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Car Video Production Singapore (Automotive & Motorsports)

Automotive brands are increasingly using car video production to launch and promote their vehicles online. And they do so with a local twist. When you film a car lunch video in Singapore, your audience recognises it and connect more intimately with your brand.

For most Singaporeans, buying a car is a big decision, and the purchasing process usually starts online. A car buyer will do their price checking, features comparison and watch countless car review videos. All before heading down to your showroom. Hence, it is importance to be involved in their pre-sales process.

There are plenty of car videos from around the world, many are available before they are even announced locally. But what makes a local car video stand out is how a Singapore car video address the demands of a local car buyer.

Our video production crew have delivered a few car videos for our mainstream and luxury clients, and we are enthusiastic to explore what we can work on with you. Contact us using the form on this page for a discussion. And for now, read on to see an overview of car videos we have rounded up from local car brands.

Convertible Sports & Luxury Flagship Car Video Production

In collaboration with the creative agency for Lexus, our video production crew worked on the filming and post-production for two beautiful Lexus flagship cars. While the video contained footage from the client’s global assets. Local scenes are filmed in Singapore across multiple regions to capture the best setting for each scene.

Our client conceptualised the video to feature the luxury sports sedan in the day and the luxury sedan in the night to contrast between the different driving experience. Shots were carried out from different angles ranging from interior, exterior and on-the-road on a second vehicle.

And because Lexus is famous for their quiet ride, managing background noise was a little easier even with the top down on the convertible.

Hybrid SUV Launch Video Production

The popular Toyota SUV is getting a hybrid drivetrain. In this SUV launch video, our crew worked with the creative agency to film this video entirely within the showroom. We think J.P. Ong lends the perfect voice to this SUV introduction video, reaching out to the target audience of this SUV. Who are usually young and middle-age families.

With all the unique selling point properly featured in this video, any potential buyers would be tempted to visit the showroom for a second look.

Luxury Compact Sports Sedan Launch Video Production

Filming a car launch video typically involves filming in many different environments and different times of the day. In this video production, you will see a combination of the luxury compact sports sedan being featured in the showroom, filming studio and on the road. On the camera front, you will see a combination of drone footage and action camera on top of the standard camera footage. The filming of this virtual car launch was executed in conjunction with the creative agency, and premiered via live stream on the client’s Facebook page.

Luxury Car Feature Focus Video Production

Cars today come with multitude of features to provide the best comfort and control for their drivers. These features are best accentuated with a video focusing on its unique selling points. Feature focus videos like this are usually snippets filmed separately and specifically for this purpose. Our video production team worked together with the creative agency from shoot planning to post-production for the video.

Vivid Snaps Video Production Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company photo of the Vivid Snaps team

Luxury Electric SUV Launch Video Production

Luxury Electric Compact Crossover Launch Live Stream

Lexus and Toyota are the leading car manufacturer in hybrid drivetrain technology. And the launch of a fully electric vehicle marks a new milestone for the brand. To launch the new fully electric crossover, the video looks to be fully filmed in a green screen studio. With interactions and interactive segment added in the post-production. Resulting in a futuristic looking virtual launch.

Luxury Sports Video Production

Luxury SUV On-the-road Test Drive Video

Lexus test drive video from Lexus Singapore YouTube Channel

It will take an actual test drive to truly experience the joy of driving your car. But prior to that, on-the-road test drive car video is the closest way to communicate the driving experience to your potential buyers. On-the-road filming usually calls for multiple wind-screen mounted cameras and a second vehicle to follow for exterior shots.

Finding a host who can articulate the driving experience is important. Also consider if the host is a good fit for your target audience.

Luxury Car Showroom Invitation Video Production

Luxury Car Accessory Video Production

Luxury Sedan Virtual Launch Live Stream

Audi virtual car launch from Audi YouTube Channel

Other than a YouTube premiere, you can host a virtual launch live stream on your brand’s Facebook page. Schedule a live stream notification and build up your audience weeks before your actual live event.

Remember, most audience may not join your live steam immediately the moment you start. Hence, introduce a 10 mins pre-event waiting screen to gather your audience. You can include a photo slideshow or teaser video during this period to keep your audience engaged.

Many key scenes from the above Audi videos were filmed in Singapore. The final video is very well produced with good lighting and creative angles. The showroom scenes were filmed during the night. And we like how this allow the background to remain dark and keep the audience focus on the hero – the luxury sedan.

Luxury Car Feature Video Filming

Mercedes-Benz C 160 product feature video from Mercedes-Benz YouTube Channel

Often, the complete feature list of your car goes beyond skin deep. While your car launch video focuses on the key selling points, you can create a series of video going in-depth on the specific features unique to each variant of your car.

Luxury Off-road SUV & Driving Experience Video

Off-road driving experience by Range Rover

While we try to limit this article to only video productions filmed in Singapore. We think this video filmed in Malaysia is the closest we can get to a proper off-road experience video for the Singapore audience. We don’t have many off-roading tracks available to the public. We love how this video was filmed completely in the sunny outdoors, and how the radiant sunlight falls pleasantly on the subject with the interior scenes. These all contribute to the values carried by the luxury off-road vehicle.

Super Car Electric Sportback Launch Live Stream

Electric car online virtual launch from Porsche Singapore YouTube Channel

Before our world was transformed by the pandemic, many car launches were held as private events at the dealer’s showroom or a grand venue. However, we now see these car launches being taken online and hosted on the official website or being premiered on the official YouTube channel.

Most virtual car launches we have seen in 2020 combines locally filmed scenes with their global launch footage. The local filming are usually done at the showroom and large studio locations. Some like the Porsche Taycan virtual launch was filmed in a grand venue, no different from how they would hold a physical event.

Electric Car Launch Video Production

We can’t quite tell if this electric car launch video was filmed in Singapore, as the scenes were filmed in a studio environment. It seems to us that many electric car launch are taking this approach of filming in a studio and combining virtual environment. Perhaps to portray a futuristic vibe?

There are many filming studio rentals available for filming in Singapore. But finding one that can fit one or multiple vehicle will be challenging. And to include green screen backdrop, LED wall or background projection would significantly increase your production value.

Luxury & Performance Electric Car Launch Video

Audi e-tron Launch Video in Singapore, from Audi Singapore YouTube Channel
  • Interview of KOLs, such as artists & entrepreneur.
  • A refreshing dual camera angle scene during interview

Crossover Launch Video Production

Toyota Yaris Cross

Looking bigger than its predecessor, the Yaris Cross revitalise the model line. In this launch video, we see the interview scenes being filmed indoors. And the same voice-over from the interview is carried over the entire video. The lighting for the interview subject took a low-key approach, and we think it makes the subject look really sharp. We like how the vehicle fits in well when framed with the tropical greenery background.

Subaru XV Crossover

Unlike many other car video production that we cover in this blog article, this was shot as a TVC. Which explains the high video quality and treatment. We love it when a video is filmed in the same locality of its target audience. It increases the connection between audience and brand.

Electric Commercial Vehicle Promo Video

Electric Commercial Vehicle Video from BYD YouTube Channel

This electric commercial vehicle promo video released in Oct 2021, covers not only the range of electric vehicles being offered by BYD, but also the businesses who are active users of their vehicles. This video does not go into detail on the features of the vehicle, but provided an overview to address the common concerns of an electric vehicle, such as range, cost and charging duration. A quick overview of this video:

  • Features are emphasised using text overlays
  • Presents real world use cases of electric commercial vehicles
  • Honouring their customers by featuring their businesses, and thus lending credibility to the vehicle reputation.

Hybrid SUV Launch Video in Singapore

SANTA FE Hybrid and TUCSON Hybrid Launch Video from Hyundai YouTube

In this video launched Oct 2021, we see a pair of hybrid SUVs being introduced in the same video. And in 2021, we are seeing more lifestyle scenes being included in a vehicle launch. Such as cafe and golf in this video. A quick breakdown of the video as follows:

  • Intro & outro of video ties together with a selfie-vibe
  • Quick overview of key vehicle features within first min of the video
  • Consists of mostly outdoor filming, with both day & night scenes
  • Talking about the SUV features during the drive
  • Text overlays with matching scenes to emphasise the highlighted features
  • Exterior of CSH cafe to suggest a coffee break
  • Drone scene of the golf course to suggest a golf game being played
  • Golf bag in the trunk for trunk size & space estimation

Compact Sedan Walk-through Video

Car Owners Event Video Highlight

Kia Stinger event video From Kia YouTube Channel

While a car event video highlight is usually not car-oriented, the event video highlight features the experiences of being a proud car owner of your vehicles. Emotions are contagious! Viewers can feel the enthusiasm and excitement of your happy customers, in turn generating renewed interest in your brand.

Car Owners’ Gathering Event Video Highlight

Hyundai owners event video from Hyundai YouTube Channel

Once reserved for high-end car owners, we now see special events organised for car owners of mid-market automotive brands. Car owners gatherings and events never fail to bring big smiles to the participants. Our event videographers look out for moments like this, to capture them and feature in your post-event social media videos.

Car Showroom Event Video Highlight

VW showroom event. Video from VW YouTube Channel

The nature of car showroom events vary, some are sales-oriented while others simply gather potential buyers to experience the brand. When hosting a showroom event, you can engage our event photographers and event videographers to capture the highlights of your event. You can also arrange for our event videographers to conduct interviews for selected customers, who can share their positive experiences at your event. For most events, the video footages will be edited to a showroom event video highlight ranging from 1 to 3 mins in length.

Car Dealer & Parallel Importers Video Production

Toyota Harrier video from VINCAR YouTube Channel

More recently, parallel importers are also aggressively targeting consumers online. By producing car videos promoting the model range that they offer, it creates more visibility for your brand when potential buyers are scouring the Internet and researching their ideal car.

As car video filming for parallel importers is still not widespread, producing videos like these can quickly allow your brand stand out and establishing yourself as the market leader.

Power Tip For Car Dealers: Includes a salesperson in every video and this will allow your potential buyer to connect with your salesperson on a personal level. Feature their name and contact information too. This will pay off in the long run.

Car Dealer Feature Video Production Singapore

Toyota Camry Feature Focus Video by Carle

We love how Carle is very forward thinking with their video marketing strategy. This feature focus video is straight to the point, showing users the different touch points of the vehicle. And because parallel import vehicles sometimes have different feature set from their authorised dealer counterparts. A car feature video like this gives the potential buyer a better understanding of what they are buying. Hence, by the time they step into your showroom, half the selling has already been done.

Different from most parallel importers, Carle’s showroom display an array of customisation options. This unique selling point reiterated with each of their videos, and rightfully so! If we could improve this video, we think having a salesperson to provide a voice-over will bring the video production quality to a higher level.

Car Dealer Car Sales Live Streaming

During the circuit breaker period, footfall at car showrooms are understandably lower. And we saw CarTimes taking a creative approach by featuring the live streaming superstar Wang Lei on a car sales live stream. In this video, the hosts rove around the showroom, and introduced the various vehicles on sale at CarTimes.

On the live streaming production front, customised graphics overlays were added to provide information for their viewers. Unlike a typical social media video, which your audience will view from the beginning. Live streaming audience joins the stream at different timings, hence an information overlay can help to provide a good sense of what is happening during the live stream.

Automotive Aftersales Service Video Production

Aftersales service introductory video by Wearnes

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Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company photo of the Vivid Snaps team

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