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Light up Your Event With an Immersive Photo Booth Experience

The first & very best light painting booth in Singapore


Light Painting Photo Booth

When you need the best photo booth for your event, you can rely on Vivid Snaps to deliver the best customer experience to your event guests.

Light Painting Photo Booth was designed to provide a brand new photo booth experience to your event guests. Each photo is an unique art piece created by your event guests. This is the most interactive photo booth experience for events.

Vivid Snaps is the first to provide turnkey Light Painting Photo Booth service in Singapore. Being the most experienced light painting photo booth vendor in Singapore, we are competent in delivering a smooth event experience for your guests and our clients.

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The Vivid Snaps Advantage

Our Vivid Snaps Instant Photo Booth is 7 years in the making. Today, what you will receive at your event is the pinnacle of our event photo booth experience. Our workflow has been tuned countless times from the responses of event guests and clients, to offer the best possible experience. 

Tailored For Corporate Clients

With corporate clients making up 95% of our portfolio, our workflow is designed around the requirements of your corporate events. 

Exceptional Guests Experience

The satisfaction of your event guests is our utmost priority. This attention to guests’ experience is evident in every part of our process.

More Fun, Less Stress

Engaging a photo booth for your event should be a pleasant experience. We are committed to provide a stress-free experience for our clients.

Year Established
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Additional Add-ons Available

Our Light Painting Photo Booth also comes with several additional options catering to your target audience. If you are looking for an sustainable eco-friendly photo booth, we can offer Email-only photo booth.

Size: 4R or Photo Strips

You have the option to choose between 4R or photo strip prints. Either option will come with the popular 3-shot-in-1 photo layout. The photo size is to be decided prior to your event.

Animated GIF

If you would like, an animated GIF option is available for the light painting photo booth. The animated GIF will be customised with your event branding. The animated GIF can be sent to your guests instantly via email too!

Instant Email

All our photo booths come with instant photo prints. On top of that, you have the option to add-on Instant Email. Your guests can preview and send their photos via email instantly. Mobile data connection included.


Light Painting Photo Booth Portfolio

Light Painting Photo Booth Setup

Some things you need to know when engaging a Light Painting Photo Booth for your event.

We require minimum space of 3m x 3m x 2.5m(H) for the photo booth setup.

Light painting photo booth is suitable for indoor & sheltered venues only.

1 x standard 230V, 13 amp power outlet is required to power our electronic equipment.

Photo Booth Idea for Your Special Events

Light Painting Photo Booth is a perfect fit for your special events. Turn your extraordinary event into an epic show.

Neon Light Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for neon event theme

Glow in the Dark Booth

Photo booth idea for glow in the dark event

Night Festival Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for night light carnival

Mystic Event Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for Mystic themed event

Hollywood Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for your Showtime event

Christmas Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for Christmas light event

Circus Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for circus fiesta event

Night Safari Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for Night Safari event

Magical Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for your magic themed event

Light Drawing Photo Booth

Draw in the air with LED lights at our photo booth

Fairytale Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for Alice in Wonderland

Futuristic Photo Booth

Photo booth idea for Tron & Back to the Future

Light up your event!

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