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9 Interesting Props for Photo Booths

Photo Booths are arguably incomplete without at least a few props. Props that feature your event name or slogan can also serve as a publicity tool. Plus, they’re also great for avoiding hover hands and overly repetitive poses in pictures.

From props for casual, fun events to more formal ones, here are 9 interesting props to complete your event’s photo booth.

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Photo Booth Singapore Props

9 Interesting Photo Booth Props

1) Stick Signs

Photo Booth Singapore Services

Stick signs can be used for all types of events. Whether you intend to promote your event hashtag or include cheesy, relatable lines like “food is life”, it’s no question why these are so popular at instant photo booths.

2) Quirky & fun props

Quirky Photo Booth Props

More suitable for non-formal events, quirky and fun props are a surefire way to get your guests laughing! It would definitely be interesting to watch the types of creative poses everyone comes up with at the end.

3) Hats/Crowns/Tiaras

Instant Photo Booth For Awards Ceremony

Bad hair day? Hats, crowns and tiaras are the perfect way to bring anyone from a hundred, to a hundred and one. They’re not too experimental or informal, but still manage to bring in the fun factor.

4) Masks

Instant Photo Booth Singapore F1

Masks are great for many reasons. If you have guests that are more camera shy, masks may give them a confidence boost to be more daring in posing for pictures. Masks, depending on the type, can also give off a sense of elusiveness and mystery. They can also be fun and goofy! It’s best to include a mixture to accommodate all guests. 

5) Big, Goofy Glasses

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Glasses can be paired with any of the props listed above. Or, guests may simply grab a pair, strike a peace sign and be good to go. We assure you that you won’t have to worry about nobody reaching out for these.

6) Fake flowers

fake flowers photo booth prop

Fake flowers are suitable for both formal and non-formal events. Who doesn’t like receiving flowers (even if it’s just for a photo)? This will also make way for more creative poses in pictures!

7) Wigs

colourful wigs photo booth prop

Wigs are one of the most popular props for instant photo booths. This is not surprising because hair has the ability to change up your whole look! You may include a mix of fun colours and different hairstyles for more variety.

8) Tinsel/feather garlands

Photo Booth Singapore Props

Despite the possibility of leaving a slight mess at the end of your event, these are definitely worth including in your list of must-have props. Garlands can easily spice up an outfit or simply be paired with other props. 

What’s a little cleaning in exchange for a lot of fun, right?

9) Picture frame

Frame Photo Booth Prop

While this may seem unnecessary, it is a clever way to feature your event slogan while adding more depth and dimension to the picture! Picture frames help capture the perfect moment twice in one frame.

9 Interesting Props For Photo Booths

If you want to include props for your photo booth, let it be these. They’re versatile and timeless, so you’ll be able to use them for future events as well! We hope you’ve found this article useful in deciding which props to acquire.

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