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Reasons To Have An Instagram Instant Print Photo Booth At Your Next Event!

Let’s get straight to the point, when you’re planning for an event, you definitely want to create something astonishing that will make people want to share their experience. You surely want to create something so entertaining that your guests will want to tell their friends and family about and ultimately get your brand out there. One of the most effective ways to promote your event or brand is through social media. Whatever your industry, segment or audience, a substantial portion of consumers and leads are on social media. The most commonly used social media for uploading photographs is Instagram. Event-goers have been sharing their experiences on Instagram since 2010. The application has easy editing tools and amazing filters that allow people to edit their photos and post it within split seconds. At Vivid Snaps, we provide Instagram Instant Print service to create an amazing experience for you and your guests!

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Event Instagram Print – Sands for Singapore Charity Festival

Over the weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Sands for Singapore Charity Festival hosted by Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It was an annual charity event, hoping to raise more awareness for the less fortunate communities in Singapore, and of course donate and contribute to their community.


We were invited to set up an Instagram Instant Print service and throughout the weekend, we received overwhelming response! It was a weekend filled with fun and excitement. One of the highlights was definitely the Sundown Picnic, which featured performances by local bands – Too Much Drama and The Summer State. Their performance drew a huge crowd as they sang hits such as We Don’t Talk Anymore and even Despacito! The crowd was awed by their performances, everyone was enjoying their night and singing along to the songs.


To commemorate this event of giving back to the community, there’s indeed no better way than to show your support through posting photos on social media and letting your friends and family know about the event! Our Instaprint booth allowed everyone to create fond memories of their own as they could bring home the photos that they posted on Instagram.


In order to attract more people to be involved and take more pictures, we had props set up as well and people of all ages were delighted to snap a few shots with our interactive props. It was a very delightful night for everyone! The entire event was actually very Instagram worthy and people held their phones up all the time to take selfies and videos of the bands to remember this incredible event.


On the last day of the event, we were so busy with printing Instaprints for everyone that we didn’t even have time to take a breather. But we were really happy that we could contribute to this event in such a meaningful and fun way. Kids could also do their part for the event by participating in their Play-It-Forward game segments! Even though it rained pretty heavily, it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. The kids were so delighted to pose for the camera with our lovely props and loved the idea that they could actually bring home those photos!


Instagram Instant Print is an revolutionary instant photography service. We’re able to print your photos in a really short amount of time, which means that you’ll be able to get your pretty prints without the long wait! Forget about polaroids. Instaprints are able to print high definition photos of your Instagram pictures. We create pretty picture borders designed by our in house designers that are unique to your event!


Instaprints in fact also helps to boost event awareness! By hashtagging the event hashtags on Instagram, you’ll be able to introduce the event to more people and motivate even more to go down to the event! We actually garnered a lot of attention on Instagram, with more than 1700 posts with the hashtag #SandsForSingapore. Our hashtags even trended on Twitter!


Just by uploading photos on Instagram and captioning #SandsforSingapore, everyone at the event was able to instantly print their photos into pretty wallet sized prints. Vivid Snaps’ Live Instagram Printing are an amazing way to keep fond memories close to your heart and make your day even more unforgettable and memorable.


If you would like to have this service for your wedding, check out Vivid with Love’s wedding Instagram Print!

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Instagram Instant Print at Night Festival

The Night Festival at the Peranakan Museum was also another successful Live Instagram Print event! The Night Festival was held from 24 August to 26 August. It was a night filled with cultural fun as visitors were able to experience Peranakan Cultures by engaging in their activities. There were glow in the dark motifs that showcased Baba and Nyonya cultures, and even Baba and Nyonya music that visitors could sing and dance to. But that’s not all, visitors can even get glow in the dark motifs drawn on their hands!


The night festival doesn’t last forever and most exhibits only opens till 11PM. In order to be able to visit all the exhibits and get to experience them fully, visitors might find it time consuming to print out their photos. But this is where our super fast Instaprints come in! Visitors can get their photos in just 8 seconds after they’re being printed. This definitely helps to save a lot of time for our visitors, since they’re able to roam around the exhibits and just upload their photos to Instagram and come back to print them after. Many visitors were surprised to find out how quick they were able to get their photos.


Since the Night Festival is a yearly affair, visitors would want their memories to last forever. While we may forget many things that happened after an event, our photo prints would be sure to remind you the amazing night you had at the museum.

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