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Corporate Deepavali Video Production

Corporate Deepavali (Diwali) videos are an engaging way to reach out to the Indian community during this festive season of lights. As marketing publisher The Drum explains, Deepavali is becoming a widely celebrated festival globally, which provides a chance for brands to connect with the Indian population during this holiday.

Read on as we share about your picks for the most emotional corporate Deepavali videos in 2020.

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What is a Corporate Holiday Video?

Corporate holiday videos are a staple for many organisations who wish to reach out to their stakeholders during a festive season. For the bigger brands like Tenaga Nasional and Medicorp who are known for their high-quality productions, consumers look forward to the holiday videos the brands will produce for the upcoming holiday season. 

Types of Corporate Holiday Videos

Aside from the short films that we used to see broadcasted on television commercials, here are a few types of corporate holiday videos that you can also consider filming:

  • Whatsapp Holiday Greeting Video. If you are looking to film a more personalised video as a holiday greeting, consider filming a 30 second Whatsapp holiday greeting video that is the perfect length for viewing on your mobile phone. 
  • Holiday Branding Video. Holiday branding videos showcase how your brand values and mission align with themes and values associated with the holiday season.
  • Holiday Lifestyle Video. Lifestyle videos are videos that appeal to your audience’s other interests to drive brand engagement. Holiday lifestyle videos could include videos covering fashion trends or tips on how to celebrate the holiday seasons differently.
  • Holiday Music Video. Music videos are an engaging way to reach out to your audiences during the festive season. With the right holiday song and music video concept, your holiday music video could potentially go viral. 

Best Corporate Deepavali Videos

Video by

Deepavali is the season of light triumphing over darkness, and this short film by quite literally shared light into their viewers’ hearts.

This short film follows a middle-aged Indian man named Pragaasam (which means brightness in English) who runs a light shop learning how to find joy for Deepavali this year, which feels dark and dampened due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

We liked that this film incorporated humour into their storytelling approach, capturing a light-hearted essence of the festive holidays. This film was a refreshing take from the usually serious tone adopted in holiday short films which explore serious themes like family reunion and love. 

Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LiSHA)

Video by Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association.

This video by LiSHA introduced, the one-stop portal for Indians in Singapore to enjoy the Deepavali festivities virtually during these Covid-19 times. The video provided a walkthrough for viewers to navigate the website, highlighting the key features of this year’s virtual Deepavali celebrations.


Video by Singtel.

For Deepavali 2020, Singtel filmed an employee feature video featuring their Indian colleagues who were celebrating the festive holiday. This was a heartwarming corporate documentary-styled video where the employees shared their love for Deepavali, along with their reflections from having to work from home during the Circuit Breaker period. 

When filming any corporate video, you can consider featuring your employees who work behind the scenes to make your brand work. This helps to humanise your brand as viewers will be able to associate a human face to your brand name.


Video by Astro TV.

Astro’s Deepavali greeting video centred around the central theme of eating a murukku, a traditional festive snack. The talents on screen were filmed biting into the murukku, creating an ASMR sound effect from the talents chewing sounds. 

We liked that this video adopted a unique concept for their greeting video, compared to a standard greeting from various Astro artists and staff as we have come to expect from a corporate greeting video.


Video by

Similar to the video, this short film had a more comedic touch to the narrative.

We liked that this video poked fun at the traditional Indian cinematic video production style commonly seen in Bollywood and Kollywood movies. The over-the-top editing added a dramatic flair reminiscent of a family drama series. 

We noticed that this video also provided captions for their viewers who did not understand Tamil. If required, we can provide subtitling and captioning services for clients at an additional cost.


Video by RHB.

Inspired by the real story of the famous Vikneswaran Allagu (better known as Vikey), RHB’s Deepavali short film tells the story of how this magician had to become a durian seller during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Despite the challenges he faces with selling durian to support his pregnant wife and daughter, Vikey’s story of growth and perseverance is an inspiring story that resonates with many viewers who have had a difficult 2020.


Video by Facebook App.

What happens when a struggling business owner decides to hire more workers than she needs out of sheer goodwill?

This film follows a young girl named Pooja who decides to post a Facebook advertisement to call for more workers for her milk shop amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Although her own business is already struggling, she takes in all the new staff who come to her shop to seek employment.

We liked how Facebook was able to adopt a soft-sell approach to tie in their branding into the video. By planting itself as the main tool for the plot, Facebook was able to demonstrate the reach of their social platform through the 7-minute film while presenting am engaging and heartwarming narrative to the viewers.

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