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Company Dinner & Dance Ideas 2023

Choosing a theme is crucial for your dinner & dance ideas because it makes your guests excitedly anticipate the event you are planning. The event is all about creating a function for your guests to engage and bond with each other.

However, you may be spoilt for choice in this case. The question you might have in your head is which theme your guests will look forward to the most.

Brainstorming for unique Dinner & Dance ideas? Look no further, this article is just for you!

If you already have an exciting theme for your dinner & dance, fret not! Speak with our project coordinators who can advise on how our event photography, event videography and instant photo booth services can complement your dinner & dance event. Drop us a message via the message box at the side of the page today!

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Exhibition & Trade Show Photographer & Videographer

We are a team of media professionals serving corporate clients. We frequently shoot for conferences, exhibitions and trade shows for both local and regional clients. Our team focuses on serving organisational clients and constantly developing our service model to accommodate to changes in the market demands.

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Electric Car Video Production Singapore

With the increasing global population and the surge in automotive vehicles, the world is turning its attention towards eco-friendly alternatives – electric-powered vehicles. Electric cars are not only cost-efficient but also beneficial for the environment, explaining their rising popularity among consumers. As the demand for electric cars grows, car launch videos have become an increasingly popular medium to introduce these groundbreaking vehicles to the world. In this article, we will explore electric car launch videos from Asia and around the globe, discovering the innovative ways car manufacturers captivate audiences and convey their brand’s allure.

In our previous article, we covered a range of virtual car launches and car launch videos in Singapore & around the world. And in this article, we are focusing solely on the launch of electric cars.

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Marketing Video Production in Singapore

Marketing videos help to introduce your products and services to the audience. This helps to increase social engagement with more people and potentially increase the chances of garnering more consumers. Many companies have since conceptualised their own videos to stylize them according to their own mottos while effectively promoting their products and services.  Marketing videos do not have to be boring, you can do what you like with it

We can take different approaches to producing a marketing video through animation, highlight videos, narrative and also commercials. Essentially the nature of the video is decided by you after considering which option is the best to promote your products and services best. Next, how to enhance your videos? These can be done through storytelling, cameraworks, music, editing and colour grading.

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