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Passport & Resume Photo Booth for Events

Passport & Resume photo booth is a novel photo booth idea for your business events in Singapore. With this new & innovative photo booth, our photographer will take professional resume images for your guests. Your guests can then use the professional portrait images on their resume and professional documents.

Not only does this provide your event guests with high-quality professional resume photos, but it also helps them to present themselves in a more professional and compelling manner. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a networking event, or a job fair, a Passport & Resume photo booth can help you attract event guests to your booth and engage with your brand.

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LKY 100: Commemorative Video Case Study (Singapore)

On September 16th, we celebrated the remarkable centenary of our nation’s founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, whose enduring legacy continues to shape our nation. This momentous occasion was marked by a series of events and exhibitions nationwide designed to honour his extraordinary achievements, and our team was deeply honoured to contribute to this meaningful commemoration. Collaborating closely with our valued clients, the People’s Association from Aljunied-Hougang, we embarked on a project of great significance: the creation of a 40-minute narrative film dedicated to paying a heartfelt tribute to Mr. Lee.

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SuperMed E-Commerce Product Videos

SuperMed is a provider of sustainable and degradable products of various kinds and is proud to call themselves ‘friends to the global environment.’ The organisation takes especially close interests in issues regarding global warming and is pushing to bring across solutions that promote reducing, reusing and recycling the existing resources. 

The organisation has products ranging from functional wipes, face masks, personal protective equipment, elder and disability products and high quality non-woven fabrics. 

This article is contributed by the Producer of this video production, Faris Kamis.

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Social Service Video Production Singapore

Video Production for Social Service agencies are one of the corporate and creative videos we produce. Join us as we explore how social service videos are transforming the way social service organisations in Singapore convey their missions, engage their audiences, and inspire change.

From capturing heartwarming narratives to crafting compelling visual messages, discover how these dedicated professionals are helping to amplify the voices of those who strive to make Singapore a better place for all.

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Angsana Primary School Corporate Video

Named after the common wayside tree seen around Singapore, Angsana Primary School is the result of two primary schools merging in 2015, the year Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary. Inspired by the famous tree, the school aims to replicate the usefulness and beauty of the tree, providing shade and nurturing the citizens of the future.

This article is contributed by Faris Kamis, the Producer of this corporate video project.

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