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Live Instagram Photo Printing for Events

Instaprint, Instagram photo printer for events


Instagram Instant Print

Vivid Snaps Instagram Instant Print is the fastest Instagram printer in the industry!

Being speedy keeps the waiting time short, and reduce crowding at our booth. This also means we print more photos for the duration of your event.

Guests at an event are now free to express themselves at the comfort of their camera phones. Go crazy with selfies or poses that you have never attempted in the face of a photographer.

Maybe selfies were not your thing from the start. That’s OK, because the charm of Instagram Instant Print lies beyond the photo prints. It increases awareness of your event and drives social engagement to your brand – all these in real time.

If you would like to know more about the service, get in touch with our sales representatives and we will be happy to help!

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The Vivid Snaps Advantage

Our Vivid Snaps Instant Photo Booth is 7 years in the making. Today, what you will receive at your event is the pinnacle of our event photo booth experience. Our workflow has been tuned countless times from the responses of event guests and clients. 

Tailored For Corporate Clients

With corporate clients making up 95% of our portfolio, our workflow is designed around the requirements of your corporate events. 

Exceptional Guests Experience

The satisfaction of your event guests is our utmost priority. This attention to guests’ experience is evident in every part of our process.

More Fun, Less Stress

Engaging a photo booth for your event should be a pleasant experience. We are committed to provide a stress-free experience for our clients.

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How Does Instagram Instant Print Work?

Instagram Instant Print is an effective service for engaging your target audience or event guests. As long as they have Instagram installed on their smartphone, uploading and printing a photo is extremely easy. Our on-site assistants will always be around to guide your guests. If you would like, we can also provide additional Smartphone Photographer to take pictures for your guest, this is available at additional fee.

Pre-Event Preparation

Prior to your event, you will need to decide on a unique #hashtag. Our designer will customise a branding template that appears in all photo prints.

Guests to Upload Photos at Event

At your event, guests will upload their photos with your designated #hashtag. The guest’s profile has to be public. The photo will be captured in our system.

Select Photo & Print

Our on-site assistants will guide your guests to print their photos. All photo prints will include your customised branding template.

Consider: WhatsApp Instant Print

Instagram Instant Print is suitable for events such as marathon, roadshow, carnival, dinner & dance & some marketing events. If you are unsure whether this service is a good fit, consider WhatsApp Instant Print, or speak with our Project Coordinator for advice. 

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