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Corporate Headshot in Singapore

Headshot photo helps your business by putting a face to your name. Explore the different headshot photo styles of our headshot photo shoot. 


Professional Corporate Headshot

A prefessional portrait or corporate headshot is not a privilege reserved for the highest level of management team. When every member of your organisation has a professional headshot photo, it creates more personable relationship within and beyond your organisation.

A corporate profile portrait and headshot photo can be used in many ways on your online & offline communication. The impact is noticeable regardless of your organisation size, from corporations to a solopreneur.


Our Approach

We believe that achieving the best corporate headshot for our client lies in the art of mastering many factors, sometimes beyond photography itself. As a team of professional photographers in Singapore, we do all we can within our control, to handle situations out of your control. We strive to deliver the best quality corporate headshot photography services for our clients, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

Learn about why we do what we do, and what drives us to continually deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Email Signature

Display a corporate portrait headshot photo on your email signature to connect with your customers.

Linkedin & Social Media

Strengthen your company image with corporate headshot photos that are consistent across all employees


Our corporate portrait photographer can help you create a consistent photo style for all team members.

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A person wearing glasses and a blue shirt posing at the camera for a corporate portrait.

Professional Headshot Photo SHOOT

Corporate Headshot Photography

In our increasingly digitalised world, more business transactions are happening over digital channels in Singapore. And sometimes eliminating the need to schedule a physical meeting.

Nonetheless, this did not change the nature of our human interactions. Seasoned executives will agree that by putting a face to the name, it creates trust and forges a stronger relationship.

Use a professional corporate headshot photo to connect with your clients and business partners. Uplift your organisation image and build lasting relationships.

Corporate Headshot Photo for Every Purpose

Our headshot photographer can shoot and edit professional portrait photo for a variety of usage.

  • Law Firm & Lawyer Portrait Photographer
  • Board of Director Photographer
  • Business Portrait Photographer
  • Annual Report Photographer
  • CEO Portrait Photographer
  • Department Group Photo
  • Corporate Photo Shoot
  • Individual Profile Shot
  • Linkedin Photo Shoot
  • Corporate Head Shot
  • Staff ID Photo Shoot
  • Corporate Headshot
  • Half Body Portrait
  • Full Body Portrait
  • Executive Portrait
  • Studio Portrait
Picture of corporate headshot.

Styles of Corporate Headshot

Corporate portrait photo shoot and headshot has to be professional, but it does not have to be boring! Explore some styles we have done for our clients from our previous corporate photoshoot, and if you want something different, our headshot photographers will be happy to discuss and find a new perspective for your corporate photo shoot.

Plain Background Headshot


We can setup a backdrop at your office to provide standard corporate portrait photo shoot for your staff. Images like this are commonly used for staff ID.

Office Background Headshot


Incorporating your office environment in a portrait shoot is a good way to add liveliness to your portraitures. Discuss with us on your requirements.

Outdoor Corporate Headshot


Incorporating outdoor elements or landmark can add context to your images. When used in a coherent series, the images can tell stories.

Creative Corporate Portrait Shoot Singapore

Creative Portrait Shoot

Stylised Portrait PHoto

Shot as part of a video campaign, vibrant lights were used to set the tone of the portrait to celebrate the achievements of community heros. 

Outdoor Business Shoot


Incorporating iconic landmark in a business portrait shoot helps you to quickly resonate with your target audience in a specific region. 

Creative Stylised Portrait Shoot Singapore

Indoor Full-body Portraits


A stylised full-body portrait shot emcompasses the subject’s physique, allow body language and posture to communicate context.

Employee Feature Headshot


Employee portraits can be used in awards ceremony and employee feature in internal communications to celebrate achievements & milestones.

Fun Business Headshot


Unique concepts are used in recruitment and hiring campaigns photography to reflect the company culture through cheerful images.

Department Group Photo


Department team photo shoot can help to showcase team members and help clients and stakeholders put a face to the names of your team members.

Preparing for a Corporate Headshot

  • Choose an Appropriate Attire

Choose clothing that reflects your professional image and industry standards. Solid colours work well in such cases. Avoid distracting patterns or logos, such as stripes, herringbone or checks. Also, be sure to choose a contrasting colour from your chosen backdrop. For example, wear black attire on a white backdrop. 

  • Prepare Your Body

Groom yourself to maintain a clean and tidy appearance. This could include getting a fresh haircut, trimming facial hair and nails, or wearing makeup. You should also get a good night’s rest, drink plenty of water, and eat a balanced meal to maintain good skin condition and energy levels. 

  • Communicate Your Preferences

Discuss your needs and preferences with the photographer beforehand, including the style of the photo, background options, or any specific retouching requests. Also, sharing with the photographer more details about your brand can help them capture photos and your business’s essence more effectively. 

  • Relax and Be Yourself

During the shoot, try to relax and be yourself. A genuine smile and relaxed demeanour will result in a more natural-looking corporate headshot. 

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Corporate Group Photo Singapore

From department photo to top management team photography, we have multiple ways to present your corporate group photo. Keeping it conservative or thinking out of the box, our project coordinators and photographers can explore a few options with you.

Even when you have a top management shoot with difficult schedule. Our photographer can conduct individual portrait photo shoot.

The individual portrait are then combined to form a seamless group photo. Take note that some planning will be neccessary for the final composite group photo to be perfect.

Our professional photographers also provide customised corporate photography arrangements for specific business needs. We strive to meet your expectations in every project.

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

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    FAQs about Corporate Headshot

    How much do you charge for corporate headshot photography?

    Our charges start from around $300 per engagement. We recommend you to gather at least 5 people per engagement, as we can provide the most cost effective quote that way.

    Can you come to my office for a professional portrait photo shoot?

    Yes, in fact most of our corporate headshot photo shoots are done in client’s offices. We can setup backdrop and professional studio lighting at your office.

    How many edited portrait images do you provide?

    Our standard packages usually includes 1 or 2 professionally edited images. More images can be arranged and are usually charged based on per-image basis.

    Can you do green screen portrait shoot?

    Yes, but in most cases, using a gray backdrop will be more suitable. Green screen tend to create a green cast on your subject. A corporate photo portrait editor will be able to remove a gray or solid background just as easily.

    Where is your corporate portrait studio?

    Our office and corporate portrait studio is located at 30 Kallang Place. Our studio space is suitable for individual corporate headshot and small group photos.

    Do you have a studio for large group photo?

    We do not have an in-house studio for large group photos. However, there are many studios available for rental in Singapore. We can assist you with large group photo studio rental, or you can provide the venue.

    How long does it take for headshot photo shoot?

    We recommend preparing at least 10 mins for each individual. If a make-up artist is required at your photo shoot, they will also take about 10-30 mins per individual. You may sometimes need more than 1 make-up artist.

    Can you provide headshot photo shoot at my event?

    Yes, we can do professional headshot photography at your event. In fact, we have a dedicated Instant Portrait Photo Booth service, allowing your guests to download their professional headshot through a QR code a minute after photo taking.

    Do you provide makeup artists for corporate headshot?

    Yes, we do but make-up artist is usually not inclusive in a standard corporate headshot package. They are available at an additional fee, or you can bring your own make-up artist too.

    What types of corporate photo shoots do you provide?

    Our corporate photo shoot works include portraits, office photo shoot and commercial works. Our works are mostly intended for B2B audiences.

    How can we take a group photo during COVID?

    We can take individual photos and create a composite group photo for your company. Photos can also be taken in small group, but we cannot provide photo taking for large group size.

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