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Corporate Photo Shoot

Professional corporate photography


Corporate Photo Shoot

Businesses are using corporate stock photos for a wide range of collaterals from printed to digital media. Good corporate photography from professional photographers will help illustrate and bring the best impression out of your business. Our corporate photoshoot is customised to your requirements, speak with our project coordinator to discuss your photo shoot details. 

A picture speaks a thousand words. Having professionally taken photos allows potential clients and business partners to put a face to your company when communicating via digital channels. It also makes you seem more personable and distinct.

In addition to stock photos, a bespoke corproate photoshoot adds relevance by incorporating your operational workflows, and are shot in the context of your business environment.

For Client Presentation

Make your client presentation more engaging with professional photos of your office & team members.

For Website & Social Media

Connect effectively with your target audience with interesting stock photos of your business.

For Printed Collaterals & Branding

Professional stock photos of your business can help clients understand your company.

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Types of Corporate Photo Shoot

Our corporate photography services cover different styles of corporate photoshoot for your business. Check with us if you require a unique approach to your corporate photography services.

Listed below are some of the types of corporate photography we have done for our clients.

Smiling Faces Portrait Photographer
Smiling Faces


On-the-job Photos


Portrait Photographer Singapore
Personal Commitment


Architecture & Building Photographer Singapore
Architecture Photography


Office Interior Photographer Singapore
Interior Photography


Editorial / Journalistic Photos


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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our professional corporate photography services.

I already have a subscription to free stock photos. Why do I still need my own?

Chances are, many other companies own a similar subscription as well. If every company is sourcing from the same pool of photos for their website, clients may begin to notice this. Having your own corporate photos not only makes you stand out from your competitors, it also allows you the creative freedom to include specific details of your organisation.

How often should I replace the corporate photos on my website?

There is no fixed timeframe or expiry date for corporate photos. However, a good time to replace the pictures on your website could be when you have a change of team members, you are offering a new product or service, or when you are trying to rebrand etc.

What are your rates for corporate photography services?

Every project has a different requirements. To get a better idea of our rates for your project, get in touch with our project coordinators, who will be happy to assist you and clarify any doubts.

How long in advance should I engage your service?

We advise you to book our services about 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. When you book with us early, you will have more flexibility in choosing an available date. After your shoot, our photographer will require up to 7 working days to edit your images.

How long does it take for a headshot photoshoot?

The time for a headshot photo shoot can vary depending on your requirements. For a normal headshot, the photography process is about 5 to 15 mins per individual.

Clicking a shutter may only take a split second, but there is a little more work to create a professional and natural look. Our photographers like to make your subject feel more relaxed, we make small conversations and take photos at slightly different angles.

Your subject then gets to choose their best shot. This is our approach to creating good corporate headshot images for you.

Will you provide a makeup artist if necessary? How long would it take if makeup services are engaged?

If you require a make-up artist, the timeline will be much longer. A make-up artist will usually provide touch-up on not just the face, but also on hairstyling. This process can take up to 30 mins per individual.

My office space is not suitable for corporate photo shoots. Are you able to provide a location instead?

You may discuss your requirements with our project coordinator. Depending on the type of images you require, we can source for a suitable location. We can also provide a studio for photo shoot. 

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