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Sustainable & Green Building Video Production

According to statistics from the United Nations, the number of people living in cities is expected to rise to 68% in 2050. The speed of urbanization represents good growth and productivity but also brings along challenges – increased pollution and limitation in resources. As a result, the popularity of sustainable green buildings are on the rise and we are starting to see them all over the world. 

Green buildings usually use technology to minimize energy and water consumption or have lush and beautiful greeneries environments. Creating a video to feature your green building can be more interesting than you think. Be it a sort of walk-through with titles as information on screen, or a documentary-style production with interviews and B-rolls, or even a silent experiential film for the audience to dive into the world of your green building, there are many ways to create a green building video production. In this article we’ll explore various green building videos and discover various styles and techniques used. Feel free to contact us using the form on this page for a discussion – we would love to explore what we can create together!

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