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Investment Company Video Production in Singapore

Videos are a great way for your investment company to reach out to potential clients. According to a Forrester study, websites with videos embedded are 53 times more likely to end up on the  first Google search results page. Since Google owns YouTube now, videos notably affect your search engine rank. Videos are also easily shareable and if your content resonates with your audience, they’ll share it with more people they think might appreciate your content too. This could help you engage more potential clients! Vivid Snaps provides professional video production services for your corporate investment company video production.

Here are 4 types of videos that your company can consider creating to suit your needs and make your company known to a larger audience: 

  1. Company Introductory Video 
  2. Webinars 
  3. Client Reviews 
  4. Investment Tips  

Company Introductory Video 

Introductory videos are a great way to help potential customers understand your company better. These videos showcase what your company does and is all about. 

Your introductory video could feature people, be in the form of motion graphics, or a combination of both. The video should tell a story or explain your products/services so viewers understand who you are and what you do. A memorable introductory video helps your audience recognise and relate to your business. 

Since Brand/Company Introductory videos are one the first things you want your potential clients to see, there’s no doubt that you would want a high quality video, which is exactly why you should hire a professional to help. 

At Vivid Snaps, we can assist not only with the video production, but working with you to ideate the best concepts to bring your vision to life and create an impactful introductory video for your company. 


Webinars are online seminars, usually for education and marketing services, and are great for hosting talks with many participants. Every webinar is unique based on your needs. If all your presenters are located in Singapore, you can consider streaming live from a studio with a professional camera and equipment so you can get the best video quality and do not have to worry about the technical difficulties that may arise from streaming remotely through a webcam. If your presenters are located out of Singapore, you can consider a virtual seminar where all your presenters present from their respective locations through a webcam, or a hybrid seminar, where some of your presenters are presenting live from a studio while others are presenting remotely. 

Whether pre-recorded or streamed live, our team here at Vivid Snaps is fully equipped to meet your webinar needs with our Professional Live Streaming Crew. 

Client Reviews

Investing is a daunting concept for most, but sharing videos featuring your clients sharing positive experiences and reviews will no doubt help to build confidence and ease the worries of your potential clients. If viewers have confidence in your company, it’s much more likely that they would engage your services. 

As opposed to videos explaining the technical intricacies of investing that may not be the best option when trying to appeal to new clients, genuine client reviews may be a better option, aimed at gaining viewers’ trust through conveying emotional qualities. 

At Vivid Snaps, our Professional Video Production Crew can help you film and elevate such videos by infusing engaging graphics and professional editing. 

Investment Tips

Property Investment Video Production
Screenshot taken from Property Lim Brothers’ YouTube page

Posting videos of your professionals sharing investment tips with potential customers in an engaging way will help you reach a greater audience while also advertising your company and the quality of its expertise, without coming across as a ‘hard sell’ advertisement.  

Such videos also put a face to your company’s name, and since people like buying from people, this can increase the likelihood of potential clients turning in actual clients. 

At Vivid Snaps, our Professional Video Production Crew can help you film and elevate such videos by infusing engaging graphics and professional editing. 

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At Vivid Snaps, we provide professional video production services to meet all your video needs. If you would like to engage our services or speak to one of our friendly project coordinators to enquire more, do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call!

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