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QR Photo Booth for Your Corporate Events & Celebrations

Bring to your event the best instant photo booth in Singapore


QR Instant Photo Booth

Vivid Snaps Instant QR Photo Booths feature an instant photo download via QR code. A fun and modern way to capture and share your event memories. 

Our Instant QR Photo Booths are unrivalled in speed. Using a dedicated devices and photo taking and for downloading images, we reduce bottlenecks at the photo booth. Allowing us to serve more guests in the same engagement duration. 

Here at Vivid Snaps, our in-house designers take pride in providing the best designs for your photo layout. Every border and layout is crafted uniquely to suit your event theme, because every event is different. 

Our photo booth is a product of our relentless pursuit for high quality photo booth. 


The Vivid Snaps Advantage

Our Vivid Snaps Instant Photo Booth is 10 years in the making. Today, what you will receive at your event is the pinnacle of our event photo booth experience. Our workflow has been tuned countless times from the responses of event guests and clients.

Tailored For Corporate Clients

With corporate clients making up 95% of our portfolio, our workflow is designed around the requirements of your corporate events.

Exceptional Guests Experience

The satisfaction of your event guests is our utmost priority. This attention to guests’ experience is evident in every part of our process.

More Fun, Less Stress

Engaging a photo booth for your event should be a pleasant experience. We are committed to provide a stress-free experience for our clients.

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Different Types of Photo Booths

From conventional instant print options to more innovative photo booth ideas, you will definitely be able to find an option that suits your event needs. You may also find more detailed descriptions of each type of photo booths on our blog. If you need help, speak with our Project Coordinators who will share our best advice with you.

Instant Photo Booth


Animated GIF Photo Booth


Fisheye Photo Booth


Hire a QR Instant Photo Booth

Email or speak with our Project Coordinators for more clarity on our services.

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Best Photo Booth in Singapore For Events

Instant Photo Booth

The conventional instant photo booth has been a mainstay since its inception. Offering lots of fun in a simple and inexpensive package, this is the most popular option at events, year after year.

We offer a 3-shot-in-1 photo layout at our photo booth. This means that your guests will get to take three different shots in one photo strip. They could use this opportunity to quickly swap their props around and change their poses — the possibilities are endless.

Best Email Photo Booth by Vivid Snaps Singapore

QR Code Photo Booth

Designed with sustainability in mind, our Instant Photo Booth with QR Download feature delivers on the demands of your modern day event guests. 

After the photo taking process is completed, your guests will scan a QR code on our gallery to download their images immediately. 

This eliminates the need to print photos on traditional paper media. Thus resulting in a more environmentally friendly digital photo booth solution. 

GIF Photo Booth Best in Singapore

Animated GIF Booth

Not to be confused with holographic or lenticular photo booths. Our Animated GIF combines 3 photos into a loop and helps your pictures come to life. 

It is a refreshing alternative to still pictures that guests commonly receive from photo booths. Our animated GIF booth also offers a large live-view screen to assist you in making the most creative and exciting poses.

Your guests can receive a customised Animated GIF by scanning a QR code, for a more eco-friendly photo booth experience.

Having fun while saving the earth, it’s a win-win!

Special Fisheye Photo Booth

Fisheye Photo Booth

For the event organisers who have seen countless instant print booths in Singapore, try the latest innovation in the realm of instant print event photo booths. This photo booth uses a Fish Eye lens to create the coveted distortion effect. Event venues are often limited by space. When the venue gets tight, don’t let the guest experience be compromised!

However, thanks to the 180 degree characteristics fisheye lens we provide, there is no need to worry about space constraint. This wide angle lens can capture everything 180 degrees in front of it – from right to left, up to down.This booth encourages your guests to make creative poses, resulting in lots of fun and laughter. We would recommend the Fisheye Booth for events catering to a larger crowd.


Event Photo Booth Portfolio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every photo booth vendor delivers a slightly different photo booth experience. Let us answer some common questions regarding our photo booth.

Do you recommend having more than 1 photo booth at an event?

If your event venue is spacious and you are expecting a larger turnout, engaging more than one photo booth will help in speeding up queues and spreading out the crowd. This makes way for a more fuss-free and enjoyable event experience for all parties involved. A rule of thumb for Vivid Snaps photo booth is 300 pax per booth. If you have more than 300 pax, definitely get a second booth to provide a better experience for your guests.

Are photo booths suitable for formal events?

Photo booths can be a great way to spice up a formal event. However, another popular service we provide for formal events is Instant Roving Photography. It is similar to the concept of photo booths, except that the photographer will rove around to engage your guests. Each photo will be layered with a customised photo border created by our in-house designer, and your guests will also get to take away an instant photo print.

Can I extend photo booth rental hours on the spot if my event overruns?

You are advised to pre-plan your rental hours. While we may be able to provide on-site extension to our photo booth service, it is subject to availability. On-site extension also comes with a 200% surcharge. 

Will I be able to customise props for my event?

We have a wide variety of props available for your selection. This includes, but is not limited to: costumes, wigs, stick signs, masks, flowers etc. If there is a specific prop you are looking for, or if you would like to look at samples of what we have, let us know; we are able to provided fully customised props at additional cost.

What is the space requirement for photo booth setup?

In general, an instant photo booth consists of a backdrop and a standing machine for photo taking and printing. Your guests will be standing against the backdrop for photo taking. We have about 10 different backdrop selections for you to choose from.

Our designer will usually advise you on a suitable backdrop when designing the customised instant photo print border. Safely speaking, the bare minimum space a professional photo booth requires is minimum 2.5 by 2.5 meters.

Do you have sustainable options for your photo booth?

Yes, we support your corporate sustainability efforts and offer Digital-only options for our Instant Photo Booth at your events. 

We offer QR Photo Booth which features a quick and seamless way for your guests to receive their images instantly on their smartphone. 

I am concerned about privacy for digital photo booth

Guests are only allowed to download their own photos using the provided QR code. We do not collect or ask for personal data such as email or contact number at our Digital Photo Booth.

Do you provide Photo Booth services outside of Singapore?

Yes, we have worked on customised Photo Booth solutions and travelled with our clients for corporate events, meetings and exhibitions in Japan, Shanghai, Myanmar, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Batam and Bintan.

What other novel Photo Booth ideas do you have for my event?

We can help you customise the Photo Booth experience based on the event theme or requirements. Some of the customisations we have done include Light Painting Photo Booth, Green Screen Photo Booth, Sepia & Vintage Image Style, Personalised Name & Messages and QR Photo Booth.

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