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Awards Event Photographer Singapore

Awards Ceremonies are one of the many events our corporate event photographers get to cover every year.

Employee Hero Portrait Photography

If you are thinking about making your awards ceremony this year a little more special. Featuring your outstanding awards recipients as the heroes and heroines could be a good idea.

You can arrange a session with our portrait photographer with your awards recipients. You can shoot professional portraits in a studio or on-location. We have also seen full body portrait printed as life size posters to honour the awards recipients.

Virtual Awards Event Photographer

When you are planning an awards ceremony in 2021, you may find yourself being limited by the allowable number of physical guests. Hence, many organisations have taken an alternative route to host awards ceremony virtually.

Your virtual awards ceremony can take many forms, a pre-recorded live stream is a popular option. While we have also seen awards ceremony video premiere on YouTube and even websites dedicated to the awards recipients.

Our photographers have helped to capture memorable photos for some of these very creative awards events.

Door-to-Door Awards Presentation Photographer

When your awards recipients are unable to attend a physical event due to the circuit breaker, you bring the awards to them. Our event photographers have followed organisations as their management team visits outstanding employees at their homes.

Our event photographers have covered many awards presentation graced by prominent ministers. From member of parliament to prime ministers. We are honoured to be part of many high profile event, and look forward to serving you at your awards presentation event.

Staff Appreciation Event Photographer

Staff appreciation award takes many form, ranging from formal awards ceremony to yacht parties. Whatever your event may be, our event photographers are happy to capture great images for you!

Long Service Awards Event Photographer

Stage Photography Instant Print

When you are celebrating your long serving employees.

Education & Scholarship Event Photographer

Awards Ceremony Instant Print Singapore

In recent years, we have also covered great organisation offering scholarship to the family members of their employees.

Customer Award Event Photographer

You can also celebrate with your top customers with a client appreciation event.

Year End Award & Celebration

Dinner & dance and year-end parties are great opportunities to appreciate your staff and customers.

Nurses Day Event Photographer

Our event photographers also work with healthcare clients at their Nurses Day event. Usually graced by their head of departments and senior management.

Stage Photography & Instant Print For Awards Ceremony

An instant photo print is a best gift for the awards recipient at your award ceremony event. Our team offers customised solutions for different types of awards ceremony events. We have also worked at challenging venues and large-scale event requiring immediate printing.

We have shared in a previous article about the few types of stage photography instant print.

Our Professional Event Photographers

To make your event successful, our event photographers rely on their experience and good communication with you. And because we know to expect the unexpected at your event, we live by a motto:

We do all we can within our control, to handle situations out of your control.

Engage The Best Event Photographers

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

We endeavour to leverage our experience to make it easy for you to work with us. If you believe the same, get in touch with us to discuss your event. We want to be part of your success.

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