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Professional Video Editing Service in Singapore

Professional video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a completely new video. This is often done in post-production, alongside colour correcting, sound mixing, visual effects etc.

In this article, we share how you can engage a professional video editor to repurpose past video content to form a new video.

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How Can You Repurpose Your Content With Video Editing

What is repurposing content?

In simple terms, repurposing content means taking an asset and reusing it somewhere else. Although it may seem simple, the execution of this process can turn out tricky. Our dedicated crew will be delighted to guide you along the way.

Here are some ways you can repurpose your content with a professional video editing service:

Add new segments, graphics or music into your past corporate video

  • New segments

If there are past corporate videos you would like to make more relevant or engaging to your target audience, you should consider filming new segments for your corporate video. Depending on what you want to encapsulate, you could also insert video or pictures into your video.

  • Graphics

If you have any important information you would like to include in your video, adding graphics to your video would be helpful. Not only will it make your video more visually appealing, your viewer’s attention will be automatically directed to the overlying text. While the cost to produce static graphics is usually inexpensive, but motion graphics can cost you much more.

  • Music

If you do not have background music in your video, adding this element in can more professional looking. Most video production houses will have a subscription to a stock audio library and can source a suitable music piece for you.

Update your video content

Video content that is no longer relevant to your audience can be removed and updated. For instance, if you have product shots in your video, you may want to update these shots with your newest products.

In a video featuring your employees, you could consider replacing an interview with a person who no longer works at the company with a snippet of a new interviewee.

You can think about updating your company logo in the video as well.

Mix footage from different past videos into a new video

You can create a completely new video by repurposing your past video content for different purposes:

  • Corporate Milestone Video

By taking specific segments of footage from past events you have had and merging them together, you can create a highlight rundown of your company’s successes in the working year. This can be helpful in targeting external audiences.

  • Company Services Showcase Video

You can consider creating a corporate portfolio for the different internal departments of your company.  By handpicking exclusive video content from past footages for each department, we can create a coherent video for you.

Break down videos into shorter videos

Shorter videos are proven to be more effective to capture a viewer’s attention, so you may want to consider breaking down your lengthy videos into shorter ones. 

  • Repurpose your webinar into a condensed highlight video

Webinars can be long and monotonous. You can create a condensed version of the webinar featuring only the highlights of the session. Not only is it a short digest of what the webinar was about, it also gives your attendees a better understanding on what they have to look forward to in the future.

  • Customize video lengths according to Instagram or Facebook

If there are parts of a video you would like to showcase on your company’s social media accounts, we can help tailor your video length to fit your Facebook and Instagram stories.

Things to Prepare When Working with a Video Editor

  1. Storyboard

Having a storyboard ready beforehand, would help your video editor better understand the vision of your video. Although there may be a few tweaks in the product, a storyboard will help speed up the planning process. You can also engage our team’s expertise to develop a concept or storyboard for your video.

  1. Suitable music

Depending on whether it is a corporate video, a promotional video, a short film or even a documentary, it is necessary to choose music that best suits the vibe of your video or scenes of your film. Although it may not be necessary to include a music clip in your edit, it would take your final product up a notch.

You can find premium royalty-free music on websites like Envato Elements, Shutterstock, PremiumBeat etc.

When you engage our professional videography service, you have access to our yearly subscription to stock footage and music which is more cost-effective than having to purchase an individual photo, video or soundtrack for every video project.

  1. Relevant text, graphics or effects

You may want to add in these elements to make your product not only more enhanced but more professional as well. 

For instance, adding in text like subtitles would make the video more accessible for individuals who have trouble hearing and incorporating effects into your video would make it more engaging to your audience.

Engage A Professional Video Editor Today

As a professional media production company, we would advise you to engage in a professional video editor to realise the vision of your video. Whether it is repurposing video content from past videos or editing an entirely new video, hiring the right editor to produce the best product for you is important. Here at Vivid Snaps, professional video editing is one of the services we can provide for you.

If you are looking for a Videographer in Singapore, our videographers cover a range of works including video production, event videography and live streaming.

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