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Cinematic Interview Video Production in Singapore

In comparison to a typical interview video, a cinematic interview requires intensive planning, more lighting, meticulous set designs, colour grading, and more camera angles.

Your video will be drastically improved by including better production characteristics to go beyond a standard talking-heads interview, making it an engaging piece of content. In our age where Interview videos are everywhere from documentaries to branded content videos and even commercials, a cinematic interview will set your video apart from the rest of the crowd. Your message will be wonderfully conveyed through a much more eye catching style, and viewers will remember it long after it has ended.

The Vivid Snaps Team

Creative Cinematic Interview Video Production Singapore
Group photo of the Vivid Snaps video production team

Our team comprise of media professionals including directors, project coordinators, graphic designers, video editors, and videographers. From conceptualising to execution, our team of experienced crew will assist you all the way from pre-production to post. We serve corporate clients with a wide work range from internal brand story videos, communication videos, and virtual & hybrid events to corporate photography.

Cinematic Interview Videos by Vivid Snaps

Insurance Death Claim Interview Video

Cinematic True Story Interview Video by AIA

Our team at Vivid Snaps sat down with 3 AIA consultants to hear them share true claims stories from their many years of experience. It was important for us to create the right atmosphere and tone which would best suit the subject, hence we decided to scout for a studio which will enable us to create the dark and serious mood we wanted. Our team also travelled around Singapore in search of ubiquitous ‘slice of life’ style B-rolls that would best compliment the interviews.

Cinematic Interview Video Production References from around Singapore

In this section, we share some references and analyses of creative cinematic Interview videos produced by brands, companies, and organizations in Singapore. Based on that, you can see how organizations make use of cinematic interview videos to engage their target audiences.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos referenced in this blog article are not produced by Vivid Snaps. The following videos are sourced from publicly available websites, such as YouTube.

Skincare Cinematic Interview Video

Creative Interview Story Video by Vaseline 

The cinematography and angles in this video by Vaseline helps elevate an otherwise simple and straightforward interview video into something much more cinematic and eye-catching. The interview features a blade sharpener, and the creative lighting is befitting of her enduring career.

Business Testimonial Interview Video

Cinematic Testimonial Interview Video by Osome

This interview video is a testimonial which showcases how companies like ADPList is able to benefit from Osome’s services. The video takes centers on ADPList Co-founder Felix, and we hear him share personal stories regarding his childhood, family and values; which makes for a very intimate and personal video.

Music Orchestra Cinematic Interview Video

Creative Cinematic Interview by Singapore Chinese Orchestra

This video features key members of SCO’s Caring series initiative as they walk down the memory lane and share more about the Caring Series and how it came to be. The video features beautiful set design with photographs documenting the journey, which is both creative and heart warming.

Community Initiative Interview Video

Creative Community Cinematic Interview by Singtel

This charming video by Singtel tells the stories of three seniors who’re excitedly heading back to ‘school’ to pick up digital skills that will help them stay connected and cope with social distancing brought on by the pandemic. The ‘schooling’ scenes where the lights beams through the window helps create a positive and cheerful atmosphere and is a great example of how deliberate lighting can help transform a otherwise mundane location into something much more cinematic.

Development Programme Cinematic Interview Video

Creative Interview Story Video by IMDA 

This video by IMDA features an employee from Shopee Singapore and how the Company-Led Training (CLT) programme allowed her to better adapt to the demands and challenges faced when working in the fast-paced tech industry. Although the concept is simple, the treatment and execution helps it stand out from the rest. The thoughtfulness in the lighting and colour grading is evident and it makes all the difference in making this stand out.

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