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Hybrid Event & Live Streaming Singapore


Professional Video Live Stream

We provide live streaming production service for virtual & hybrid events in Singapore. We are flexible in our live streaming production. Our team can deliver end-to-end live streaming production for your virtual event. And we can integrate with your AVL providers at larger scale hybrid events in Singapore.

Our team can support your live streaming production across national borders, we have delivered virtual & hybrid events with remote studios and individual presenters internationally. With physical live streaming in our green screen studio, offices, hotels and bespoke venues.

The value that we bring to your hybrid event in Singapore is our technical expertise in an array of live streaming workflows and camera work. Our workflow encompasses industry standard equipment and software, which means you will find it easy to work with us.

Get in touch with our project coordinator to discuss your live streaming requirements for hybrid events in Singapore or learn more about our capabilities and past experience below.

End-to-end Webcast Integration

Whether you are looking to integrate our live streaming production service into your existing conferencing solution, or looking for an end-to-end solution. Our team can assist you to find the most cost-effective solution.

Physical or Remote Live Stream

Live streaming from 1 or 5 locations, locally or globally. We have flexible live webcasting solution to accomodate your requirement. Our live streaming crew can assist you from the start to end.

Private Live Streaming Platform

There are many free-to-air and commercial live streaming platforms. When you need a private live stream, we will help you integrate our live video production onto proprietary live webcasting platforms. 

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Live Stream Services Singapore

The pandemic situation in 2020 has accelerated the growth of live streaming solutions around the world. Once reserved for special events, live streaming has become the standard for all event natures. We have helped deliver successful live streaming service for virtual and hybrid events & experiences for very diverse industries from consumer brands to formal corporate meetings.

Video live streaming can be used on many different occasions to fulfil your business objectives. Conduct a webinar and broadcast to your global team or extend the outreach of your hybrid event by broadcasting it to an audience who are unable to attend all through live streaming events. You can also live stream snippets of your roadshow or open house to attract more crowds to your event.

Two presenters sitting at a table with skincare products by Acnes
Brands Live Streaming


A photo of live streaming.
Press Conference Live Stream

Press Release Video Streaming

Entertainment Live Streaming Singapore
Entertainment Live Stream

Online Competition Live Stream

Two hosts in front of the new Lexus IS during the official car launch live stream
Virtual Launch Live Stream


A corporate zoom webinar held by the Centre of Liveable Cities
Zoom Webinar Production


Culinary & Cooking Live Streaming Production
Culinary Live Stream


Corporate Live Streaming Production Singapore
Corporate Event Live Stream


Panel Discussion Conference Live Stream
Conference Live Stream


A presentation slide next to the image of the speaker
Corporate Webinar Live Stream


GeBiz Live Streaming Singapore
Awards Ceremony Live Stream


Town Hall Live Streaming Singapore
Townhall Live Streaming


A photo showing a hybrid event with live streaming.
Elite Awards Live Stream


SGX AGM Live Webcast For Listed Company
SGX Company AGM Live Webcast


Singapore School AGM Live Webcast Streaming
Internal Event Live Stream

Company Internal WEBINAR

MCST Live Webcast Provider
Hybrid Event Live Stream

Hotel Conference Live Stream


Tailored For Every Budget

Our team specialises in small to mid-scale live streaming production for virtual and hybrid events in Singapore. Our live streaming production covers virtual events and hybrid events applications for a multitude of event natures including marketing, meet and greet, conferences and more. The live stream services we provide for each client serve different purposes and one solution does not fit all. Get in touch with our project managers to discuss your live stream production.

Multiple Camera Live Stream

We support multi camera live streaming production from 2 to 8 cameras. Multiple camera angles help to bring focus to the right subject during your live stream.

Fully Remote Live Stream

We use live production software to connect multiple remote presenters and overseas speakers to produce a professional live stream.

Pre-recorded Live Stream

Combining pre-recorded video production with live segments. We can create an engaging live stream to captivate your virtual event audience. 

Green Screen Live Stream

We can integrate customised virtual background for your live stream. Virtual background can be very useful and cost effective for your production.

Hybrid Event Live Stream

Combining physical and remote presenters and audience. Integration with AV setup in hotel and auditorium for hybrid live streaming production.

Worldwide Live Stream

We can also play supporting role for your global live stream. We can connect our production system with your overseas live streaming partner. 

Start Streaming, Get In Touch Now.

Email or speak with our Project Managers for more clarity on our Live Streaming & Hybrid Event services.

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Government & GeBiz Live Streaming

We support government agencies and the public sector for live webinar, webcasting and live streaming production in Singapore. Our service is customisable to cover end-to-end management, integrate with your existing platforms or partner with your vendors. Vivid Snaps LLP is GeBiz registered.

Beyond physical video live streaming production, we can support you in running global live streaming events featuring live overseas speakers. For speakers who are unable to go live due to time zone differences, we can provide pre-event recording virtually.

On-site Live Streaming

We bring the live streaming crew to you. Utilising your conference rooms, auditorium or event space. You can run a full fledge virtual event from your office.

Studio Live Streaming

Complimentary studio usage at our Kallang Place location. Run your live stream at our studio completed with green screen, professional equipment and crew.

Zoom Webinar Management

The simplest way to run a virtual event is still not simple enough. We can manage the platform and handle every aspect of your Zoom virtual event.

Pre-recorded Webinar

Professionally recorded presentation, panel discussion. Combining local and overseas presenters and embedding of presentation slides, complete with customised graphic.

Incorporate Existing Content

We can incorporate your existing video contents and media seamlessly into your live stream. You can also create a highlight of your live stream for social media.

High-end vMix Production

Our team use industry standard vMix live production software for live video production. Allowing you to integrate event engagement tools.


Live Stream Production Process

Your live streaming process will likely be very different for virtual and hybrid events. In a virtual event, you can focus solely on the experience for your virtual audience. While in a hybrid event, we have to factor in the experience for the physical audience. At a large scale hybrid event, you will need to cater for more than double the resources as compared to a virtual event.

Our team specializes in small to mid-scale live streaming production. Our live streaming production covers virtual events and hybrid events applications. The live stream services we provide for each client serve different purposes and one solution does not fit all. Get in touch with our project managers to discuss your live stream production.

Site Recce & Communication

Prior to your hybrid event, our team will join you on a site recce of the venue. We need to understand and propose placement of cameras, equipment & crew.

Platform & Integration

Pre-event planning is crucial to running a successful live webcast. Depending on your requirements, our team will work with you to make neccessary arrangements.

Rehearsal & Showtime

We strongly recommend a rehearsal prior to your actual live stream. Just like a physical event, there is no second-try. We do our utmost best to run a smooth show.

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Integrate with Multiple Live Streaming Platforms

Our professional video live streaming services can work on a multitute of platforms. If your preferred platform is not listed, check in with our project coordinators. Our team can integrate our live streaming solution to your preferred platform, ranging from event microsite to mobile apps.

Zoom Live Stream Provider

Being the most accessible platform, Zoom is a low-cost live streaming and live webcasting platform for small group of audience.

Cisco WebEx Live Stream

Our team can integrate professionally produced live webcast or event live stream onto your existing Cisco WebEx platform.

Google Meet Live Stream

Our team can integrate professionally produced webcast with Google Meet platform for internal corporate event, townhall & webinar.

Facebook Live Stream Services
Facebook Live Stream Provider

Facebook Live is a free-to-air live streaming platform. We can integrate with Pages and Workplace. Providing public or private live stream.

YouTube Live Stream Provider

YouTube Live is a free-to-air live streaming platform, perfect for public streams with no viewing limits and unlimited audience size.

Instagram Live Stream Provider

Instagram live streaming can help you reach your followers. Contact our project coordinators for more details on live streaming to Instagram.

Vimeo Live Streaming Vendor Singapore
Vimeo Live Stream Provider

Our live streams can be integrated on Vimeo platform. Vimeo sources can then be embeded onto other proprietary virtual event platform

Wowza Live Stream Provider

We can live stream to Wowza video delivery network. Wowza video sources can then be integrated with mobile apps and microsites.

BrightTalk Live Stream Provider

We can integrate professional live video production onto BrightTalk. The preferred virtual event platform for infomation technology industry.

MS Teams Live Streaming Vendor Singapore
MS Teams Stream Provider

We can live stream to Microsoft Teams for corporate clients

Hopin Live Stream Provider

We have helped multiple clients to live stream on Hopin in Singapore.

Brightcove Live Stream Provider

We live streaming to Brightcove video hosting platform in Singapore.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Brands Live Stream Singapore
Singapore Cosmetic Brand Live Stream
Logo of Clozette.
Cosmetics Media Preview Launch
Professional Live Streaming Company Portfolio Singapore
Asia Momentum Media AMM App Live
Live Streaming Provider Singapore Vivid Snaps
Logo of Gain City.
AGM Live Webcast Production Singapore
Logo of International French School Singapore.
Government Ministry Webinar Series Livestream
Social Service Agency AGM Live Webcast

Green Screen Live Streaming Studio

A green screen can be setup at your office for live streaming production. Otherwise, you can also hold the live stream session at our green screen studio. 

Our green screen studio is provided complimentary to you when you engage our live streaming services. The studio is reserved exclusively for our clients only, allowing us to provide high availability.

You can use the studio for pre-recorded live stream, and live panel discussion, talkshow, interviews, virtual tour and presentation.

Green Screen Studio Singapore

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    FAQ’s for Live Streaming Service Singapore

    Can you live stream using Wi-Fi?

    The quick answer is No. We recommend live streaming over a stable Internet connection using an LAN/Ethernet cable. While Wi-Fi works perfectly fine in most consumer applications, live streaming requires consistent and sustained connection. You will tend to see dropped frames when streaming via Wi-Fi.

    What is Hybrid Event live streaming?

    A hybrid event is one where you are hosting physical audience & presenters, along with virtual audiences. A suitable venue for such event would be a hotel ballroom or function rooms. Our live streaming crew will integrate with hotel’s AV system.

    What is Virtual Event live streaming?

    A virtual event refers to an event without physical audiences. This usually involves a virtual event platform. The host and presenters can be physically gathered or connected remotely. 

    Can you do auditorium live streaming?

    Yes, we can live stream from your auditorium in Singapore. Our live streaming team will integrate with the AV system at the auditorium. Auditorium live streaming in suitable for virtual & hybrid event setup.

    What is the best live streaming service?

    As far as live streaming production is concerned. The best live streaming is to use reputable and reliable equipment to minimise failure. A few rounds of pre-event rehearsal should be done to allow all crew & presenters to familiarise with virtual event flow. 

    What is a live streaming service provider?

    A virtual or hybrid event can be broken down into many smaller segments. Our team provides live streaming support including camera work, live production switching, pre-event video production and a limited level of event management. 

    What is the best platform for live streaming?

    One size does not fit all when choosing a live streaming platform, every platform comes with their pros and cons. We recommend speaking to our project coordinator for advice.

    Can you do portrait live streaming to Instagram?

    Yes, we have portrait live streaming workflows for live streaming to Instagram. Check with out project coordinators for portfolio.

    Does your team provide corporate live streaming?

    Yes, our team has delivered many internal and client facing virtual events for our corporate and organisational clients. Many of our virtual events also involves high profile speakers. 

    Can you do a permanent live stream installation for my office?

    Yes, our team can offer turnkey live streaming solutions and consultancy for your business. Our staff will provide consultation, installation and on-site technical support.

    What is the Internet bandwidth required for live streaming?

    A 1080p 30fps live stream requires a minimum of 6mbps. And a 1080p 60fps live stream requires at least 9mbps. In order to live stream smoothly, you should prepare about 20-30mbps of dedicated bandwidth. Live streaming does not require a large bandwidth, but a stable connection is very important.

    Can you integrate with my existing live stream platform?

    In most cases, yes. We have integrated with proprietary platforms and developed non-standard solutions to fit our client’s requirements.

    Can you provide international dial-in number for AGM?

    Yes, we are able to provide an international dial-in phone number for your live stream. We can also provide toll-free numbers if this is required. For listed company AGM, this will help you comply with SGX guidelines.

    Can you do simultaneous translation for live stream?

    Yes, we can provide simultaneous translation for live stream and live webcast. Special arrangements must be made, speak with our project coordinators on your requirements.

    Can you live stream to both YouTube and Facebook?

    Yes, we can do simultaneous streaming to more than 1 destination.

    Can you connect to presenters in China?

    Yes, China presenters can connect into our system.

    Can you do green screen live streaming?

    Our team can execute green screen live streaming production, also known as chromakey. Blue screen backdrop is also possible if you are featuring green-coloured products in your live stream. Check with our project coordinator for free studio space usage, available when you engage our live streaming service.

    Do you need a studio for live streaming?

    Depending on your event requirements, our live streaming crew can setup at your corporate office, hotel ballroom or other event venues. We have a green screen studio available for use at our office.

    Can you live stream from my office?

    Yes, our crew are available on project basis and we frequently setup at our client’s location. A site-recce by our live streaming team is required to check the suitability of your place, and to familarise with the space.

    Do you have a roving videographer?

    Yes, our event videographer is equipped with professional wireless transmitter for situations requiring a roving live stream videographer. This has to be arranged prior to the live stream production.

    Do you do webinar live streaming?

    Yes, corporate webinar live streaming is an effective option in the new normal. Our team have executed a wide range of live streaming sessions on Zoom Meetings, Webinar and MS Teams.

    Can you live stream to Instagram?

    Yes, we can live stream to Instagram. Instagram live streaming is limited to 1 hour per session, and best streamed with portrait orientation.

    Can you live stream to Linkedin?

    Yes, we can live stream onto Linkedin. Your account must be approved by Linkedin for live streaming. 

    Can you live stream to Zoom?

    Yes, we can live stream to Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar at 720p resolution. Allowing your slides to be viewed clearly on your viewers’ devices.

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