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Video Editing Lead Time

Video editing lead time can vary depending on a number of factors. The length of the video, the complexity of the video, the skill and experience level one has to edit, and most importantly, the time available at hand.

These factors fortunately can be overridden if one has the patience, the focus, the passion and the drive  to see through for the end product.

Corporate Videography, Video Production, Vivid Snaps

How To Create Your Own Social Media Videos

It is important now more than ever that companies connect with their audience and communities through social media. What better way is there than the use of social media videos?

In this article, we will explore how you can develop and create your own social media videos, without the need to spend bucks on hiring a professional team to do it for you.

These options include finding video templates, stock footage, and tools online or even hiring freelancers that can help you produce video content on your own.

However, there will also be situations where you do require a professional video production crew. We have gathered tips on how to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Without further ado, let us read on to learn more.

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Professional Video Editing Service in Singapore

Professional video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a completely new video. This is often done in post-production, alongside colour correcting, sound mixing, visual effects etc.

In this article, we share how you can engage a professional video editor to repurpose past video content to form a new video.

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