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Fisheye Photo Booth Singapore, New Event Instant Print Idea!

It is common to see photo booths at events. However, have you ever heard of a fisheye photo booth? It is a new instant print service that will surely excite your guests!

Read on to find out more about this unique photo booth service!

How Did it Come About?

Our busy schedules did not stop us from squeezing the little pockets of time we had to develop a new photo booth service. Our photographer began exploring fisheye lenses in the middle of last year when he bought one as a gift for his mother, who is also a photography enthusiast.

His experience with the fisheye lens inspired him and he shared his passion with the team. We thought nothing of it at the beginning but our event photographer was persistent about bringing this experience to our clients and guests. Looking back, we are glad to have taken this idea beyond coffee talks!

After months of brainstorming, experimenting and discussing, we finally settled on 2 ways to bring our new photo booth innovations to our clients in Singapore.

Fisheye Instant Photo Booth

We will setup a photo booth with live preview, your guests can visit our booth anytime during the engagement period for a shot. Our packages come with unlimited photo prints. Prints are available in 4R, card-sized and photo strip format.

Fisheye Instant Roving Photography

Our photographer will be roaming around your event venue to engage guests for posed shots. This is then transferred to our on-site photo editing artist for minor touch-ups before printing them. We offer unlimited prints in all our packages. Prints are available in 4R and card-sized format.

Fish Eye Photo Booth Singapore
Photo by Vivid Snaps.

Add-on Options

Animated GIF

(for Fisheye Instant Photo Booth only)

Our photo booth can be setup with animated GIF, complete with customisation of branding graphic overlays.

On-site Instant Email Kiosk

(for both Fisheye Instant Photo Booth and Fisheye Instant Roving Photography)

If you want your guests to receive their soft-copy immediately, we offer a dedicated screen for your guests to view their photos and and send it to their email. We will bring our own 4G mobile data connection, for the fastest possible sending speed.

Another advantage of our dedicated email kiosk is, it does not delay the waiting time at the main photo booth. Guests will leave the photo booth promptly and proceed to the dedicated kiosk to send their photos.


We envision our Fisheye Instant Photo Booth to be suitable at every event seeking a twist in the conventional photo booth experience. Namely, company dinner and dance, corporate office opening, staff celebration, long service awards ceremony, media event, consumer product launch and gala dinner.

Vivid Snaps is an event instant photography company through and through. We take pride in delivering a pleasant experience for our clients and your event guests.

Fisheye Photo Booth Singapore, New Event Instant Print Idea!

Convinced to try this cool new photo booth service yet? For any photo booth or event-related enquiries, feel free to contact our project coordinators, who will be happy to assist you.

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