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Corporate Hari Raya Video Production

Aside from celebrating the actual holiday, many of us in Singapore and Malaysia have always been looking forward to the corporate Hari Raya video advertisements usually played as television commercials. 

Read on to find out our picks for the best corporate Hari Raya videos that you can find inspiration from for your next corporate festive video.

What is a Corporate Corporate Hari Raya Video Production?

Corporate Hari Raya Videos are an enticing way to engage your audiences during the festive season. Regardless of the holiday season, a corporate video provides organisations with the opportunity to your clients that their festivities and traditions matter to your brand. 

Many brands like Singtel and Setia have been known for their highly anticipated holiday short films that have even gone viral and sparked conversations around the brand.

WhatsApp Holiday Greeting Video

For businesses who may not have the time or resources to produce a full holiday film, you can also consider filming a customised holiday greeting video to send out to your clients via Whatsapp or email. This 30-seconds greeting video is a more intimate medium for greeting your customers during this festive season, resulting in higher engagement directly from your clients.

If you would like to send your video out by Whatsapp, we highly recommend that you film your greeting video in portrait mode to provide the best viewing experience for your clients.

Corporate Hari Raya Video References

Singtel‘s Hari Raya Greeting Video

Video by Singtel, not produced by Vivid Media.

Unlike most years, Singtel filmed a corporate-documentary styled video featuring the Muslim employees celebrating the festive season. In this video, the employees shared the challenges they had to go through during the Circuit Breaker period, while also sharing their plans for the holiday period.

We liked that Singtel produced a corporate employee feature video that gave viewers an insight into the operations at the major telco provider during the Circuit Breaker period. This made Singtel’s Hari Raya greeting feel more genuine and sincere than a regular corporate branding video. 

Boost Malaysia

Video credits to Boost Malaysia, not produced by Vivid Media.

Boost, Axiata Digital’s lifestyle e-wallet, produced this uplifting music video featuring various Malaysian families celebrating Hari Raya Puasa during the Covid-19 period. 

Just like many of the examples we featured, this music video included subtitles in the video. Subtitles, as video hosting platform Cincopa explains, is a crucial factor in boosting your video’s SEOs by making it more accessible to viewers who are hard of hearing or would otherwise need subtitles to understand the video. 

Subtitles also allow the search engines to better understand your video as they provide additional keywords to be indexed. If required, we can provide subtitling and captioning services for our clients at an additional cost., Hari Raya Video 2020

Video credits to, not produced by Vivid Media.

This corporate Hari Raya video by was a heartwarming video compilation of different Muslim families spending the month of Syawal at home during the height of the Circuit Breaker.

Our best guess is that the video was filmed remotely, just like the music video by Boost.

If your video requires a remote filming segment, we can provide a professional remote filming service for your organisation. Using our remote filming software, our director will be online to guide the talents on how they should conduct the filming. We will then edit the video to deliver a seamless final video for you., Hari Raya 2020

Video credits to, not produced by Vivid Media.

Jauh Di Mata, Dekat Di Hati is an old Malay proverb that translates to being close at the heart despite being far away from each other. 

This short film follows the story of a mother who tries to get her children excited about the festive season. However, her daughter is busy working from home while her son is a nurse who wants to avoid close contact with his family to prevent them from catching Covid-19.

As the film develops, it seems like her children do not share her enthusiasm for the festive season. 

On Raya day, however, she is treated to a surprise by her children who have scheduled a video call with various family members who celebrate the special day together virtually.

Like many Hari Raya videos filmed in 2020, we liked that this short film centred around the theme of loving our families dearly despite being physically apart during the Covid-19 period. 

PUB, Hari Raya Video 2019

Video credits to PUB, not produced by Vivid Media.

Air dicincang tidak akan putus (water doesn’t break apart when you chop it) – Malay proverb.

PUB’s first-ever festive film tied in the concept of saving your kinship just like how we should save water. The idea that the water will continue to flow even if you attempt to chop it was the perfect metaphor for the concept of loving our family even when we have been apart from each other. 

This film tells the story of twin brother Din and Zul, who grew up in an orphanage together until Din, the older brother, gets adopted by a family on Hari Raya day. 

50 years later, Din’s son is now an adult working for PUB. Through his job, he finds a hidden reservoir, which happens to be Din’s old hangout space. Din goes back to his hideout to reminisce about his younger brother whom he has not seen since he left the orphanage.

We liked that this film gave a subtle nod to PUB’s water-saving tips which were featured in the film. For instance, Din and Zul were asked to brush their teeth with only 1 mug of water, which is one of the tips that PUB recommends as an alternative to brushing teeth with running tap water.

Setia, Hari Raya Video 2019

Video by Setia, not produced by Vivid Media.

In this film by Setia, a teenage girl named Nadia discovers her mother’s old unchang, a small pouch her mother used to collect her Hari Raya duit (money). 

Her mother shares how growing up everyone had their unchang to collect their Hari Raya duit instead of receiving a green packet from their elders. Although this meant that everyone knew how much duit you collected, all the children did not mind as they just wanted to enjoy the collection of money. 

We liked that this video was a warm reminder for the true spirit of receiving duit from our elders during this holiday season. While the origins of this practice may not be very clear, duit is meant to be a sincere act of the heart that we should appreciate and be grateful for. This film reminds us of the simple joys of receiving duit, which is more meaningful than counting the money in the green packet.

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