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Remote Video Production


Remote Video Production

Our Remote Video Production solutions are developed specifically for our corporate clients. In a time where physical interactions are restricted, remote video production empowers your communication and engagement with corporate stakeholders. We leverage on our experience in corporate video production to create effective communication videos, regardless of the filming medium. 

Safe Filming Environment

The virtual video filming is done remotely, without any physical contact. So all parties stay safe during the video production.

Director & Videographer

Our remote director guides and directs your presenter. Our remote videographer manages the technical aspect of the filming.


The remote filming video footage will go through the same video post-production process as a physical video production.

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Remote Video Production Use Case

Remote video production are used for many different purposes, mostly for business continuity during work from home arrangements. Turn your annual seminar into a webinar, or create a virtual family day for staff engagements. For any ideas that you can imagine, we challenge ourselves to realise your vision. 

Pre-recorded Virtual Webinar Live Streaming
Pre-recorded Webinar


Remote Filming & Video Production
Corporate Communications


Remote Filming & Video Production
Staff Engagement


Panel Discussions


Remote presentation of slides in a virtual webinar
Press Conference


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    FAQ’s for Remote Video Production Singapore

    What software do you use for remote video filming?

    We also do recording on video conferencing software, like Zoom. However, we will first try using a live video production software with your presenter. The live video production software allows us to record in higher bitrate. Which gives slight improvement on the video quality. 

    Can you record a Powerpoint or slides presentation?

    Absolutely, we have recorded many virtual webinar sessions with slides presentation and video playback.

    What is the Internet bandwidth required for remote video production?

    You do not need a very high bandwidth, but a stable connection is important. In Singapore, this can usually resolve by sitting closer to your wireless access point. And use a LAN cable where possible. For foreign cities where Internet connection is intermittent. A technical test will be required to determine the suitability of remote video production.

    Can you combine existing content in to your remote video production?

    Absolutely, our post-production process is no different from our standard physical production.

    Can you include translation and subtitles for remote video production?

    Of course, our team can provide translation and multi-language subtitles for your videos. These segments are separately chargeable, and will extend the lead time of your final video. 

    What should I do with the remote video production output?

    The remote video production we execute are usually intended for live streaming, hosted for on-demand viewing or both. In some cases, these videos are also uploaded to social media.

    How do I live stream my pre-recorded webinar?

    Our team can help you with live streaming or video hosting. The proposed solution will differ based on your requirements. You can schedule a meeting with our project coordinator and technical team to shortlist your options.

    Do you provide a studio for video production?

    Our remote video production does not require a studio. Our videographer and director can sometimes work from home too. However, when you need a studio for filming. Our green screen studio is available for physical and hybrid video filming.

    What is hybrid remote video production?

    We can combine local physical filming with a virtual presenter from home or overseas. This can be useful for panel discussions. Our green screen studio is available for use.

    Is remote video production ideal?

    Remote video production is the next best option in circumstances where physical filming is not possible. Focus on the key messages you are delivering. Speak directly with our project coordinator about your business objectives. Our team will handle the technical production and can fine-tune your communication effectiveness in pre- & post-production.

    Questions about Remote Video Production?

    Email or speak with our Project Coordinators for more clarity on our services.

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