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Green Screen Studio Singapore

Using a Green Screen Studio in Singapore has boosted in popularity since 2020. The demand for green screen studio in Singapore is fueled by the need of a versatile space for filming.

Why Do You Need Green Screen Studio?

Green Screen Studio For Video Production And Live Streaming Singapore
Photo of our green screen studio with backdrop of approx. 5m wide and 2.8m height.

For most corporate video production, we recommend filming at physical locations to provide context to the viewers. In many cases, your company may have an aesthetically done up conference room or foyer. Which makes for an excellent location. Or in the case of education institutions, your architecture may make for a highly distinct backdrop. Thus, featuring your architecture would be ideal. However, in specific scenarios, green screen makes for a favourable venue or even a no-brainer.

Time Savings

In a video production, your script may call for your top management to film at multiple locations. Travelling can be really time consuming and outdoor locations will be subjected to weather conditions. In this case, filming of your top management can be done at a green screen studio. While the backdrop and scene can be filmed by a videographer at a different time. Using stock footage is a great option too!

Adhering to Social Distancing Guidelines

This had not been of concern prior to COVID-19. Nonetheless, until we can effectively guard against the virus, gathering a large group for any reasons is a reality that is far away. Hence, when you need to film a scene with many talents, green screen can be the most accessible option.

Using A Virtual Background

You can use a virtual background to teleport your on-screen talents to anywhere in the world, or a location that never existed in real life.

Corporate Branding

At physical events, a large backdrop wall is usually setup. Using a virtual branding background in your video production and live stream is a simulation of that. It usually help to communicate professionalism and maintain brand reputation.

Matching Global Footage

When we shoot a video in Singapore, it may not always be an end-to-end production. Our video footage could be part of a larger scale international production. In which case, using green screen can help to unify the look of the final video output.

Showing A Presentation Slide Deck

A presentation slide can be placed on the background of your video by using a green screen. This is useful for pre-recorded webinar, or video segments that requires the presentation of slides.

What Projects Can You Do In A Green Screen Studio?

A green screen studio can be used for many applications, especially in times when social distancing is a concern.

Virtual Tour Filming

Brands may be turning to online and virtual flagship stores to engage their customer base. And in doing so, recording of a virtual salesperson or a celebrity may be necessary.

E-commerce Live Stream

For a higher budget shoot, you can construct a customised shooting set. Otherwise, using a green screen studio will be the best option. You can turn your background into a living room, kitchen or conference room to suit the theme of your e-commerce live stream.

Pre-recorded Webinar Live Stream

Our clients pre-record some segments of their webinar for a more professional look. Using a green screen allow you full flexibility to customise the background, or even embed your presentation slides and interact with it!

Panel Discussion & Interview Live Stream

Accommodating 2-4 participants should be possible with green screen studio of a moderate size. Which makes it ideal for hosting panel discussions and interview live streaming. You can arrange for a remote speaker to call in, and integrate him using green screen.

Virtual Corporate Meetings

Green screen can be used in formal business meeting and presentation. We have assisted MNCs in their quarterly presentations to make their presentation more professional.

Annual General Meetings

AGM live webcast are a common practice in light of the COVID-19 situation. We have helped listed companies and associations to conduct their virtual AGM in our green screen studio. We turn the background into a monogram backdrop design.

Festive Greeting Videos

Festive greeting videos are the best time to get creative! Put in fireworks in the background for New Year’s celebration or a snowman for Christmas.

Where Can You Rent A Green Screen Studio in Singapore

There are many live streaming and filming studios for rental in Singapore. Even when a studio do not show a photo of their green screen setup, you can go ahead and enquire with them. Chances are, they can also provide a green screen setup for you, sometimes at an additional fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Green Screen Studio in Singapore

Our green screen studio located at Kallang Place is available at no additional fee when you engage our video production or live streaming services. It is reasonably convenient to access our studio, it is located within walking distance from Bendemeer MRT. Or if you are coming from Kallang MRT or Boon Keng MRT, it is only 1 bus stop away. Moreover, the vicinity has plenty of parking lots as well.

Nonetheless, you can also find many other studios available for rental, and you can engage our video filming or live streaming separately.

How To Choose A Green Screen Studio in Singapore

Every green screen studio is slightly different, choosing one that suits your needs depends on your requirements.

End-to-end Video Production

It is always best when a vendor can handle every aspect of your video production for you. Which is the reason we setup a green screen studio at our office for our clients. Some green screen studios are operated by video production houses who also provide video production services, while others could be operated independently. The studios who are operated independently may have contacts who they can refer.

Lighting Equipment

From our observation, many green screen studio rentals come complete with lighting setup for the green screen. However, they may not have sufficient lighting for lighting the subjects. The additional lights can be brought in by the video production vendor.

Audio & Camera Equipment

You will also find green screen studio that comes with camera and audio systems. In which case, you will only need to bring your own production crew.

Bare Studio, Space Rental

There are a few large studio rentals, and they come in bare spaces. Which means it is not furnished. If you need a large green screen backdrop, you will need to arrange a contractor to setup trussing and green screen.

Reasons To Avoid Using A Green Screen

Unless you have a huge budget, you are not going to get Hollywood level type of production quality. Which means, most viewers are able to tell that your video is a green screen production. This should not be a deal breaker though, for most corporate filming. The idea of using green screen is to provide context or branding for your video, not high level of realism. Hence, you should avoid green screen if realism is a primary concern for your production.

How To Get Started With Green Screen

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite group photo our the Vivid Snaps team

To get started with your green screen filming or live streaming project. Send us an email with your project details or call our project coordinators. You may also schedule a visit to our studio to see if it can be a good fit for your project.

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