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With a focus on storytelling, we produce captivating videos that evoke emotions.


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Creative Video Production: From Pre-production to Post-production

We work with you to deliver creative videos that work.


Our pre-production process with you can cover all or some of the scopes. Including conceptualisation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, talent casting, planning of shot-list and managing the required crew.

Filming & Production

In the execution and actual shooting process, our director work together with the production crew to bring the vision to life. Our crew covers camera work, lighting, audio, directing and producing for the filming process.


Our director work closely with our video editing team and put together the video. The scope of work we do will include editing, transitions, colour correction, audio mixing, titles and motion graphics.


Creative Video Works We Do

Creative videos are a powerful tool for business communication, creative videos are used to convey complex information in a concise and engaging way, making them an effective tool for training, marketing, and other forms of communication. Creative videos can also be used to add a personal touch to communication, allowing businesses to connect with their audience on a more emotional level.


Offer an honest and relatable perspective on the inner workings of your brand.

Music Video

An audio-visual-centric piece to promote your brand uniquely and elevate your presence.

Short Film

Convey your company’s values and goals through a powerful narrative that evokes emotions.

Social Media Video

Increase your brand’s awareness and recognition on the world’s most popular platforms.

Video Commercials

Leave a lasting impact and attract customers by effectively showcasing your brand.

Product Video

Showcases a product’s features, benefits, and usage in an engaging and informative way.

Profile Video

Highlights the background, achievements and experiences of individuals behind your brand.

Brand Story Video

Share the transformative journey of your brand, emphasising your history, purpose and beliefs.

Informational Video

Present informative material in a captivating and easy-to-understand explanatory video.

Creative Video Production Team Singapore

Advertising Video

We work with brands and organisations to create advertising videos for social media and television commercials. We can help to create marketing videos for your product and services, to promote your brand and achieve your marketing objectives.

Our team’s expertise includes conceptualisation, storyboarding, planning, production and post-production.


Video Production Singapore

In an increasingly digital world, there is a greater need for creative and engaging video content. We specialise in creative and engaging videos that tell your story, using both narrative and ideas to drive engagement. Our creative team has a knack for storytelling and we bring our expertise together to produce compelling videos to drive your business communications.


Should You Work With Us?

Our core expertise lies in serving corporate and organisational clients. We have produced countless corporate videos serving varying business objectives. We are now focused on taking our craft to the next level by injecting a higher level of creativity in our works.

For Corporate Clients

We serve corporate communications, marketing and human resource teams. We communicate with your target audience through creative and visual storytelling.

For Government Sector

We seek to communicate effectively with your audience by captivating the viewer through a creative story video that resonate and leave an impression.  

For Creative Agencies

We take your creative concepts and apply our production planning, execution and post-production. We augment the expertise of your team by being your video production partner.

Our People Are Your Advantage

Our team of media professionals are passionate in what we do, and we work hard to achieve our vision and yours. 

Outcome-Focused Creativity

We use creative story telling to serve your business objectives. We strive for good balance in the works we create for you.


We analyse your priorities and create fitting proposals. We are commited to deliver mutually beneficial projects through discussions.

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    FAQ’s for Creative Video Production

    What is creative video production?

    A creative video production typically involves planning and scripting, shooting, and post-production. The goal of creative video production is to create a unique and engaging video that captures the viewer’s attention and effectively communicates its intended message.

    What makes a good creative video?

    A good creative video delivers the intended message through a strong concept and good storytelling in a manner that is relevant to the target audience. This is then supported by engaging visuals and good production quality.

    What types of work does your creative video team do?

    We work with corporate clients and organisations and businesses. We can help you create corporate short films, music videos, corporate documentaries, branded content, and lifestyle videos and social media videos.

    What is the process to getting a creative video produced?

    The process of getting a creative video produced can be broken down into a few key steps: pre-production, production, and post-production. Conceptualisation starts during pre-production, along with talent and location sourcing. Production is when the video is actually shot, and post-production is the final step where your video is edited and additional effects, such as music and colour grading, are added.

    How are Creative Video Production and Corporate Video Production different?

    The corporate videos we produce usually helps our client to delver their business objective in a clear and effective way. In creative videos, we focus on connecting with the audience in an emotional way, usually through exploring a unique perspective or vision.

    How long will the creative video production process take?

    The creative video production process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the project. We encourage you to cater about 4 weeks for the pre-production process for a typical corporate video project.

    How much does a creative video production costs?

    Many creative video productions will fall within the price range of $8000 to $15,000. Complex productions requiring more resources can cost upwards of $25,000.

    Am I expected to know what I want?

    It would be beneficial to have a conceptual framework for your creative video or any video references in advance. However, if you need any assistance or are unsure about the direction you want the video to go, our team can share our past experiences for your consideration.

    Why should I work with you?

    We are passionate about producing creative works and making great videos. We believe in working closely and understanding your vision to create a video that communicate your message effectively. Our team of about 15 members consists of directors, cinematographers, producers and editors.

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