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How To Schedule & Embed Vimeo Live Stream

This page contain the general instructions to generate an unlisted link and embed Vimeo live stream event on your microsite or virtual event platform. Only a Premium Vimeo account supports live streaming feature. You may create unlimited live stream sessions, however you can only live stream up to a maximum of 3 sessions at any one time.

Step-by-Step Guide For Creating A Live Stream Event

Follow the below steps to create a live stream event. If you do not need to reference the screenshots, scroll up to the Table of Contents and follow the text instruction flow.

Login To Your Vimeo Account

Vimeo Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot of the Vimeo post-login page

Select “New Video (Dropdown Arrow)

Vimeo Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot for creating a new live stream on Vimeo

Click “Create Live Event

Vimeo Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot for creating a new live stream on Vimeo

Configure Live Stream Settings

Vimeo Live Streaming Private Event
Screenshot of basic live stream event configuation

Set Your “Event Title

Get the event title from the client, or you may insert placeholder text and edit this later.

Set “Recurring

You should set the event as a “Recurring” event. This way, when your encoder loses connection with Vimeo server, the stream does not end. Your viewers can wait on the same link until the video stream is back online.

If you set it as “One Time“, Vimeo will wait up to 5 mins for your encoder to reconnect with the Vimeo server. After which, your stream will be ended. You will need to generate a new live stream session. This can be problematic as your viewers will need to visit a new link to continue watching the live stream.

When you set your live stream as a “Recurring” event, the email and custom form feature is disabled.

Read more about this setting on Vimeo support page.

Set “Start Date” and “Time

This is not necessary, however if the date and time of event is final. It is recommended to set it here.

Set “No Repeat

This is not necessary, leave it as “No Repeat“.

Set Privacy to “Unlisted Link

Quoting Vimeo support page: The “Unlisted Link” is a semi-private setting that will make your individual video visible only to people who have the link. Your video’s credits will be removed, and the video will be removed from any channels or groups. Please note that anyone with access to this link can share it with anyone else.

And “Hide from Vimeo” means the broadcast cannot be watched on its Vimeo page, and can only be seen embedded on another site. This setting is most commonly used in conjunction with domain-level embed privacy.

Click “Embed

Vimeo Live Streaming Embed Virtual Platform
Screenshot for obtaining the embed code

Click “Event Embed Code

Screenshot for live stream event video player settings

Turn Off All Options On The Embed Page

For most live streaming events, you should turn off all settings to avoid causing any distractions to the audience.

  • Function of the Play Bar
    • Enabling the Play Bar allows the viewer to scrub/scroll through the video during your live stream.
  • Concerns about Fullscreen Button
    • For some implementation of event microsite or virtual event platform, enabling fullscreen button will cause interruption to the realtime engagement required on the webpage.

Click “Event Embed Code

Vimeo Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot for obtaining the event embed code

Copy “Event Embed Code

Vimeo Live Streaming Singapore
Screenshot for obtaining the event embed code

Depending on the webpage that you are embedding the Vimeo live stream video player, you may need to copy the entire block of code. While for more seasoned webmasters, they may only require you to provide them the Vimeo URL.

The Vimeo URL looks like this:

The above URL provides a responsive video player that will scale to the required embed size.

If your Vimeo URL looks like this: This means you have set your event as a “One Time” live stream event. This setting is not recommended, and you should change your event to “Recurring“. The video player that will be presented to the viewer will also be formatted slightly different.

Click “Next

Screenshot for obtaining the stream URL & stream key

The Event Setup segment is done, let’s move on to the content configuration.

Copy RTMP URL & Stream Key And Email To Live Streaming Crew

Screenshot for obtaining the stream URL & stream key

On this page, copy the RTMPS URL and the Steam Key, then proceed to email these 2 details to the live streaming crew assigned for the project.

Create A Different Live Stream Session For Rehearsal & Actual Event

We practice creating separate sessions for rehearsal and actual event, for privacy reasons.

Can Vimeo Livestream be Password Protected?

Vimeo Screenshot with Password Protection
Screenshot of a Vimeo link with password protection

Yes, a live stream video hosted on Vimeo can be password-protected. The above screenshot shows the password gateway when you try to access a password protected Vimeo live stream.

How Is Vimeo Being Used For Virtual Event

You will find Vimeo live streaming video player to be most suitable for embedding on event microsite, or a virtual event platform. Vimeo video player are white labeled and configurable. We also like that Vimeo allow live streaming to unlimited number of viewers. Whereas many other video delivery networks have tiered charges depending on your bandwidth usage.

Vimeo Live Streaming Crew in Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Composite group photo of the Vivid Snaps team

You can subscribe to an annual Vimeo Premium plan. Alternatively, you can work with a Vimeo live streaming crew who already have an existing Vimeo subscription. Get in touch with our live streaming team to discuss how we can integrate Vimeo into your Virtual Event.

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