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Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Planning for a wedding, a birthday party, the launch of a new product or a company dinner and dance? Well, we know things can get very hectic but one thing you should get for any event is a photo booth. It’s simple and versatile yet customizable at the same time. Oh and not forgetting that its suitable for all ages! Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should get a photo booth for your next event!


The most obvious reason for getting a photobooth, to capture the moment. Nowadays with your smartphones, it’s so easy to “capture the moment” but we often realize we pick out the photos where we look the best. The beauty of an Instant Photo Booth is that we capture THE moment. You have eight seconds to choose your pose and stick to it. So whether you choose to pull a funny face or strike an extravagant pose it will be captured! This makes it so fun and exciting because you can’t go back on the decision you’ve already made.


Photo Booths can also be a source of entertainment! There’s a huge difference between taking a picture and taking a picture at a photobooth! The fact that there are a dazzling background and props that you can use to jazz up your photo makes the experience even more fun! Your guests can let their imagination run wild as they decide what props they want to use and what pose they want to take. In that minute they spend at the booth, they’d probably feel like an actor. Being able to take on so many different characters and put on so many different expressions in that short time span. Psstt not to mention Kylie Jenner had a photo booth at her daughter Stormi’s first birthday party!


It doesn’t matter what age you are! Photo Booths are meant for everyone to enjoy! You might think that the older generation would be a little skeptical about getting their photos taken with props but you’re wrong! Many of them enjoy the process of taking the pictures and they are also usually the ones coming back to take their photos over and over again! Even babies love photobooths! The huge light in front of the booth fascinates them. Once they realize that their faces are on screen it’s hard to get them to stop looking at themselves!


Of course, every photo booth experience isn’t complete without collecting your prints and having a good laugh at them! If you’re planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, you can forget about stressing about getting party favors. The prints will be enough to remember your very special day! Seriously, if I were to go to a wedding I’d rather get free photos of my friends and loved ones rather than a salt and pepper shaker, key chain or a teaspoon which I’ll probably throw away eventually. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of getting a photo booth for a marketing event that’s even better. Save your budget on printing brochures and make the prints your brochure. Seriously, think about it. The likelihood of people wanting to take a photo at a photobooth is higher than them wanting to take your brochure. On top of that with the rise of social media usage, many of them would probably snap a picture of their print and upload it on social media which creates a chain reaction and it will help you indirectly promote your brand!


Another amazing thing about photo booths is that you’re able to customize it to suit the theme of your event or party! The prints that are done at your event will be uniquely special and no other event will have the same photo border! If you’re planning to have a photo booth at your marketing event that’s even better! Put a short blurb or advertisement as the photo border and now you’ve transformed the regular prints into an advertisement! This is sure to be able to increase consumer engagement and it might even help to draw more sales in! If you have an idea of what you want your prints to look like, just let our designers know and they’ll be sure to help you turn your idea into reality!

Hopefully, by now, you see the need to have a photo booth at your upcoming events. Like I said photo booths are so simple versatile yet unique at the same time because everything is fully customizable! If you like to know more about Photo Booths and how they work, do check out our website under events > Instant Photo Booth or contact one of our project coordinators to inquire about the Instant Photo Booth services we provide.

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