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Awards Video Production Singapore

Awards Video Production in Singapore takes many forms. In this blog post, we explore the different types of awards video production that our team have produced for our clients.

The Vivid Snaps Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

Our core clientele are corporate companies and organisations, and about 95% of our portfolio consist of works with MNCs and government organisations. We look forward to supporting you in your awards celebration video production.

Employee Appreciation Awards Video Production

A creative awards video production featuring different aspect of the award recipients working environment. The video also includes footage recorded by other agencies. Our video production team filmed the awards specific footage, and our editor stitched together a 45-min, virtual event pre-recorded live stream video.

Awards Celebration Video Montage

Annual awards video montage with a black and gold gala theme. We use portrait photos of award recipients to craft a grand celebratory video destined for a live streaming event.

The cost of creating motion graphics or animation from scratch is usually out of reach for most awards video montage projects. Videos like these are created using stock motion graphic templates.

This video did not require video filming and uses existing professional portrait photos from their team members.

Corporate Awards Nomination Video

An awards nomination video illustrate the unique selling point of your business. This video includes supers and text overlays, and complete with English subtitles.

This video was filmed across multiple iconic locations in Singapore. And also feature working shots of their team.

Awards Winner Feature Video Production

This stylish Award Winner Feature Video production combines kinetic typography animation, event photography, and an in-office interview of the award winner to create a striking video that leaves a strong impression on its audience.

The kinetic typography animation and photos blend well together to bring the competition’s theme to life, and the words of encouragement from your award winner could inspire future potential participants, drawing them into your event.

Awards Congratulatory Message Video

In this straightforward awards congratulatory message video production, teleprompter is used so that minister can keep her focus on the camera lens. A logo overlay is also featured and complete with English subtitles.

Our video crew often goes to our client’s office for filming. Awards video production can however, also be filmed at a studio, especially when a green screen backdrop is required.

Healthcare Awards Photo Montage Video

A simple Award Photo Montage like this can still be effective in giving the recipients the recognition they deserve, while also being extremely time efficient as little to no on-site filming would be required for a montage like this, making it ideal for busier recipients .

Corporate Awards Message Video Production

A corporate awards video that features multiple subjects giving their well wishes for award winners. Using motion graphic templates, the video is made more dynamic.

An awards video like this is very heavy on editing, and changes may take longer to complete. When embarking on a project like this, consider engaging our video production services with 1-2 months timeline. So you do not have to rush through the process.

Corporate Sing-a-long Awards Video Production Singapore

An awards video production consisting of team members singing individually at home during the circuit-breaker period in Singapore. The final video consisted of professionally filmed footage, past footage and singing footage filmed individually on smartphone cameras.

Awards Presentation Speech Video Production

In this awards presentation speech video that we produced for our client, the physical awards were presented to awardees in different region of the world. Our team used remote filming and with some planning, juxtaposed local & awardees around the globe into a seamless video.

Green Screen Awards Video Filming

Our team have also filmed awards ceremony videos using a green screen backdrop. Our team can setup the green screen backdrop at your corporate office. In some cases when a full body shot is required with multiple subjects in the scene, a huge backdrop will be required. In that case, renting a green screen studio with cyclorama will be necessary.

We provide end-to-end service including conceptualisation, video filming production and post-production editing. Green screen background can be filmed specifically for your video, purchase from stock footage libraries or customised static graphics.

Competition Invitation Video Production

For this invitational video that we have prepared for our client, we crafted a flashy video montage from previous events, featuring highlights of the events, themes, and their winners.

The use of simple motion graphics presents its audience with information about the upcoming event in a digestible manner, leaving most of the flash to the actual events themselves.

Awards Ceremony Live Streaming

Live Streaming at St. Regis Caroline Mansion Hybrid Event
Hybrid Event Live Streaming of Top Performers Awards at St. Regis Hotel

Starting from 2019, our team have supported many organisation to take their awards ceremony online. These usually take the form of a Virtual Event or Hybrid Event.

A Virtual Event has no physical audience, and can take place at a green screen studio, hotel function rooms or your own venues. While a Hybrid Event will likely need a space where audience can be physically seated. Such as hotel ballroom or auditorium.

Awards Ceremony Stage Photography Instant Print

Stage Photography Instant Print
An instant print photo from long service awards event

Awards Ceremony Instant Print are advanced event instant print services provided only by a few photography companies in Singapore.

For awards ceremonies, our skillful and experienced photographers will be there to capture any highlights of your events, like a stage photo. These photos are then sent directly over to our photo collection station where they are printed instantaneously for you.

To ensure a smooth and efficient flow at our photo collection station, our team deploys multiple lab quality printers on-site, capable of delivering 4R photo prints with a 8-second photo printing time. Our printers also have an extremely high holding capacity of 1000 photo prints. This means a lower probability that paper-change is required, resulting in a smooth-sailing operation during your awards ceremony.

Green Screen Studio For Awards Video Filming

Best Green Screen Studio

Our green screen studio located within our office are available to use, this can be very useful for speech & interview filming. And we have also executed many Awards Ceremony Live Stream in the same studio. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can provide a cost effective package for your next Awards Ceremony Event.

Our Video Production Team

Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo

Our video production team consists of videographers, video editors, designer, project coordinators and photographers. Together, we support you in projects from pre-production to post-production. Including conceptualisation, storyboarding, location sourcing, filming and video editing.

Over the last decade, we have served many corporate clients and organisations. We look forward to supporting you in media & video production.

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