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Zoom: Best, Most Cost-Effective Webinar Platform

With so many platforms available, it can get confusing deciding which would be best for you to use. Be it for conferences, AGMs, classes or training purposes, it is important that you select one that support the facilities you require.

For a more well-rounded viewing experience, it is also best to engage a professional webinar service provider for corporate videography services.

Video Backup Workflow
Corporate Videography, Event Videography, Tech, Videography

Cloud Backup Workflow For Videographers

Backing up our video files is very important, there are so many potential hazards that can cause us to lose our media files in a matter of seconds. Backing up to portable hard drives is a popular method for most independent videographers. But in this article I will share a cost effective method that can add an additional layer of safety when planning your video backup workflow.

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WWF Earth Hour Photo Booth

Did you know that at the rate we are living the earth will soon be inhabitable because of us? Temperatures are breaking records around the world. Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting, Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,000 years and two-thirds of the great barrier reef has been damaged as a result of climate change. We are so glad to be able to play a part in promoting water conservation at the ripples booth through our instant photo booth that many enjoyed during the event!

Corporate Videography, Event Videography, Live Streaming, Tech, Videography

Professional Video Live Stream For Social Media

Video Live Stream Service

As you may have already noticed, video live stream is steadily taking over the attention of social media audiences. Consumers are now spoiled with real-time updates that make news articles the equivalent of snail-mail in today’s terms. Clicking in to live stream notifications will become part and parcel of people’s lives. Before you dismiss this idea thinking that live stream does not apply to your industry, think again. Live stream will become the next Instagram feed and Facebook timeline. People will be scrolling through live stream channels like how they scroll through social media feeds, tapping in to watch what interests them.

Now is the time to jump into this opportunity and embark on the new technology before your competitors do.


How to Fix FTP Transfer Issue on SingTel AzTech DSL8800GR(S) Wireless Router

You may have been here because just like us, you have received a new wireless router from SingTel and transferring files locally on FTP is extremely slow or completely impossible. We made numerous phone calls to SingTel, but they refused to acknowledge this issue. The technician who came down understood our problem but he was not able to convince SingTel to provide any remedy. Fortunately, AzTech technician was able to provide a workaround.



The fix:

Go to ‘’ using your browser (The IP address is different if you have changed it)

Click ‘Advanced Mode’ on the top right corner

Click ‘Advanced Setup’ on the left panel

Click ‘Quality of Service’ on the left panel

Uncheck the box that says ‘Enable QoS’

Now save and reboot your device, and your FTP should work properly


We hope this guide helped you save several hours in troubleshooting. Cheers!

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