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Slido Live Streaming Singapore

Integrating Slido in your Live Streaming in Singapore is one of the many ways you can add audience engagement into your Webinar Live Streaming.

Live Q&A for live streaming in singapore
Screenshot of Slido in action, image from Slido website

Slido in Webinar Live Streaming

Corporate Slido Live Streaming Singapore
Integration of Slido on proprietary live streaming platform

Our professional live streaming crew have conducted multiple live streaming project in Singapore. Slido can be integrated in a few different ways. In the above screenshot, you can see a Slido voting overlay being integrated with the actual video stream.

Slido Live Streaming Pricing Singapore

To integrate Slido in your Live Stream in Singapore, you will be looking at about $100 for the Slido subscription fee. You will need to factor in the manpower cost required to setup, test and run the platform on the actual event.

You can subscribe and manage the Slido platform yourself or let our team manage it for your live stream.

Hire Our Slido Live Streaming Crew

Drop us a message and start the discussion with our Project Managers. We will listen to your objectives and work out a live streaming solution for you.

Click the below button to visit our Live Streaming service page, and send us a message.

Presenter Dali standing next to Dr Satoshi Fujita who is calling remotely
Live Streaming, Vivid Snaps

Webinar Singapore

Are you planning a Webinar in Singapore for your organisation? If you are looking for a professional live streaming service provider, get in touch with our Project Managers to start discussing your requirements now.

If you are running a Webinar in Singapore for the first time, read on as we share important insights that will make you look like a Pro when proposing ideas to your management.

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