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Corporate Interior & Office Tour Videography, Singapore

Office Interior video production is one of the portfolio of video works we provide to our corporate clients. If you are looking for a professional corporate video to represent your organisation, scroll down to view some of the works we have created for our clients, and how we can help you produce your next corporate office video in Singapore.

Office Interior Design Feature Video

State-of-the-art office interior design transformation video

When we received the brief and working with our clients in executing the video production, we were just as proud as our clients were. Featuring this state-of-the-art corporate office interior designed to facilitate the future of work and workplace collaboration.

In addition to the pre-production planning, filming and editing. Our team collaborated with the client to direct the talents and suggested a few creative angles to feature bring the innovative functionality to life.

Office Interior Renovation Time-lapse & Walk-thru Video

Renovation Timelapse & Office Tour Video Production

A renovation time-lapse video is usually shot across a period of time, ranging from 10 days to a couple of months. Schedule of the installation of key features should also be arranged and communicated in order to be captured within the time-lapse.

In the above sample, the time-lapse were captured across more than a month, with close communication between the client and our time-lapse photographers. Tens of hours of images are then combined into a few seconds of time-lapse footage.

Selection of angle is also crucial, and it is always advisable to station a professional photographer during such time-lapse. This avoid any accidental movement to the camera angle, thereby rendering hours of prior shots to be rendered unusable.

Upon completion of the office renovation, a roving videographer will then be required to film the office walk-through footage of the office space. Depending on the final look and feel that is needed, this could be done with subjects or with an empty office.

Office Launch & Office Tour with Narration

Video tour of an office launch with host & narration

Give your staff or client a virtual tour of your new office with a video tour of your Singapore office. In the above office tour video reference, a host guides you through the different department their operations. While the video is longer at 13 mins, it provided a comprehensive overview of the functions of the organisation.

Commercial Space Time-lapse, Walk-through and Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video production for shopping mall

In this lifestyle video for our shopping mall client, we started it off with an establishing shot of the shopping mall exterior. Which features the time-lapse of the shopping mall during the evening hours, and showcasing the beautiful lights.

Leveraging on the lifestyle vibe and video approach, the video involves fast cuts and some match cuts to keep it visually engaging. At the same time, featuring interesting snippets of social engagement from existing campaigns. As the video is intended for social media, we’d always propose keeping to a 1-min timeline.

Retail Experience Virtual Tour & Walk-through Video

Retail experience virtual tour video

Retail virtual tour video or retail walk-through video feature retail experiences. In this video reference, our crew selected an off-peak time frame for the retail walk-through filming. Hence, you will see minimal disruption during the video tour.

Office Walkthrough Video with Subjects

Corporate office walk-through video filming with subjects

Having subjects in your office walk-through video makes the video much more personable. Hence, this is highly recommended when you intend to use the office walk-through video to introduce your team and the scale of your business.

In the above reference, you will see that we have added text overlays to provide further introduction to the subjects and office amenities, as well as the capability of the business.

The movement of the talents are planned, choreographed and rehearsed prior to the shoot. Using a one-take method to film the whole scene was also particularly challenging for the crew and talents. Speed ramp is added during post-production for some of the travelling scenes, this keeps the video succinct.

Event Setup Time-lapse Video Filming

Time-lapse filming of event setup at Resorts World Sentosa ballroom

Corporate Office Interior & Commercial Building Photography

Our interior videos allow your customers to have a better sense of space, and better understand the rationale behind the design of your masterpiece. Furthermore, videos can capture the minute details which are impossible to be captured on a photograph.

Interior videos capture every corner of your space, and give your customers a closer look at the textures and materials used. They showcase every tiny detail of the space, and help your customers make a more informed and better choice. This means no more complaints from inaccurate representation!

Interior Videography
Building Exterior Photography

Corporate Office Interior Videography, Singapore

Company Group Photo Singapore
Corporate Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

Our corporate interior videographers are meticulous and strive to capture perfect and stunning footages to showcase your space and captivate your viewers. Additionally, we only deliver the best to you and ensure whatever we deliver will meet your expectations. Get in touch with us to find the perfect solution to showcase your masterpiece.

If you have any corporate videography related enquiries, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to assist you.

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