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Corporate Video Production in Singapore


Video Production Singapore

Our video production team are specialised in video filming, editing and pre-production for organisations and corporate customers. You can expect a smooth working experience with our team for your standard corporate video filming such as CEO and management team video production. 

Client Oriented

The success of your business is of paramount importance. We strive to deliver a seamless working relationship.

Purpose Focused

We combine art with purpose. We create engaging videos that deliver on your business objectives. 


Key Phases in Video Production

The work and processes that go behind a professional corporate video is relatively intensive, and we do our best to anticipate your needs to provide a seamless experience for you. Our team consists of producers, director, video production specialists and editors. To provide you with the adequate support you need for varying scale of corporate video production. 


We can support as much as you want or as little as you need. We can provide scripting, conceptualisation, sourcing and other preparation work.


Usually lasting betwen 1 to 3 days, and with a crew between 3 to 10 members. Our team manage and execute the filming production for your video.


In the final stage of your video production, we put together the footage, add music, graphics, effects and colour grade your video.

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Corporate Video Production

Delivering services beyond what you can expect from a corporate video production. Our videographers in Singapore work on multiple creative video productions in Singapore including photography, on-location and studio shooting, video and photo editing, post-production and more. To date, we have worked on a multitude of video filming and end-to-end video productions.

Talent Campaign Videos

We work with you to create talent campaign and recruitment videos showcasing the culture, values and work environment.

Luxury Car Launch Video Production

For the virtual launch of a compact sports sedan, our video production team assisted the creative agency to produce a virtual launch video featuring the luxury vehicle on Singapore roads.

Corporate Narrative Video Production

We produce creative short narrative films to bring across client’s key messages, using storytelling to engage and take the audiences on a emotional journey. We support your projects from location casting, set design to post-production.

Product Testimony Video Production

Testimonial videos are a great way for brands to share authentic experiences for your product and service. We work with brands to create videos featuring customer success stories, weaving in key elements of your brand.

CEO Memo & Year-in-review Video

Working closely with our clients, we produce a video to foster the organisation spirit, expressing gratitude and showcasing the teamwork and care of the staff. The video features engaging interviews and unique touches like a hand drawn commemorative logo. 

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos pull in viewers with engaging emotions and lends credibility with real-life stories. By showcasing genuine experiences, they help brands build strong connections and convert viewers into loyal fans.

Virtual Tour Video Production

Using green screen backdrop and filmed at our Kallang Place studio, we combine real world interactions with virtual environment. Producing a mesmerising virtual launch video of our client’s virtual flagship.

Corporate Music Video Production

For celebrating organisational milestone or promoting your product and services, our team collaborated with Singapore University of Social Science to produce a music video to commemorate the student’s graduation.

Minister Video Filming

Our professional video production crew frequently assist organisations with minister video filming and production. This includes location filming, studio filming or green screen filming – complete with virtual backgrounds. When required, we can also provide a teleprompter and teleprompter operator.

Interview Video Production

One of the many way we help corporate clients lighten the mood in their corporate communication videos, is through the use of a light hearted corporate interview video. Through a casual interview or fireside chat, the interview subjects can express their messages spontaneously.

Instructional Video Production

Instructional videos takes on different formats, but they serve the same purpose of providing clear and concise information for audiences to understand and follow along. We worked with Under Armour on this instructional sportswear video production as part of their video campaign.

Me-in-a-minute Interviews

In business professional services, me-in-a-minute video helps you connect with your audience quickly, putting a face to the name of your key appointment holders. We provide filming via multiple camera angles, teleprompter and professional video editing.


Your Preferred Video Production House in Singapore

What makes us your preferred video production house partner in Singapore? It’s simple – we work hard and give your project the effort it deserves.

With an in-house team of video professionals, we are able to ensure good communication and better control over the various aspects of video production process. 

With our experience and focus in serving organisational clients. We put effort in understanding the unique needs, goals, and challenges of your business and project.

Beyond creativity and the art of video making, we keep in mind that the video is a tool for communication and it must effectively deliver upon its intended objectives. 

Your business is always evolving and so does ours. We constantly explore new ways of working to provide effective solutions without burdening your costs.

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    Green Screen Filming

    Our video production crew can set up a green screen backdrop and professional lighting at your office. Nonetheless, if you need a green screen studio space for filming and video production in Singapore, we have a studio option for you.

    Our green screen studio is provided complimentary to you when you engage our green screen video production services. The studio is reserved exclusively for our clients, allowing us to provide high availability.

    You can use our studio for half-body and full-body green screen filming. Some of the past projects our videographers have handled include green screen virtual tour, webinar recording, pre-recorded live stream and professional corporate video conferencing.


    Our Video Production Works

    Employee Appreciation Video Production

    Hairstyling & Lifestyle Video Production

    Retail Brands Video Production

    Product Explainer Video Production

    Cinematic Interview Video Production

    Excellence Awards Video Production

    Customer Testimonial & Case Study Video

    Product & KOL Videos


    Internal Corporate Videos

    Part of our works also involves creating corporate videos for internal circulation. These videos range from director’s speech, staff appreciation, interviews to on-boarding and training videos.

    Make an impression during your presentation with an impactful company introduction video. 

    Connect with employees or shareholders across the globe with a business update video.

    Celebrate and recognise outstanding staff in your organisation.

    Minister video filming and organisation intranet video production.

    Virtual tours and virtual environment, filming with green screen and post-processing.

    Internal training video series for corporate employees and teams working from home.

    Go behind the scenes in your business and share your important values.

    Employee video and day-in-the-life-of videos for sharing your corporate culture

    Tutorial or instructional videos can help to reduce the strain on your customer support team.

    Share important values in your business with your customers with a story.

    Positive client reviews can be very influential, and a video supports its authenticity.

    Training video for employee onboarding, or welcome video to guide new customers.

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    FAQ’s about Corporate Video Production

    Can you provide raw footage from video filming?

    Raw footage are provided on a case-by-case basis. You can discuss this with our project coordinator. 

    Can you setup green screen at my office?

    We frequent conduct video filming at client’s office. Our corporate video production arrangements are customisable. We can setup green screen for video filming at your office. 

    Do you have a video filming studio?

    Yes, we have a green screen studio. Examples of studio filming we have done includes, CEO speech video, training video, presentation videos, panel discussions, interviews and product launch videos.

    Do you create social media videos?

    Yes, and within the category of social media videos, there are many variation and style for achieve different objectives. Discuss your requirements with our project coordinators.

    How does corporate studio filming work?

    Corporate video filming in a studio usually involves the use of a green screen background. During post-production, the background will be swapped for a customised graphics, presentation slide or a relevant stock photo. 

    Do you provide filming-only engagement?

    Yes, we support regional clients with Singapore-based filming crew. Covering corporate video requirements, such as office filming and green screen speech videos. 

    Do you do Interview Video Filming & Production?

    Yea, we support many corporate clients and organisations in interview video filming and productions. This includes overseas clients who are looking for a filming crew in Singapore.

    Do your provide a teleprompter for corporate filming?

    Yes, our teleprompter will be coupled with a teleprompter operator. This is available at an additional cost.

    Do you provide talent & location sourcing?

    Yes, talent and location sourcing can be including as part of our pre-production services. We provide end-to-end creative video production.

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