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Virtual Awards Ceremony Production

Virtual Awards Ceremony Event Production is something new to most companies. Prior to 2020, most award ceremony events are held physically. Sometimes at your office or at a hotel ballroom. Let’s see what we can help you to deliver for your virtual awards ceremony using live streaming and video production.

Virtual Awards Ceremony for Changi Airport Group

In 2020, our team worked together with the creative agency for Changi Airport Group to produce a pre-recorded video for their outstanding employee awards.

In this awards video production, our production crew traveled around Singapore, from Changi Jewel to the home of individual employees to engage with them.

Virtual Awards Ceremony Live Stream Platform

The awards ceremony live stream was premiere on YouTube, with many employees watching the video live and putting in encouraging comments for the awards winners.

Other than live streaming your awards ceremony on YouTube. There are many live streaming platforms you can choose from. Facebook and YouTube are free-to-air platforms, while the others usually comes at a fee.

Many of our clients have also chosen to live stream their virtual events on Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar, as they are least costly.

Awards Ceremony Live Stream Production

There are many ways and various combination of holding your Virtual Awards Ceremony Live Stream. Let us break down the segments for you.

Pre-recorded Award Winners Story

In order to present a comprehensive story of your awards recipients, a pre-recorded video production would likely be necessary.

Awards Motion Graphic Video

We can produce a motion graphic video using past images from the organisation or award winners.

Awards Ceremony Congratulatory Message Video

Your virtual awards ceremony will not be complete without a congratulatory message video from your Guest of Honour. This requires pre-event filming, and there are many options for doing this.

  • Green screen setup at your office
  • Green screen studio rental
  • Your office background
  • Outdoor location
  • Studio rental

Apart from the GOH message, you can also consider having various department heads or stakeholders to give their congratulatory message in this video. These videos can then be filmed at their respective offices, or at a studio.

Fully Pre-recorded Awards Live Stream

A fully pre-recorded live stream is one where the whole virtual awards ceremony is pre-recored and pre-produced. Hence, on the actual virtual event day, you are just streaming the video to your audience. This may be the least stressful for you, but lacks engagement.

Live Production with Pre-recorded Content

In this arrangement, your awards live stream consists of live segments. Which can mean that your emcee is located at your office or a studio hosting the virtual ceremony. The emcee will then cue for certain pre-recorded segments to be played. In this arrangement, your award winners can come on screen in real time to receive their awards.

Fully Virtual Awards Ceremony Live Stream

An ideal option if you are working on a tight budget, we can execute the whole awards ceremony online via video conferencing software live Zoom. Some of our clients are also able to run this scale of virtual awards ceremony fully in-house.

Example of Awards Ceremony Congratulatory Video

A congratulatory video production we filmed and edited for awards ceremony.

Example of Awards Presentation Video Production

A video created to honour the award winners in place of a physical awards presentation.

Professional Portrait Photography For Awards Ceremony Events

Awards Winner Portrait Photographer

As an alternative to filming a story video for your award winners, taking a flattering professional portrait photo is a good option. The photos can then be reused on printed collaterals or for publishing on magazines and newspaper.

Our professional portrait photographers are available as a standalone service, or as part of your video production and live streaming package.

Hire Our Team For Your Virtual Awards Ceremony Live Streaming

Our team is ready to help you for your organisation’s awards ceremony. Prior to 2020, we have provided event videography, event photography and stage photo instant printing for many awards ceremony events, including high profile events graced by Ministers and Prime Minister.

We leverage on our 8 years of event experience to help you deliver your virtual awards presentation event. Using video production and live streaming.

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