rewarding Our Customers

We are showing our support for this cause by offering incentives to our customers who support our cause. Get in touch with our project coordinators to find out more.


Creating The Perfect Synergy

We value our clients and we value all our team members. We hope this initiative will create a better working environment for our employees and benefit our esteemed clients who make the extra effort to support our cause. We look forward to creating more amazing works with our clients and partners.


Our Services

Instagram Instant Print (Instaprint)

Animated GIF Booth (Instant Email)

Fisheye Instant Photo Booth

Light Painting Photo Booth

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Instant Print Photography (Roving Photographer)


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Join Us In The Pursuit Of A Better Work Place!

If our initiative inspires you and you would like to launch this initiative in your company, contact us and let us feature your business.

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Express Video Highlights for Events

Amidst all the World Cup rage, we were commissioned to produce an express video highlight to promote the Soccer Carnival set up by IMM in appreciation of their shoppers. We headed down to Jurong East on the first day of the carnival itself to shoot the footages for the promotional video. During the 4 hours of filming, we captured the fun that the first lucky participants had at the football-themed game stations specially put up by IMM. Aside from our Sony mirrorless cameras, we also made use of other professional videography equipment like gimbals and monopods to record dynamic footages. Here are some of the gimbal footages that are compelling and energetic.


Fast Video Editing

Then, with less than 24 hours to edit the video, we stayed up all night for the post-process so that it can be ready on the second day of carnival. The video was played throughout the famous outlet mall to inform shoppers of these fun-filled activities at Level 3 Garden Plaza. It also introduces the way to participant in this family-oriented event.


The final product is an engaging and high-energy promotional video that is relative to this sports carnival. Watch it below.



The other pre-event express highlight video that we were commissioned to do recently is Prudential’s Financial Consultants Promotion Night at Capella Singapore. Prior to the event, we created the video opening title animation using Adobe After Effects and conceptualised a basic storyboard for the video to ensure a smooth workflow in such a tight timeline. On the day of the event, our video team arrived at the beautiful hotel a few hours before the official start of the promotion night to take the footages as planned while interviewees also arrived early to record their thoughts and heartfelt thank you speeches.


Express Video Processing

After all the scheduled interviews and filming, our video editor consolidated and stitched numerous interviews together into a coherent and exciting opening video to the promotion night in just a short span of 2 hours. This 3-minute pre-event video sums ups the appreciation and gratitude that the mentees hold for their mentors and received great feedback at the event.



Video processing requires time and expertise, hence, working with such tight deadlines is not common for video projects. But with prior experience of these projects, Vivid Snaps is confident that we can deliver quality pre-event express video highlights. Get in touch to explore your options and discuss the possibilities with us.

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Food Videography in Singapore

Greetings! Making a video for your food products or services is not just about pretty visuals. A well thought video can deliver your business objectives for you. It is essential that you identify your objectives before embarking on a project. Our team can deliver video works ranging from a single product demo video to regular marketing campaign videos. We are also big on social media video for food industry.



Food Recipe Videography

In food recipe videos, we work closely with our clients to discuss dishes, ingredients and shooting styles. Our team then plan the shoot prior to filming day.



Specialised Food Industry Videography

Our videography services do not stop at food, we have also worked on more specialised projects. Instructional videos for food processing machines and troubleshooting videos.


Food Photography Singapore

If you are looking for food photography services, visit us at our food photography website to view our past portfolio.


Discuss Your Project With Us


Phone: 9482 5300

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Fisheye Photo Booth Singapore, New Event Instant Print Idea!

We hope 2018 have had an amazing start for you! Our first quarter have been really busy and we would like to thank all our clients and business partner for the warm support!


The busy schedule was chaotic but it did not stop us from squeezing little pockets of time we had to develop a new photo booth service. Our photographer began exploring fisheye lenses in the middle of last year, when he bought one as a gift for his mother, who is also a photography enthusiast.


His experience with the fisheye lens inspired him and he shared his passion with the team. We thought nothing of it at the beginning but our event photographer was persistent about bringing this experience to our clients and guests. Looking back, we are glad to have taken this idea beyond coffee talks.


After months of brainstorming, experimenting, discussions and debates. We finally settled on 2 ways to bring our new photo booth innovations to our clients in Singapore.


Fisheye Instant Photo Booth

We will setup a photo booth with live preview, your guests can visit our booth anytime during the engagement period for a shot. Our packages come with unlimited photo prints. Prints are available in 4R, card-sized and photo strip format.


Fisheye Instant Roving Photography

Our photographer will be roaming around your event venue to engage guests for posed shots. This is then transferred to our on-site photo editing artist for minor touch-ups before printing them. We offer unlimited prints in all our packages. Prints are available in 4R and card-sized format.


Add-on Options:


Animated GIF

(for Fisheye Instant Photo Booth only)

Our photo booth can be setup with animated GIF, complete with customisation of branding graphic overlays.


On-site Instant Email Kiosk

(for Fisheye Instant Photo Booth and Fisheye Instant Roving Photography)

If you want your guests to receive their soft-copy immediately, we offer a dedicated screen for your guests to view their photos and and send it to their email. We will bring our own 4G mobile data connection, for the fastest possible sending speed. Another advantage of our dedicated email kiosk is, that it does not delay the waiting time at the main photo booth. Guests will leave the photo booth promptly and proceed to the dedicated kiosk to send their photos.


We envision our Fisheye Instant Photo Booth to be suitable at every event seeking a twist in the conventional photo booth experience. Namely, company dinner and dance, corporate office opening, staff celebration, long service awards ceremony, media event, consumer product launch and gala dinner.


Last but not least, Vivid Snaps is a event instant photography company through and through. We take pride in delivering a pleasant experience for our clients and your event guests. We make as little compromises as we possible can, and strive to deliver consistently good service year after year.


Photo Booth Promotion For Singapore Clients

Thank you for staying with us through the long blog post. To show our gratitude, we are offering you a 10% discount off our list price for Fisheye Instant Photobooth. Please quote this blog post when sending us an enquiry. This photo booth promotion is for Singapore engagements, valid till 31 May 2018 and limited to first 10 engagements.

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Light Painting GIF Photo Booth

The Best Photo Booth Experience

At Vivid Snaps, guests experience at your event is our foremost importance. With 6 years of experience in the industry, every aspect of our photo booth is designed in consideration of on-the-ground feedback from our guests. Our team regularly review new insights we learn about our guests experience and make minor improvements to our workflow. We keep our own service quality in check.


Event Darkroom Setup & Painting With Light

For the uninitiated, painting with light is usually done in darkness or near darkness environment. A photographer will usually set the camera to a longer exposure, and movement of any light source within the frame will be capture as beautiful light trails.

Darkness is usually not a feature of a vibrant event and therefore, our team will arrange for a darkroom to be setup at your event venue to accommodate the Light Painting GIF Photo Booth. Our comprehensive package includes all setup that is required for a lighting painting photo booth, and all you have to do is provide us with a venue.


Instant Photo Strip & Film Strip Prints

We offer several options for photo print sizes, and photo strip prints are the hottest right now. Discuss with us about your preference to decide what is best for your event.


Tasteful Customised Photo Border Designs

We take pride in creating good designs for our clients, we do not follow a fixed template nor are you forced to choose from an existing design. All our customised photo border designs are bespoke and unique to your event.


Animated GIF Photo Booth

Our light painting photo booth can be coupled with Animated GIF feature, adding even more fun to the party. Not only can the animated GIF be sent to your guests’ email immediately, the GIF can also be customised with your event branding.


Hiring Our Photo Booth

Our light painting photo booth is available for hire in Singapore & Malaysia. Drop us a message with your event details and wait for our coordinator to get in touch with you.

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Instagram Instant Print at Night Festival

The Night Festival at the Peranakan Museum was also another successful Live Instagram Print event! The Night Festival was held from 24 August to 26 August. It was a night filled with cultural fun as visitors were able to experience Peranakan Cultures by engaging in their activities. There were glow in the dark motifs that showcased Baba and Nyonya cultures, and even Baba and Nyonya music that visitors could sing and dance to. But that’s not all, visitors can even get glow in the dark motifs drawn on their hands!


The night festival doesn’t last forever and most exhibits only opens till 11PM. In order to be able to visit all the exhibits and get to experience them fully, visitors might find it time consuming to print out their photos. But this is where our super fast Instaprints come in! Visitors can get their photos in just 8 seconds after they’re being printed. This definitely helps to save a lot of time for our visitors, since they’re able to roam around the exhibits and just upload their photos to Instagram and come back to print them after. Many visitors were surprised to find out how quick they were able to get their photos.


Since the Night Festival is a yearly affair, visitors would want their memories to last forever. While we may forget many things that happened after an event, our photo prints would be sure to remind you the amazing night you had at the museum.

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