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JurongHealth Campus: Year In Review Video Case Study

End of year review videos are really important for any organisation. They’re a great way to say thanks to the staff for all their hard work and to highlight the big achievements of the year. Our team recently had the chance to create one such video for JurongHealth Campus, and we want to share how we went about it. We’ll talk about the steps we took to create a video that captures the good stuff that happened this year.

Corporate Videography, Singapore, Video Production Singapore, Vivid Snaps

Cinematic Interview Video Production in Singapore

In comparison to a typical interview video, a cinematic interview requires intensive planning, more lighting, meticulous set designs, colour grading, and more camera angles.

Your video will be drastically improved by including better production characteristics to go beyond a standard talking-heads interview, making it an engaging piece of content. In our age where Interview videos are everywhere from documentaries to branded content videos and even commercials, a cinematic interview will set your video apart from the rest of the crowd. Your message will be wonderfully conveyed through a much more eye catching style, and viewers will remember it long after it has ended.

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