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Singapore Event Photography Rates in 2020

Corporate Event Photographer in Singapore

It is a common misconception that a photographer is an expert in taking all types of images. In actual fact, a corporate event photographer has very different priorities compared to say, a wedding day photographer. They both have to capture the right moments, but the moments happen very differently. The objectives of these images are also very different. Our team of project coordinators & photographers have plenty of experience with corporate clients, and we strive to provide a stress free working experience with you every time.

There Are No Second Chances At Events

Most events will only happen once, hence it is important that your event photographer shares the same level of commitment as you do. We never allow ourselves to be too confident.

There Are Times You Need More Than 1 Photographer

A professional event photographer is not without his physical limits. For instance, if your event involves photographing a dance performance and crowd reaction. You will be needing 2 photographers. Speak with our project coordinators for advice.

Good Range of Lenses & Backup Camera

To create consistently good works, good skills and experience are not enough, we rely on professional equipment. Our photographers have lenses ranging from wide angle lenses to zoom lenses. Our event photographers also carry a second camera, or a backup camera so that an unexpected equipment failure does not hamper the photographer’s ability to deliver the required images.

What To Brief A Photographer Before Your Event

Our photographers are committed to deliver a good job at your event. At times, we may need to prepare extra equipment or attire appropriately. Giving us some information prior to your event helps us deliver a successful project with you.

  • What is your event nature?
  • Do you need to take a large group photo?
  • What are the important highlights of your event?
  • Provide your event schedule or itinerary

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Singapore Event Photography Pricing & Rates

The hourly rates for a professional event photographer in Singapore will range between $120 and $300 per hour with a minimum engagement period of 2 hours. The rates are fixed prior to your event, barring on-site extension. Securing your photographer as early as possible may also score you a lower rate if your event does not fall on a peak date.

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Every event is unique. If you need advice on your own event requirements, our project coordinators are happy to help.

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