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Customer Success Story Video Production Singapore

Customers’ reviews play an increasingly important role in client acquisition, especially in high-value commercial equipment and corporate services. While most businesses have identified that a customer success story video production is effective in building their companies’ reputation, you can see different approaches in their customer success story video productions.

Accordingly, this article will point out the reasons for brands and companies produce testimonial videos as well as references on customer success story video production around Singapore. Besides, we introduce our video production team with our expertise and infrastructure investment so that you can have a necessary to consider.

Corporate Video Production Singapore, Corporate Videography, Singapore, Tech, Video Production, Video Production Singapore, Videographer Singapore, Videography, Vivid Snaps

Buy Now Pay Later Video Production in Singapore

With the development of digital transformation and the rise of e-commerce in Singapore, a specific technology or channel for a mode of payment is not enough. “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) was born as a new solution for both modern retailers’ and customers’ increasing requirements.
First available in Singapore in 2017 but BNPL’s gross merchandise value is estimated to increase from USD 507.2 million in 2021 to USD 3 billion by 2028 [1]. Besides, based on the result of a survey of Singaporeans aged 16 years and older, approximately 1.1 million persons have used the BNPL service.

Therefore, if BNPL is a part of your brand’s development strategies to reach more than such 1.1 million Singaporeans, there is no reason you don’t use BNPL video to broadcast your image better, get closer to your customers and increase your competitive advantage.

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Best Video Production Crew in Singapore

Video production crew in Singapore typically provides service that covers pre-production, filming and post-production. In pre-production, our video production team works with you to conceptualise your video. In the production phase, our video production team execute the filming. Thereafter, our post-production team does video editing based on the storyboard.

Corporate Videography, Video Production, Videography

23 Types of Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Corporate Video Production is widely used by companies to communicate with internal & external stakeholders. Corporate and organisational client makes up the majority of our video production portfolio. The corporate video production we undertake for our clients can range from short videos for internal communication, or a grand virtual launch for a wider audience.

Corporate Videography, Singapore, Video Production, Vivid Snaps

Insurance Agency Video Production in Singapore

Producing videos is an ideal way to create an identity for your insurance agency. It enables your team to connect with your customers on a more personal level and earn their trust.

In a time when physical interactions are limited, remote video production is also an option for creating training videos for the organisation or virtually celebrating year-end awards ceremonies.

Keep reading for some examples of insurance agency video productions!

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Corporate Sustainability Video Production in Singapore

Corporate Sustainability Video Production are an excellent medium for communicating the goals and achievements of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to both internal and external audiences. Using video to communicate your CSR involvement can help you attract and retain top talent, improve customer loyalty, and foster healthy relationships with regulators and key stakeholders.

It gives you the potential to capture the real-life stories of your initiative’s beneficiaries and communicate them in a compelling way that will resonate with your intended audience. A video can also disclose your CSR involvement to audiences who might not be aware of your company’s work otherwise.

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Green Screen Video Production

Have you ever wondered about the technical aspects that go into Green Screen video production?

With Singapore going back into Phase 2, there are now more restrictions for physical events. Events like seminars, road shows, exhibitions and trade fairs are now at a halt, which is why many companies are turning towards creating videos to continue reaching out to their consumers and connecting internally with their staff. Green Screen studio filming is one possible solution for your video needs as we try to minimise going outdoors and interacting with others. 

If you’re new to the concept of filming with a green screen, this article covers a few technical aspects involved that!

Corporate Videography, Video Production, Videography

Investment Company Video Production in Singapore

Videos are a great way for your investment company to reach out to potential clients. According to a Forrester study, websites with videos embedded are 53 times more likely to end up on the  first Google search results page. Since Google owns YouTube now, videos notably affect your search engine rank. Videos are also easily shareable and if your content resonates with your audience, they’ll share it with more people they think might appreciate your content too. This could help you engage more potential clients! Vivid Snaps provides professional video production services for your corporate investment company video production.

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