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Professional Video Live Stream For Social Media

Video Live Stream Service

As you may have already noticed, video live stream is steadily taking over the attention of social media audiences. Consumers are now spoiled with real-time updates that make news articles the equivalent of snail-mail in today’s terms. Clicking in to live stream notifications will become part and parcel of people’s lives. Before you dismiss this idea thinking that live stream does not apply to your industry, think again. Live stream will become the next Instagram feed and Facebook timeline. People will be scrolling through live stream channels like how they scroll through social media feeds, tapping in to watch what interests them.

Now is the time to jump into this opportunity and embark on the new technology before your competitors do.

Key Features of Our Professional Video Live Stream

  • Passionate crew
  • Dedicated videographers
  • Pro-level video cameras for clear visuals
  • Pro-level lighting for enhanced visual definition
  • Pro-level microphone system to deliver clear audio
  • Pro-level video processing equipment

Where Can You Live Stream?

We can provide professional video live stream to Facebook Live & YouTube Live. Both of these platforms allow external applications to interface with their video servers. Therefore, giving us the possibility to use professional grade equipment. Instagram Live is currently limited to uploading via smartphone only. This may change in the future, who knows?

What Should You Live Stream?

Think of your business, what is your product, what do your consumers want, and what questions do they have? What is stopping them from buying your products and services? For some ideas, our professional video live stream will be good for the below:

Behind The Scenes Footage

Being the scenes will be good for your business if your customers are unfamiliar with you. Sharing more about yourself will build the confidence in your potential clients.

Live Events (Conferences, Concerts, Weddings, etc.)

When you organise an event, take this opportunity to live stream the live actions online and reach a larger audience who might otherwise not be able to attend your event.

Product Demonstrations & Support

  • Live stream is the perfect platform to demonstrate or talk about your product to a large audience
  • A product oriented live stream, can help you to engage not just your loyal fan base but also prospective buyers. Converting the prospective buyers to become your customers.
  • You can also use video live stream to provide meaningful insights about your product to your customers.
  • A professional multi-camera live stream setup can help to bring focus to your product when necessary.

Live Q&A Sessions

Do your consumers have burning questions regarding your products or service? Do you manage a group of artists or do you yourself have fans who yearn to interact with you? Live streaming question and answer sessions is the perfect safe ground for you.

Company Announcements

When making exciting announcements, you can stream this on your social media and share it with your audiences!

Flash Sales

You can even reward your audience by releasing special coupon codes for tuning in to your live stream.

What Time Of The Day Should You Go Live?

As you may have guessed, it is during off-work hours. Weekends, holidays, before work, during lunch breaks and after work hours.  

How To Do It?

There are many ways to go about live streaming. For businesses, market perception is important, your video live stream has to be done professionally.  In the times where others are simply live streaming from their camera smartphones in vertical format, you can establish yourself as the industry leader by out-doing the amateur. If you are demonstrating your products, your actions have to be seen clearly. If you are doing a Q&A session, you have to look good and sound clear. Having a live stream session done professionally will build your business reputation.

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