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WWF Earth Hour Photo Booth

Did you know that at the rate we are living the earth will soon be inhabitable because of us? Temperatures are breaking records around the world. Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting, Sea levels are rising at their fastest rate in 2,000 years and two-thirds of the great barrier reef has been damaged as a result of climate change. We are so glad to be able to play a part in promoting water conservation at the ripples booth through our instant photo booth that many enjoyed during the event!

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Special Feature: Photo Booth

As we briskly head into yet another busy month, join us as we pause to look back at some of our highlights from the eventful weeks that has just gone by.


Planning and executing a smooth event is no easy feat – following all the tedious preparation and organization, the most crucial component is ensuring that your guests have an enjoyable time.


With Vivid Snaps Instant Photo Booth services, you can be assured that you have one less thing to worry about. Not only do we provide consistent and reliable photo quality, we also ensure that guests have the most enjoyable, pleasant, and entertaining photo-experience at our booth.


Here’s a look at some of our favourite photobooth moments from our recent events:


Nee Soon FUNtARTstic Fiesta 2018 – 25th August

A bright and lively carnival held at Nee Soon East CC; packed with art activities, sports events, movie screenings out in the open air; and to top it all off – our light painting photobooth! At an event which celebrated and showcased children’s creativity – It was a delight to see the guests, young and old alike, use their imagination to create captivating effects with the light props provided. Excitement was unmistakably in the air as families bonded together while capturing endearing moments to treasure for a lifetime.  


Coach Dinner & Dance – 30th August

To commemorate another prosperous year, Coach was definitely in a mood to party and turned up the style with a Neon light themed Dinner & Dance held at Zouk. At an adrenaline pumping night, filled with enthusiastic guests all dressed up in outstanding outfits, our unique light painting photo booth was definitely a crowd favourite. Undoubtedly, the light painting photo booth was a perfect fit for this event and its high-spirited guests, who were enthralled by the effects they were able to create in the booth. We watched as colleagues and friends gathered together to snap memories of a dazzling night they would want to remember.


LinkedIn Family Day – 1st September

Besides being a source of entertainment for your guests, photobooths are also beneficial as a way to help your guests reminisce a good time. At this LinkedIn Summer Party event held at Level Up, both colleagues and families eagerly lined up to get their photos printed. The theme of the event was retro – featuring childhood snacks and old school arcade machines; having an instant photo booth at this event contributed nicely to the theme. In a day and age where majority of images are stored online or in a phone, it is almost a novelty to have a photo printed on actual paper. A chance to capture a moment and have the photo strip within the palm of your hands almost instantly, evokes a sense of nostalgia that millennials embrace.


Goldman Sachs F1 Reception – 15, 16 September

During the F1 weekend, our photo booth services was deployed for yet another fun event. Goldman Sachs F1 reception was a 2 nights event situated on the 7th floor of One Raffles Link – the venue was an ideal spot overlooking the F1 tracks, giving guest the opportunity to enjoy good food and company along with first-class entertainment. The addition of our photobooth complimented the event mood well; families and colleagues had an enjoyable time squeezing into the frame and capturing a picture together. The photobooth was especially popular among children, who were excited to try on different props that matched the event’s super-hero theme. On top of getting their images instantly printed, guests were also pleased that they were able to send the soft copy versions to their personal emails immediately after the photo was taken. Being able to email photo booth pictures to a personal email account ensures that guests’ memories are made readily accessible to them whenever they want.


Whether it is a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party – our simple photo booth and customised designs never fail to entertain guests, put a smile on their faces and offer them an ideal opportunity to remember the event.

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Fisheye Photo Booth Singapore, New Event Instant Print Idea!

We hope 2018 have had an amazing start for you! Our first quarter have been really busy and we would like to thank all our clients and business partner for the warm support!


The busy schedule was chaotic but it did not stop us from squeezing little pockets of time we had to develop a new photo booth service. Our photographer began exploring fisheye lenses in the middle of last year, when he bought one as a gift for his mother, who is also a photography enthusiast.


His experience with the fisheye lens inspired him and he shared his passion with the team. We thought nothing of it at the beginning but our event photographer was persistent about bringing this experience to our clients and guests. Looking back, we are glad to have taken this idea beyond coffee talks.


After months of brainstorming, experimenting, discussions and debates. We finally settled on 2 ways to bring our new photo booth innovations to our clients in Singapore.


Fisheye Instant Photo Booth

We will setup a photo booth with live preview, your guests can visit our booth anytime during the engagement period for a shot. Our packages come with unlimited photo prints. Prints are available in 4R, card-sized and photo strip format.


Fisheye Instant Roving Photography

Our photographer will be roaming around your event venue to engage guests for posed shots. This is then transferred to our on-site photo editing artist for minor touch-ups before printing them. We offer unlimited prints in all our packages. Prints are available in 4R and card-sized format.


Add-on Options:


Animated GIF

(for Fisheye Instant Photo Booth only)

Our photo booth can be setup with animated GIF, complete with customisation of branding graphic overlays.


On-site Instant Email Kiosk

(for Fisheye Instant Photo Booth and Fisheye Instant Roving Photography)

If you want your guests to receive their soft-copy immediately, we offer a dedicated screen for your guests to view their photos and and send it to their email. We will bring our own 4G mobile data connection, for the fastest possible sending speed. Another advantage of our dedicated email kiosk is, that it does not delay the waiting time at the main photo booth. Guests will leave the photo booth promptly and proceed to the dedicated kiosk to send their photos.


We envision our Fisheye Instant Photo Booth to be suitable at every event seeking a twist in the conventional photo booth experience. Namely, company dinner and dance, corporate office opening, staff celebration, long service awards ceremony, media event, consumer product launch and gala dinner.


Last but not least, Vivid Snaps is a event instant photography company through and through. We take pride in delivering a pleasant experience for our clients and your event guests. We make as little compromises as we possible can, and strive to deliver consistently good service year after year.


Photo Booth Promotion For Singapore Clients

Thank you for staying with us through the long blog post. To show our gratitude, we are offering you a 10% discount off our list price for Fisheye Instant Photobooth. Please quote this blog post when sending us an enquiry. This photo booth promotion is for Singapore engagements, valid till 31 May 2018 and limited to first 10 engagements.

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Light Drawing Photo Booth Singapore

It was indeed a Funtartistic night at Nee Soon!


As part of the PAssionArts Festival 2017, the vibrant set up of the event near Yishun MRT was definitely hard to miss! From Ketupat weaving to string art workshop, there was an array of hands-on activities for the residents of Nee Soon to explore. Not to mention, Vivid Snaps’ light painting photo booth inside the artsy dark room filled beautiful artefacts was definitely one of the highlights of the night.


What’s more interesting than a regular photo booth? Definitely a light painting booth where all ages can unleash their hidden artistic talents in a span of just a few seconds! Doesn’t that intrigue you already? So how does this wacky photobooth actually works?


How Does Light Painting Photobooth Works?

Just like our normal photo booth, pose for a normal photo! The guests will have a few seconds to create their own unique lights trails using the colourful light painting props provided by us. They can spell their names, draw shapes and even come up with random designs on the spot. Despite all the movements, the guests’ faces will be perfectly sharp and pretty. So worry about nothing and focus on creating that art piece with light, and some creativity.


Each photo sequence can be reviewed before being printed. The guests will have their own unique souvenir to bring home that night! Light Painting Photo Booth not only create visually appealing images, they also provide loads of fun for the guests themselves.


GIF Email Option

That’s not all! All the images will also be transformed into animated GIFs, bringing those artwork and your guests to life. Perfect for sharing them on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

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Choosing A Wedding Photo Booth in Singapore

Greetings from Vivid Snaps!


When planning for your big day, you will be searching for programmes to keep your guests entertained. An instant photo booth is a good option, and it has always been a popular hit at any wedding!


When you are about to engage a photo booth, you might search online for photo booth reviews and realise how little information you can find on Singapore photo booth vendors. In this blog post today, we will offer our perspective on what to look out for when choosing a photo booth for your big day!


Choose Your Favourite Print Size

You may already hold a ton of 4R photo booth prints from all the previous weddings you’ve attended. Why not go for something different at your wedding? A professional photo booth vendor should be able to provide you with various options for your print size. At Vivid Snaps, we provide 4R, card-sized and photo strip prints.


How Many Hours Should I Engage?

Our most common wedding bookings are 2 or 4 hours. Typically, our busiest times will be during the cocktail reception and after the first dish. Nonetheless, we will always recommend taking up 4 hours should budget permits. Extension hours are really affordable and there will always be guests slipping out to take a photo throughout the entire wedding celebration, so don’t disappoint them! Ensure that you receive maximum value with our next tip.


Maximise Your Engagement Time

In order to ensure that you maximise your photo booth engagement, have your emcees announce about the photo booth and its operating times at regular intervals. So guests are always reminded to drop by and have their photos taken.


Does your guests receive their photos eventually?

There are already plenty of things to worry about on this busiest day of your life. The last thing you need is to hear your guests complaining that they did not receive their photos from the photo booth. Photos should be printed as fast as possible and effectively distributed to respective guests. With our SSD-fitted computers and fastest available lab quality photo printer, we are able to present the fastest possible instant photo booth in the market. Our staff are also dedicated to making sure your guests actually receive their photos. Why else would you engage a photo booth then, right?



Customised Photo Border Design

Many photo booth vendors are experts in their craft, and they capture amazing photos. Beyond that though, you should also look at the next most important factor that makes the photo prints outstanding – the photo border design. A good photo booth vendor would have an in-house designer who can customise a unique design for your wedding.


Animated GIF Photobooth Singapore Malaysia Johor KL Kuala Lumpur
Special Feature

Check with your photo booth vendor if they offer any special add-on for your instant photo booth. It is not a must, but who doesn’t like freebies? At Vivid Snaps, our animated GIF add-on brings a second round of fun and excitement when your guests are viewing the photos after the occasion.


Appropriate Customer Service

Your esteemed guests deserves to be well-respected. Just as important as delivering high quality photo prints, your photo booth vendor should be polite and friendly to your guests.



By now, you should have a better understanding of wedding photo booths. We hope you will enjoy the journey of planning for your big day, and may your wedding celebration be the most precious memory of your life!


Vivid with Love Wedding Photo Booth

We have launched a new photo booth brand specially for wedding couple, head over to Vivid with Love to learn more about our wedding photobooth with boutique backdrop selection!


Corporate Event Photo Booth

For corporate and dinner & dance, contact us to discuss about your requirements or learn more on our instant photo booth page.

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