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Pharmacy Video Production in Singapore

New advancements in IT-assisted medicine delivery, social distancing, and doctor teleconsultations have fundamentally changed the relationship between patient and pharmacy. 

As a consumer, there’s never been more choice in gathering information. This is why in recent years, we’ve experienced a key change in the way pharmacy videos have been made. with the industry as a whole moving away from marketing the product and towards marketing the brand core values.

Just like branding genius Alina Wheeler says: “Design is intelligence made visible”, we believe is this applies to videomaking too. A good video for your company takes all the genius work behind the scenes and puts it at the forefront of your brand.

In this article, let’s look at home-bred examples of Pharmacy video genres that range from Promotional Ad, Career Video, Testimonial, and Telemedicine.

Pharma Career Videos in Singapore

Mid-career switches, especially to Pharma and HealthTech are on the rise and job-hunting as an activity has progressively gotten more online. 

With youths also becoming increasingly active in planning their future careers, it may be useful to plan your video ad campaign to have a balance between high-quality short video and more personal formats. 

On My Way: A Day in the Life of a Pharmacist

This video filmed by the National Youth Council first borrows the aesthetic of silent film to frame the difference between the antiquated expectation of what pharmacists do and the actual modern job scope of the job. This sets up the video in an unexpected way and gets people interested from the video thumbnail alone.

To improve the visual appeal and variety, the video cuts to a short montage with diagetic audio and b-roll filming several unique angles in the pharmacy. After the short montage, the main interview footage is paired with brightly coloured motion graphics which can bring out the energy of the interviewee while summarising the contents of her monologue.

The b-roll consists of both clips of the pharmacist in action as well as memes that add comedic appeal to the young target audience. This “Day in the life of” video strikes a fine balance between a professionally produced ad and personal vlog and not only gives audiences

Using youth-friendly video language makes this video more “shareable” on social media.

Pharma Ad Video in Singapore

Get your shot, Steady Pom Pi Pi

This viral ad produced by combines the star appeal of Phua Chu Kang on a brightly coloured TV set (this is made apparent in the video) with dynamic camera movement. In particular, the video uses low angle dolly shots to create excitement within scenes

Bringing You O+O Retail Experience | Watsons SG

This video by Watsons Singapore features quick textual overlays along with trendy visual effects applied to b-roll, all of which cut along to the beat of the music. Ads like these that have a limited runtime often utilise a high-energy soundtrack to enhance the recall-ability of the video commercial since these ads may be played more than once to audiences through different platforms.

The quick editing ensures that not 5 seconds go by without something moving or some new visual effect. This hooks the audience’s reaction and having this “guns akimbo”, loud and brash style of video making is perfect for mediums like YouTube skippable ads and social media promotion since often unknowingly, audiences find themselves watching the full video as they’re drawn to the changes in shots and graphics.

Lastly to drive home the message of their new product, the video makes sure most of its b-roll is shot in Watsons’ stores with repeated use of recordings of the new O+O app. Repetition is key, especially in a short TVC spot.

Pharmacy Explainer Videos in Singapore

Following the popularity of video series by media publications such as WIRED, Vox and even GQ, modern viewers now prefer video formats where their questions are answered by a authority figure.

Ask our Pharmacist (Product Video)

This video made by Guardian Singapore in collaboration with Bioderma uses a shallow depth of field in the main interview footage. The main interview is shot between isles in a Guardian outlet. 

Choosing to shoot in the right environment can be key to place your audience in the environment of your pharmacy. However, when shooting in a such a detail-rich environment, a shallow depth of field helps to neatly control the visual result.

As a result, audiences leave this video feeling like their questions are answered not only because there is an authority figure interviewed, but also because the interviewee is put in her working environment.

To add, in a concise video where audiences are listening out for information, having a single static interview angle and simply cropping in and out between questions provides visual variety without introducing distractions.

Ask a Doctor: How do I use birth control pills?

Video on DA YouTube Channel

The video uses both large subtitles as well as graphics coupled with summary copy that reinforces the points Dr Rachael Chin is making. 

Pharmacy Video Production Team in Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

In sharing these examples, we’ve covered how trends in Pharmacy Video Production in Singapore have been led by both international and local changes in audiences. 

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