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Event Highlight Video Production

Event Highlight Video Production is our forte here at Vivid Snaps. There is no better way to showcase your event than by having an event highlight video do the work for you.

Read on to find out what it takes to create the perfect event highlight video and how it can be used for marketing.

Event Highlight Video Production

What is Event Highlight Video Production?

Event Highlight Videos are a highlight reel of video clips from an event that are usually not longer than 5 minutes. These videos aim to summarise the activities of an event and capture candid video clips of the guests and hosts in action.

Event highlight videos are a form of storytelling where the audience get to see and understand what the event was about, how it was organised and what were the outcomes of it. There are many different types of events that hire a professional event videographer to film a event highlight video.

These are some of the corporate events which are often covered by the Vivid Snaps Videography Team:

  • Office Expansion, Opening & Re-opening
  • Conference, Seminar & Panel Discussion
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Events
  • Company Merger & Acquisition Event
  • Christmas & New Year Celebration
  • Corporate Networking Event
  • Internal Company Activities
  • Product & Service Launch
  • Company Branding Event
  • Company Year End Party
  • Client Appreciation Event
  • Company Team Building
  • Staff Appreciation Event
  • Family Day & Carnival
  • Corporate Workshop
  • Retail Store Opening
  • Charity Gala Dinner
  • Town Hall Meeting
  • Media & PR Event
  • Award Ceremony
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Farewell Party
  • Roadshow

What do Companies Use Event Highlight Videos for?

Event highlight videos are often used as publicity and marketing material for companies. Companies and organisations which host events are likely to want to have an avenue to share about the activities and happenings of their events. These highlight videos are easy to share on social media and on company websites for existing and potential consumers to view.

Event highlight videos can also be used as a form of publicity to market future events. These videos allow companies to showcase their customer service and attention to detail during their events.

Event Highlight Reel

How does Event Highlight Video Production Work?

Event highlight videos usually require a professional team of videographers and editors to work hand-in-hand. Event videographers are present on the event day, following a shot list in mind to capture different shots and angles within the location. The editors on the other hand, compile the audio and video clips filmed during the event into a highlight reel of not more than 5 minutes.

Event highlight video production is usually done with a flow and a proper plan. Here are some things we consider in our plan as Professional Event Videographers before and during the event day:

  • Recce of Location Pre-shoot: Before the event, professional videographers usually visit the location to determine its suitability for shooting and the possible angles to place cameras. This includes taking note of the lighting of the event, where videographers have to calibrate the video cameras to adjust to the right setting.
  • Preparation of Gear: Ensuring that the videographers are equipped with reliable gear enables them to focus on delivering the best video for the event.
  • Covering All Desired Shots: Exploring different angles and ensuring that the important moments are captured for the highlight reel. This includes communication and planning with the event host to take note of the timings of the different segments of the event.
  • Shoot for Edit: Having a shot list in mind ensures that the videographers capture the desired shots efficiently. Planning out the shots and timeline of the event makes the editors life much easier.
  • Capture Quality Sound: Capture quality sound clips from the event is also important to creating a well crafted event highlight video. Sound helps to bring the video clips to life, especially when an important speech is being given or there is suitable background music for the video.
  • Aiming for a Quick Turnaround: An event video which is edited and released shortly after the event itself creates a post-event buzz which helps to keep the event relevant and create conversations about it.

Good Examples of Event Highlight Videos in Singapore

Vivid Snaps has an event highlight portfolio of over 70 videos on YouTube. Here are some of the event highlight videos that we have created over the years:

1) Great Eastern 110th Anniversary Event Highlight Video

2) National Day Heartlands Celebrations 2019 @ South East Event Highlight Video

3) LIDL Singapore – New Office Opening Event Highlight Video

Why You Should Engage Vivid Snaps to Produce Your Event Highlight Videos

Here at Vivid Snaps, our event videographers and editors take their responsibilities seriously and continually strive to achieve results beyond the best in the industry. We are always looking to exceed our client’s expectations by focusing on customer experience and quality of work.

If you would like to find out more or engage us for your next event highlight video, you can contact our project coordinators who will be happy to discuss with you.

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