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15 Types of Corporate Videos a Marcom Professional Should Know

Corporate video production has always been one of the most important aspects to a marketing campaign. Corporate videos that are beautifully crafted and well received could be a companies biggest marketing asset in terms of reaching out to potential clients and customers.

Read on to find out 15 types of corporate videos a marcom professional should know.

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What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are a form of video communication used for internal and external corporate messaging. A corporate video is unlike an advertisement whereby the target audience for each video is specific to a group of people. It could be directed to a potential client, an investor or even to your own employees.

Corporate videos can deliver information to your target audience in a more eye-catching and informative way, compared to a long-winded speech or presentation.

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Why is Corporate Video Production Important for your Company?

Corporate videos can help to grow your business reach. A corporate video that is produced by a professional videographer can help to educate the masses about your brand’s identity as well as your showcase products and services in a different light.

Corporate videos are also crucial to a company’s social media reach. Uploading corporate videos on social media could serve as content for your company, ultimately drawing more attention to your company on social media platforms.

15 Types of Corporate Videos a Marcom Professional Should Know

Training Video Production

1) Training Video

A training video, also known as a corporate onboarding video, is important for companies which hire many new employees. Training videos are versatile in terms of the ability to engage the audience and getting your message across. This is important when there are many points and tutorials to get through to your new employees.

Training videos are also time-efficient and cost-effective. It is accessible to all employees at anytime and anywhere. You can save manpower in terms of employee training by creating training videos for your new employees to study and learn from. This also ensures that all your new employees get the same experience and go through the same learning process.

Your training video can include:

  • Breaking down the complicated information into segments
  • Interactive videos to create a more hands-on experience
  • Introducing employees to employers and team leaders
  • Highlight employee job scopes
  • Real-life situational examples
  • Step-by-step tutorials
Recruitment Video Production

2) Recruitment Video

Creating a recruitment video is important for companies who are looking to hire high-performing and talented employees. Recruitment videos promote jobs and highlight job scopes in a company. These videos could also include interviews with your current employees to highlight their morale and the favourable working environment your company provides.

Recruitment videos are meant to showcase your companies values, beliefs and culture to empathise with your viewer, ultimately convincing them to send in an application to join your company. A well crafted recruitment video could interest sought after talents and potential employees to join your company.

Your recruitment video can include:

  • Convincing the viewer that the company is the right fit for them
  • Address commonly asked questions from candidates
  • Call to action for viewers to send in their applications
  • Present your companies values, beliefs and culture
  • Educate viewers on your company’s history
  • Highlight employee job scopes
  • Interviews of employees
A Day-in-the-life Corporate Video Production

3) A Day-in-the-life Video

A day-in-the-life video is a form of storytelling that shares insights of the lives of the employees of a company. This form of video is usually used to portray a positive working environment and experience for the viewers.

This video could be paired with the recruitment video above to convince potential employees and talents that your company is the right fit for them. A day-in-the-life video could also serve as a form of a training video for the new employees to understand their job scopes. Ultimately, the video could be very useful for your company in the long run.

Your a-day-in-the-life video can include:

  • Featuring a single employee throughout the video
  • Highlighting important parts of their job scope
  • Include interactions with fellow employees and colleagues
  • Interview segments for the employees to talk about their livelihoods
  • Sufficient B roll footage to showcase the employees at work
Public Relations Video Production

4) Public Relations Video

Public relations videos or corporate social responsibility videos are designed to showcase what your company is doing to give back to the community. It could also be a demonstration of how your products and services are environmentally friendly.

Showing your consumers that your company is socially responsible is crucial to your brand image. Consumers respect and support brands which do their part to conserve the environment. Another form of public relations is doing charity and giving back to the society as a company. Engaging in social activity creates a positive image for your brand.

Your public relations video can include:

  • Featuring employees taking part in social activities
  • Showcasing how your company gives back to the community
  • Explaining how your products and services are environmentally friendly
  • Showcasing how your products and services can impact the community and environment positively.

5) Brand Story Video

A brand story is a narrative in the form of a video that brings out the emotions and characteristics of your brand. Brand story videos are the fundamental when it comes to creating a well rounded marketing campaign. It enables companies to gain the understanding of its consumers through unique storytelling. These brand story videos can also help a company gain higher reach through the consumption of content on social media platforms.

A brand story video should not include the hard-selling of your products and services. It should aim to have a deeper meaning, such as how your brand can impact and change someone’s life. It is best to tell a story using significant character to demonstrate how your brand impacts the character’s life in the story.

Brand story videos are usually produced by a professional videographer. The storytelling format of the video has the best results when it is produced professionally.

Steps to creating a compelling brand story:

  • Be authentic with your consumers, do not promise them uncertainties
  • Make the focus of the story on how your character interacts your brand or product
  • Write a suitable script and story arc that brings out emotions
  • Gather the right team and talents
  • Determine your target audience
  • Keep it short, yet impactful
Customer Testimonial Video Production

6) Customer Testimonial Video

A customer testimonial video is a great way to promote your products and services in a more subtle manner. It can also show your viewers the usability of your products. Good reviews are always trusted by consumers. A customer testimonial helps to gain the trust of your consumers by proving to your consumers that your products and services are worth their investment.

You can choose to feature a few customers and get them to testify how your product has proven to be worth their investments. Alternatively, you can feature a single customer and show how your product has impacted them and changed their lives.

Your customer testimonial video can include:

  • A specific product or service your brand provides
  • One or more customers in an interview format
  • Customers demonstrating how they use your products and services
  • A story arc of how the customer got to know the brand
  • Call to action to prompt viewers to learn more about your brand
Product Demonstration Video Production

7) Product Demonstration Video

A product demonstration video or a how-to video provides viewers with the necessary information on how to utilise and maximise your products. This video is crucial when it comes to products that require DIY and products that are more complicated to use. A consumer can always refer to the demonstration video when they need guidance on how to use your products.

Product demonstration vides can also be used for marketing. Potential customers may be inclined to buy your products when they learn more about it or understand the usability of it. Having a simple yet informative product demonstration video could be a way to win over customers at retail stores and online platforms.

Your product demonstration video can include:

  • A specific product or service your brand provides
  • One or more talents to demonstrate how to use your products
  • Relating the products to your consumers everyday life
  • Call to action to prompt viewers to purchase your products
Behind the Scenes Video Production

8) Behind-the-Scenes Video

A behind-the-scenes video or production process video showcases how your products are designed and produced. It could be filmed in the factory where it is assembled or it could even lead back to the inspiration and design phases of your product. This could also be an important video when it comes to your companies promise of quality products to your consumers.

The ultimate goal of a behind the scenes video is to showcase your companies attention to detail and quality control. Making sure your viewers understand how your product is produced helps them to appreciate the value of your product even more.

Your behind the scenes video can include:

  • Feature of a specific product your brand produces
  • One or more employees to explain and demonstrate the process of the production of your products
  • A narrator to explain the segments of the video
  • Showcase the materials and craftsmanship of your products
  • Call to action to prompt viewers to purchase your products
Q&A Video Production

9) Q&A Video

A Q&A video can serve as a form of customer service to your consumers. Answering commonly asked questions in a video and uploading it on social media platforms enables your consumers to better understand your products and company’s values. Some companies have also taken to live streaming on social media for product related Q&A. However, brands with a larger following are more suited for live streaming as it requires many of your brand’s followers to be online when you are streaming.

A comprehensive Q&A video could help reduce miscommunication and misconceptions of your products and services. By producing regular Q&A video content, you are engaging your customers and prospective customers at more personal level.

Your Q&A video can include:

  • Call to action to prompt your viewers to send in questions for your next Q&A video
  • Plugs of your company’s products and services
  • A pre-prepared list of questions to answer
  • Spokesperson to answer the questions
  • B roll footage to add in when relevant
Social Media Video Production

10) Social Media Video

Creating social media videos are a crucial step that definitely needs to be added in to your marketing strategy. Many companies and brands are maximising the use of these free social media platforms and are getting back rewarding outcomes.

Setting up social media pages for your brand on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube is a no brainer. However, not every brand thrives from these social media platforms. Creating engaging and unique content is certainly the best way to gain a following on your page. Creating concise and attention-grabbing videos consistently is one of the many ways to get consumers to notice your page.

Ideas for social media videos:

  • New product announcements and launches
  • Promotions and sales videos
  • Giveaway announcements
  • User generated content
  • Tutorial videos
  • Q&A videos

Tips for creating social media videos

  • Create content that reflects your brand and company values and beliefs
  • Keep it below 1 minute (the social media video time limit)
  • Use eye-catching captions to accompany your visuals
  • Keep your content aligned with the current trends
  • Create content your consumers want to watch
  • Feature influencers and unique talents
  • Keep it short and concise

11) Corporate Profile Video

A corporate profile video is an interview driven synopsis video which showcases who you are as a brand, the products and services you offer and your identity as a whole. The video should aim to educate your consumers about your brand and connect with them on a more personal level.

Sharing about your brands beliefs, purpose and mission is important in a corporate video. The video should also be short and concise, yet compelling such that you can win over potential customers in that short amount of time. A well crafted corporate profile video is crucial to your marketing strategy as it creates an opportunity for you to leave a good impression to your consumers.

Corporate profile video should be filmed at your business location. Giving you audience a context of your business make your brand more personable.

Your corporate profile video can include:

  • Your brand beliefs, purpose and mission
  • Featuring employer and employees
  • Creative illustrations and visuals
  • Your products and services
  • Sufficient B roll footage

12) Food Recipe Video

For F&B related businesses, food recipe videos are a must-have for your marketing strategy. Food recipe videos are very popular among social media platforms, with many consumers and viewers sharing these type of content on their personal pages.

Food recipe videos should be quick and easy as well. Clear step-by-step instructions are important as your viewers have a shorter attention span when they are scrolling social media. Of course, making your final product visual appealing is very important as well. Food recipe videos that become trending and go viral bring in a large amount of web traffic to your brand on social media. This could ultimately help your brand grow in numbers.

You can find out more at our previous article, Food Videography in Singapore.

Your food recipe video can include:

  • Food recipes that are trending and popular
  • Feature guests chefs or your own chefs
  • Collaborations with other F&B brands
  • Creative and eye-catching captions
  • An attention grabbing cover photo
  • Quick and easy recipes
Introduction Corporate Video Production

13) Introduction Video

A company introduction video is useful for brands and companies who have just started their page on social media platforms. Creating an introduction video is a good way to start your marketing campaign on social media. Social media platforms like YouTube enable you to pin your introduction video on the top of your profile, making sure that viewers who enter your profile will watch this introduction video first.

Similar to a corporate profile video, this video should aim to educate your consumers and followers on the purpose, the values and goals that your brand has, as well as the products and services you offer. Uploading professionally produced introduction video is a good way to kickstart your brand’s presence on social media.

Your introduction video can include:

  • Your brand beliefs, purpose and mission
  • Featuring employer and employees
  • Creative illustrations and visuals
  • Call to action to find out more
  • Your products and services
Company Story Corporate Video Production

14) Company Story Video

A company story video or company history video is important for brands and companies with a rich history or a compelling story that needs to be shared. Educating your viewers on your company story and history through a video can help them to gain a deeper and more meaningful connection to your brand.

Sharing old videos and photos of your company’s breakthroughs and events can captivate your audience and make them curious to learn more about your brand. Brands with rich history and compelling stories are more likely to gain a customer’s trust.

A company story video can take the form of a corporate documentary video.

Your company story video can include:

  • Past photos and videos of your company’s breakthroughs and events
  • Featuring employer, employees and the founders of the brand
  • Your brand beliefs, purpose and mission
  • Behind the scenes of your company
  • Your products and services
Event Highlight Corporate Video Production

15) Event Highlight Video

An event highlight video could be produced to promote past events your company has organised. These videos can be uploaded on your company’s available social media platforms to promote your brand and your events. These videos can be produced by a professional event videographer at your event.

Event summary videos can be useful in terms of attracting viewers and potential consumers to participate in your next event. It could also serve as a memento for your employees of a company event which they attended.

Your event summary video can include:

  • Footage of your employees at a company event
  • Footage of your customers at a event your company hosted or sponsored
  • A narrator to explain the contents of the video
  • Your company logo and links to your company’s social media accounts
  • Call to action to prompt your viewers to sign up for an upcoming event

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