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Shangri-La Singapore Live Streaming (Virtual & Hybrid Event)

Shangri-La Singapore is an exquisite venue usually reserved for exclusive events. In this article, we share some information from our past virtual & hybrid events at Shangri-la Singapore.

Hotel Live Streaming Crew Singapore

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

Shangri-La Singapore is one of the many hotels and ballrooms that we will visit every year. Our media production services for events at hotel includes:

  • Pre-event video recording & production
  • Pre-event photo shoot
  • Virtual event live streaming
  • Hybrid event live streaming
  • Event photographer
  • Event videographer
  • Event video live feed (IMAG)

To get a quotation for our event services at hotels, get in touch with our project coordinators to discuss your event requirements.

Shangri-La Live Streaming, Behind the Scenes

Shangri-La Hotel Live Streaming Singapore
Reference of a Hotel Live Streaming setup at Shangri-La Singapore

An overview of a 2-camera live streaming setup in a hotel function room. Static cameras are usually connected to our vision mixer through wired connection. While a roving camera angle will usually connect via wireless means.

Internet Speed at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore Internet speed is ample for standard live streaming production. The speed averaged about 100mbps via a LAN cable connection. This is sufficient for streaming to 3 or more destinations under standard circumstances.

When live streaming to a RTMPS destination at 1080p, 30fps. You will require a stable 6mbps bandwidth, but you should have at least 30mbps for a consistent upstream.

Internet Speed at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore

Hotel Hybrid Event Singapore
Vision mixing operator using vMix for live streaming production

We use vMix for most of our live streaming production, vMix is an industry standard vision mixing software. Allowing you to add overlays, effects and play pre-recorded videos. And in more complex setup, we use it to run hybrid event with multiple inputs & outputs.

Studio Live Streaming for Virtual Events

Green Screen Studio Singapore
Our in-house green screen studio for filming & live streaming

For smaller scale virtual events, you can opt to use our in-house green screen studio. With a backdrop width of 4.8m wide, it is suitable for up to 2 subjects to be on-screen.

Live Streaming & Video Production Crew

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Company Group Photo of the Vivid Snaps Team

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