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Corporate Photography

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Passport & Resume Photo Booth for Events

Passport & Resume photo booth is a novel photo booth idea for your business events in Singapore. With this new & innovative photo booth, our photographer will take professional resume images for your guests. Your guests can then use the professional portrait images on their resume and professional documents.

Not only does this provide your event guests with high-quality professional resume photos, but it also helps them to present themselves in a more professional and compelling manner. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a networking event, or a job fair, a Passport & Resume photo booth can help you attract event guests to your booth and engage with your brand.

Corporate Photography, Event Photography, Photo Booth

Company Dinner & Dance Ideas 2023

Choosing a theme is crucial for your dinner & dance ideas because it makes your guests excitedly anticipate the event you are planning. The event is all about creating a function for your guests to engage and bond with each other.

However, you may be spoilt for choice in this case. The question you might have in your head is which theme your guests will look forward to the most.

Brainstorming for unique Dinner & Dance ideas? Look no further, this article is just for you!

If you already have an exciting theme for your dinner & dance, fret not! Speak with our project coordinators who can advise on how our event photography, event videography and instant photo booth services can complement your dinner & dance event. Drop us a message via the message box at the side of the page today!

Commercial Photography, Corporate Photography, Corporate Photoshoot, Interior Photography, Photo Booth, Photography

Photo Studio Singapore

Our Photo Studio in Singapore supports our corporate clients in a wide range of photography works. Our scope includes portrait & headshot photo shoot, corporate stock photos, architecture & office photography, event photography and other customised requirements.

We have a Photo Studio space located in Kallang Place, Singapore. Our Photo Studio is reserved exclusively for clients who engage our photography services to maintain high availability to fit in your busy schedule.

Commercial Photography, Corporate Photography, Corporate Photoshoot, Event Photography, Event Photography Singapore, Events, Food Photography, Photography

Exhibition & Trade Show Photographer & Videographer

We are a team of media professionals serving corporate clients. We frequently shoot for conferences, exhibitions and trade shows for both local and regional clients. Our team focuses on serving organisational clients and constantly developing our service model to accommodate to changes in the market demands.

Commercial Photography, Corporate Photography, Corporate Photoshoot, Interior Photography, Photography

Corporate Branding Photo Shoot in Singapore

In today’s visually-driven world, an impactful image is crucial to establish a strong brand image. A professionally shot image communicates confidence and a more favourable brand position to your customers.

General studies have shown that modern human attention span is only 8.25 seconds. Professional corporate branding photos are a strategic art that strengthens your organisation’s professional image to capture the attention of potential partners, fostering trust, gaining recognition, and loyalty in the current fast moving world.

Use corporate branding photos as a visual bridge between a company’s offerings and its audience. Through carefully planned images, companies can convey their ethos, culture, and aspirations, encapsulating the intangible aspects that define them. A well-executed corporate branding photoshoot has the power to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and etch a company’s identity into the minds of viewers.

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