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Video Backup Workflow
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Cloud Backup Workflow For Videographers

Backing up our video files is very important, there are so many potential hazards that can cause us to lose our media files in a matter of seconds. Backing up to portable hard drives is a popular method for most independent videographers. But in this article I will share a cost effective method that can add an additional layer of safety when planning your video backup workflow.

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Express Video Highlights for Events

Amidst all the World Cup rage, we were commissioned to produce an express video highlight to promote the Soccer Carnival set up by IMM in appreciation of their shoppers. We headed down to Jurong East on the first day of the carnival itself to shoot the footages for the promotional video. During the 4 hours of filming, we captured the fun that the first lucky participants had at the football-themed game stations specially put up by IMM. Aside from our Sony mirrorless cameras, we also made use of other professional videography equipment like gimbals and monopods to record dynamic footages. Here are some of the gimbal footages that are compelling and energetic.


Fast Video Editing

Then, with less than 24 hours to edit the video, we stayed up all night for the post-process so that it can be ready on the second day of carnival. The video was played throughout the famous outlet mall to inform shoppers of these fun-filled activities at Level 3 Garden Plaza. It also introduces the way to participant in this family-oriented event.


The final product is an engaging and high-energy promotional video that is relative to this sports carnival. Watch it below.



The other pre-event express highlight video that we were commissioned to do recently is Prudential’s Financial Consultants Promotion Night at Capella Singapore. Prior to the event, we created the video opening title animation using Adobe After Effects and conceptualised a basic storyboard for the video to ensure a smooth workflow in such a tight timeline. On the day of the event, our video team arrived at the beautiful hotel a few hours before the official start of the promotion night to take the footages as planned while interviewees also arrived early to record their thoughts and heartfelt thank you speeches.


Express Video Processing

After all the scheduled interviews and filming, our video editor consolidated and stitched numerous interviews together into a coherent and exciting opening video to the promotion night in just a short span of 2 hours. This 3-minute pre-event video sums ups the appreciation and gratitude that the mentees hold for their mentors and received great feedback at the event.



Video processing requires time and expertise, hence, working with such tight deadlines is not common for video projects. But with prior experience of these projects, Vivid Snaps is confident that we can deliver quality pre-event express video highlights. Get in touch to explore your options and discuss the possibilities with us.

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Timelapse Videography in Singapore

We are happy to announce another successful videography collaboration with Golden Vision.


Our partner, Golden Vision was commissioned by Tampines Town Council for a video production leading up to Singapore’s 51st National Day. To document the complete process of a mural that’s larger than life, our team have continuously shot for over 20 days.


A timelapse video speeds up time around an object, and is the perfect way to document and showcase the process of a project done within a long period of time.


With timelapse videography, you will not miss out any details of the of the process. It can be viewed in full and not just little snippets of highlights. Our team has shot for over 20 days day at Tampines to record the process of creating this wall mural and to capture every little detail of it being done.


The four old-school shops of different races and cultural backgrounds painted over 20 days bring us back to the 60’s and also brought back memories of many Singaporeans when they are growing up. This project was initiated by the the Tampines Town Council to commemorate our 51st National Day. The project also hopes to teach the younger generations of Singapore our history and culture in the 1960s, to learn more about it from their parents and grandparents.


The video showcases the effort that has been put into the mural and documented the transformation of an empty wall to a wall full of Singapore’s heritage.


To preview the full video, visit:

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