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Corporate Headshot Photography Singapore

In our increasingly digital business landscape, where many business transactions are taking place over emails. A strong personal connection can be difficult to forge. Make use of a corporate headshot to put a face to your name.

Many business professionals will agree that meeting a business partner face to face will help to forge stronger working relationships. It is therefore important that your clients and business partners can put a face to your name when communicating via digital channels. 

This explains why many of our clients have taken to using a professional corporate portrait of their staff and colleagues in their digital communication channels. 

Basic Examples of Corporate Headshot Usage

Corporate Headshot Photographer

Different Types of Corporate Headshot Portraits

Corporate headshot should be professional, but it does not have to be boring! We still recommend individuals to be dressed at their best, for the photo shoot. But there are cases where you might want to show a casual side of your team members. 

Creative Corporate Headshots

An ideal choice for businesses looking for a corporate image that stands out.

Outdoor Background Corporate Portraits

Using outdoor background for your corporate portraits is a good way to introduce a special element without being too loud. Having some greenery also helps to provide a sense of comfort to the viewer.

Office Background Corporate Portraits

Corporate portraits taken with your office background give context to business operations. The context of your background can also help to tell a story about the individual’s area of expertise, or your company’s specialisation.

Formal Background Corporate Portraits

A classic and timeless style of corporate photography. Apart from its classic look, you can do background removal on plain background, and use it for specific purpose such as websites or design collaterals.

How Long Does It Take For A Headshot Photo Shoot?

The time for a headshot photo shoot can vary depending on your requirements. For a normal headshot, the photography process is about 5 to 10 mins per individual. 

Can it be done in 1 minute? You may ask. Clicking a shutter may only take a split second, but there is a little more work to create a professional and natural look. Our photographers like to make your subject feel more relaxed, we make small conversations and take photos at slightly different angles. Your subject then gets to choose their best shot. This is our approach to creating good corporate headshot images for you. 

Make-up Artist For Corporate Headshots

If you require a make-up artist, the timeline will be much longer. A make-up artist will usually provide touch-up on not just the face, but also on hairstyling. This process can take up to 30 mins per individual.

How Long In Advance Should I Book Your Service?

We advise you to book our services about 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. When you book with us early, you will have more flexibility in choosing an available date. After your shoot, our photographer will require up to 7 working days to edit your images. 

How Do I Get Started?

Our project coordinators are ready to discuss your corporate photography requirements with you. Some information we need to know when planning your photo shoot includes:

  • Who are the subjects? (e.g. CEO, Board of Directors, Employee.)
  • How many subjects do you have?
  • How many images do you require per subject? (Usually 1~2)
  • What is your preferred background type?
  • Do you require headshot, half-body or full-body?
  • How are you planning to use the images?

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