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Cheap Video Production in Singapore & Affordable Video Filming

A professional video production takes significant resources which makes cheap video production a challenging ask. In this article, we explore the details on how to keep a video production lean, and what it means to engage an affordable video filming crew.

What Defines Cheap Video Production?

The resources required of a professional video production makes it difficult to keep a low cost. Hence, when you look for a ‘cheap’ video production team, it would be relative to what it would have traditionally costed you in a full fledge video production.

What Are the Resources Needed for a Video Production

If we take a television commercial (TVC) video production for example, you will be expecting a production crew of about 8 crew members. This includes roles such as producer, director, camera operation, soundman, lighting professional (gaffer), camera support (grip), art director and production assistants.

In the pre-production phase, there are conceptualisation, scripting, storyboard, casting, location sourcing and shoot schedule planning that is needed to be done. And these take up resources to produce and manage.

After the filming is completed, video editors will work on the post-production with scope covering video editing, motion graphics and colour grading.

Beyond the technical production aspect, you will also be managing the budget for talents, location and props.

From the scope of work above, you can see how a video production can quickly add up in cost.

How To Keep a Video Production Affordable?

You can manage the budget of your video production and keeping it affordable. Being clear of what you need the video to achieve will help. For instance, if you are doing a tutorial video for internal circulation, you may not need an extensive colour grading on the final video.

In a smaller scale shoot, your video production crew on the filming day can be kept to a 3 or 4 man crew, which is quite typical for a corporate internal video.

In a typical communication video or interview filming, you may take up the shoot planning on your own and you do not require a storyboard. Therefore, you will only be engaging a professional filming crew to provide filming support and post-production. Saving you the cost of pre-production.

What Are the Compromises of a Cheap Video Production

When you think of compromises, it usually come across as a drawback but it is not necessary the case in some cheaper video production. For instance, you do not require TVC-level lighting for certain video use cases, and therefore a simpler lighting setup can still achieve the objective you set out for the video.

How Much is Cheap Video Production in Singapore

A full-fledge professional video production will cost upwards of $10,000. In relative terms, a cheaper video production would likely cost you about $3000 onwards for a filming crew and post-production.

Affordable Video Filming Crew in Singapore

The cost for hiring a video crew for your filming project is actually very reasonable, in fact the cost ranges about the same for most vendors. And the cost is usually reflective of the crew size and experience level of the crew. Trying to demand a bargain from the video filming crew is usually not recommended, but you can consider renegotiating the requirements with your vendor. This will help you arrive at an arrangement without undesirable compromises.

One-Man Video Production

One-Man Video Production is suitable in for certain project requirements, we have seen this in some property video production and it is common for event videographers to work alone. However, a one-man video production means you are likely working with just a camera operator, who would usually help a little with audio and lighting.

It can work out well for simple interview video filming, where time is not a constraint and the videographer has sufficient time prior to setup and test his equipment.

However, it is common for videographer to work alone in event videography projects. In roving event videography, the videographer usually rove around the venue with a camera on gimbal. This allow the videographer to capture dynamic footage that are suitable for event video highlight production.

In a static event videography setup, the videographer would usually setup a broadcast camera on a tripod, capturing a full recording of your stage programme.

How To Get the Best Cost for Video Production

It is actually quite simple, build rapport with the vendor who have provided good support to you and in the long run, the vendor would likely be the most cost-effective option in supporting your video production projects.

Creative Video Production in Singapore

the best creative video production agencies in Singapore
Reference image of a video production setup

Creative video production are one of the video genres we produce at Vivid Snaps. You can come to us with a rough video concept or a creative brief to kickstart the process.


Upon project completion, our producer and director will work together with you to work on the planning process. The timeline required in this phase is approx. 2 to 4 weeks.

The scope that we will cover varies based on your project requirements. Our full scope will include:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Script writing
  • Storyboard
  • Talent sourcing
  • Location sourcing
  • Props sourcing
  • Shot list planning
  • Shoot schedule planning

Video Filming

A typical creative video production will require a team from 5-8 crew including producer, director, camera operator, gaffer, soundman, grip and production assistant. Filming would usually take a minimum of 1 full day.

Video Post-production

After the filming is completed, your video will go into post-production phase and you will be expecting approx. 2 rounds of review before finalising. Typically, the first draft will be ready within 7-10 working days, and subsequent rounds of changes will take about 3-5 working days each round.

Green Screen Studio in Singapore

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Photo of Vivid Snaps green screen studio

We offer complimentary usage of our green screen studio when you engage our video filming services. This allows a more flexible filming schedule. Our studio is suitable for a small scale video production of 2-3 talents on screen.

Work With a Professional Video Team in Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Group photo of our video production team at Vivid Snaps

Balancing between a tight budget and high-quality output is a daunting task, and indeed they will not always align. But we understand the business challenges you face and we do our best to support your business objectives to create long term working relationship.

Get in touch with our Project Coordinators and Producers to discuss your requirements. We look forward to start a working relationship with you.

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