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Event Photographer Rates & Price in Singapore 2024

This article features the expected event photography rates in Singapore for the year 2024. If you are interested in holding an event and engaging a professional photographer, read to learn more about how to hire photographers to effectively cover your event.

Professional Event Photographers in Singapore

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Corporate photo shoot of the Vivid Snaps team consisting of photographers & video professionals

It is a common misconception that a photographer is an expert in taking all types of images. In actual fact, a corporate event photographer has very different priorities compared to say, a wedding day photographer.

They both have to capture the right moments, but the moments happen very differently. The objectives of these images are also very different. Our team of project coordinators & event photographers are experienced in working with corporate clients. We strive to provide a stress free working experience with you every time.

No Second Chances At Events

Professional Photography Singapore

Most events will only happen once, hence it is important that your event photographer shares the same level of commitment as you do. We never allow ourselves to be complacent or overconfident at your event, we know to expected the unexpected, and be ready to react to different situations.

There Are Times You Need More Than 1 Photographer

Event Photography Singapore Rates

A professional event photographer is not without his physical limits. For instance, if your event involves photographing a dance performance and crowd reaction, you will require 2 photographers.

You will also typically want to hire more than 1 event photographer at larger scale event. As a rule of thumb, a single event photographer is good for covering events of up to 300 guests. Beyond that, you should hire a second or third photographer to effectively cover your event.

Good Range of Lenses & Backup Camera

Event Photography Rates

To create consistently good work, good skills and experience are not enough. For event photography, we also rely on professional equipment. Our photographers have lenses ranging from wide angle lenses to zoom lenses. Our event photographers also carry a backup camera so that unexpected equipment failure will not hamper the photographer’s ability to deliver the required images.

Fisheye Lenses for Large Group Photo

Fisheye Photo of Company Retreat at the sea
Fisheye lens for large group photo in tight spaces. Photo taken on-board Royal Albatross

While most photographer will carry a wide angle lens for every event, specialised lenses like ultra-wide angle and fisheye lens for event photography are usually available upon request only. Some event photographers have one in their inventory while others might need to make a rental. Hence, you may want to communicate this earlier so that the event photographer can preparations.

Event Photographer Editing Timeline

Typically, a professional event photographer will deliver the edited event images within 7 working days. Our photographer edit every photo individually, as compared to some event photographers who does a batch edit on their images.

The advantage of individual photo edit is a noticeable quality improvement, and usually takes 3 times longer than event photographer that does batch editing. Which is why we don’t provide same-day turn around by default.

Requesting for rushed editing of your event images are usually available at additional fee.

Event Photographer Rushed Editing Timeline

When you require rushed editing from your event photographer, there will usually be additional charges equivalent to the hourly rates of the event photographer. And this should be pre-arranged with the photographer to ensure availability.

Most event photographers will be happy to provide you with selected unedited JPEG images on-site. Hence, you want to consider if that is sufficient, saving yourself the rushed editing fee.

Event Photographer On-site Editing

If you require immediate editing for your event photography, we can arrange for a dedicated editor on-site to provide immediate edits. This is available at an additional fee.

Selection of Good Images

If you have engaged event photographers who does batch editing on their event photos, you will usually notice that they deliver a huge quantity of photos. While this works well for some situations, it is ineffective at most other times. As the huge number of photos usually include repeated shots of a scene, you will end up spending time sifting through many unusable images.

Our event photographers select and manipulate each image if necessary, so you will not have to spend time sifting through photos you don’t need.

What To Brief A Photographer Before Your Event

Our photographers are committed to deliver a good job at your event. At times, we may need to prepare extra equipment or attire appropriately. Giving us some information prior to your event helps us deliver a successful project with you.

  • What is your event nature?
  • Do you need to take a large group photo?
  • What are the important highlights of your event?
  • Provide your event schedule or itinerary

What to Expect From Your Event Photographer in 2024

Like with any professions, the expectation of a professional event photographer evolved over the years. Here are some of the requests that your photographer should accommodate.

How Many Photos Should An Event Photographer Take?

This could vary depending on the event photography you hire and the activities that are happening at your event. The number of final images tend to be higher at events with more activities. As a general guide, you can expect 30 to 60 edited images for each hour of event photography service in Singapore.

Provide Some Quick Selects (Images) Immediately After Event

Your event photographer should always be carrying a card-reader with him/her. Therefore, you can ask your photographer to provide selected images for your social media posts or press release. You will need to provide a laptop to access and save the images. The photos will be provided to you in unedited JPEG format. And this request should not cost you any extra fee.

Nonetheless, if you are expecting the photos to be edited on-site, the photographer will require to bring a laptop. Bringing a laptop for editing is usually chargeable at about $200 onwards per event day.

Our Past Works

Our photographers have shot for a multitude of corporate events, from dinner parties to regional conference. Whether you need a photographer or a team of photographers around multiple locations in Singapore, we can cater to your requirements.

  • Dinner & Dance Event Photography
  • Corporate Networking Event Photography
  • Event Photography For Staff Appreciation
  • Roadshow Event Photography
  • Event Photography For Product Launch
  • Family Day Carnival Event Photography
  • Event Photography For Conference

How Much Do Singapore Event Photographers Charge?

The hourly rates for a professional event photographer in Singapore will range between $150 and $300 per hour with a minimum engagement period of 2 hours. The rates are fixed prior to your event, barring on-site extension. Securing your photographer as early as possible may also score you a lower rate if your event does not fall on a peak date.

Event photographers may also charge on-site extension surcharge of up to double the hourly rate, and subject to availability. Hence, you should communicate your requirements and any potential on-site extension to the event photographer.

Event Photographer Reference Rates in 2024

Event DurationPhotographer Rate
1 hour$480
2 hours$480
3 hours$540
4 hours$600
5 hours$750
6 hours$900
8 hours$1200

As transportation cost has been consistently rising in the past years. In 2024, you can expect most photographers to charge a transportation fee separately, this will usually range about $80 for 2-way trip.

The above table provides a quick reference of the expected event photographer rates in Singapore. Your experience with each event photographer or event photography company may vary.

To get an accurate photography quotation for your event, send us an email for a customised quotation.

Engage Our Event Photographers

Vivid Media Company Group Photo Singapore
Company group photo of the Vivid Media photo & video production team in Singapore

Our team consists of some of the best event photographers in the industry, and we also work with industry partners who share the same vision as we do. At most events, we also provide event videographer and post-event video highlight production.

Beyond events, our team are specialised in corporate video production and live streaming for virtual & hybrid events. Making us an effective media production partners for your event and corporate communications requirements.

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