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Hotel Hybrid Event Live Streaming Service

As the community re-opens in Singapore, corporate events are resuming but with limited capacity. When planning your hybrid event live streaming, picking a hotel ballroom will certainly be one of your choices.

If you are a corporate customer, a hotel like PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay will help you to cover your setup and AV requirements. However, you will need to source for a live webcasting service vendor separately. Our team is ready to help you with live streaming and webcasting at your hybrid event.

Corporate Event Live Stream at Hotel Ballroom

With the safe management measures covered, your next concern should be the smooth running of your event. While some hotels have set up green screen rooms for virtual event, they may not be suitable for hybrid events where you are hosting physical guests.

We have recently concluded a hybrid event at the PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay. Newly renovated hotel function rooms with stunning LED backdrop, they make for an excellent hotel venue for hybrid events.

Professional Live Streaming Crew Singapore
Vivid Snaps live streaming set up at PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay.

Running a hybrid event could mean many things, one of which is presentation by remote speakers, who could be at an overseas hotel ballroom. In which case, a LED wall serves as the perfect projection screen for your physical event guests.

Conference Live Stream at Hotel Ballroom

Whether you are based on Singapore or abroad, our team can work with you to execute your hybrid event in a Singapore hotel venue. Our expertise in live streaming includes, camera work, vision mixing and live webcasting to almost all proprietary platforms.

Beyond live streaming, our team have also provided professional event photography, event videography, video editing and instant photo print services at more than 2000 events.

Our team leverage on our live event experience to deliver a smooth live streaming service at your conference and corporate events.

Hybrid Event Live Stream at Hotel Ballroom

Hybrid events usually refer to a corporate event where you are hosting physical guests and also live streaming to a virtual event platform for your online attendees.

Virtual event on the other hand, refers to event hosting physical presenters, but NO physical audiences. All audience will be participating in the event via your online event platform.

Virtual AGM Live Stream at Hotel Ballroom

In 2020, our live streaming team worked with listed companies, associations and condominium to host their virtual annual general meetings (AGM) and extraordinary general meetings (EGM). The meetings are usually fully virtual, with no physical audience.

With the regulations opening up, you may be considering to host a limited number of physical audience, while the remaining will participate online.

We always advice directors, key appointment holders and other presenters to be physically present. Where our crew can assist with the technical requirements. We will also use professional cameras for live webcast.

A mix of physical and virtual presenters increases the technical complexity and is likely to incur higher cost.

PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay Hotel Live Streaming

Hotel Event Live Streaming
Photo from PARKROYAL Website.

PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay is a newly renovated hotel, sitting in the exact same space of the previous Marina Mandarin hotel. The newly renovated hotel have its focus on sustainability, and many features coveted by today’s corporate clients.

More importantly for you, their hotel function room is a tried and tested venue for live streaming. The room consist of multiple Internet points via LAN cable, an important element of live streaming. The hotel staff are a helpful team of relationship and service professionals who will see through your corporate events with you.

Professional Live Streaming Videographer
Vivid Snaps live streaming technical crew at PARKROYAL Collection.

Shangri-La Hotel Live Streaming (Virtual Event)

Shangri-La Hotel Live Streaming Singapore
Live streaming setup at Shangri-la Hotel

In Q4 2021, our live streaming crew was deployed at Shangri-La for a Sommelier event live streaming. The requirements called for a multi-camera production including a wireless roving camera. If you are looking to live stream your event at Shangri-La Singapore, you will be happy to know that they have fast Internet speed, at about 800mbps via a LAN connection.

St. Regis Hotel, Caroline’s Mansion Live Streaming (Virtual Event)

St. Regis Hotel Live Streaming
A clear shot of the St. Regis ballroom for virtual & hybrid events
LAN Port St. Regis Hotel Live Streaming
The power socket & LAN ports at St. Regis Caroline’s Mansion

The Caroline’s Mansion at St. Regis hotel is equipped with LAN ports with access to Internet. At the time of testing during our site recce, the Internet speed averaged at 30mbps. This will be sufficient for a 1-way upstreaming at 1080p resolution.

Live Streaming at St. Regis Caroline Mansion Hybrid Event
Hybrid event setup featuring physical & remote presenters

The Ritz-Carlton Singapore, Video Live Feed

The Ritz-Carlton Singapore Live Streaming Hybrid Event 2022
Video mixer for video live feed at physical events

Video live feed (also known as IMAG) is the process of projecting the video signal from a single or multiple camera angles onto location projector screens. A single camera angle can usually be connected straight to the AV mixer console, while a multiple camera production would require a video mixer and operator.

Our team can provide static & roving video live feed for events. Static video live feed is usually connected via cable from the camera to the mixer. While a roving live feed can be made wireless to facilitate the ease of movement. Our team is equipped with wireless live feed equipment.

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Composite Group Photo Singapore, Corporate Group Photo
Corporate photo of the Vivid Snaps live streaming & video production team

Our team serves primarily corporate customers and we want to keep it that way by providing good customer experiences. Our team have completed several virtual and hybrid corporate events of different nature, with some involving high profile delegates.

While live streaming your corporate event may be new to you, our team have done multiple projects. And we are happy to share our experience to help you at your event.

Drop us an email to share your requirements with us, or schedule a call if you prefer to speak. We look forward to serving you.

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