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Experienced Photographers in Singapore

Hiring an experienced event photographer in Singapore can help you alleviate some stress during your event. We share some approaches that our event photographers have developed over the course of their career, and how they endeavour to handle situations during an event.

Why Is Experience Important When Hiring a Photographer

VIP Formal Event Photography Singapore
Group photo at a formal event

An experienced event photographer is a good problem-solver, and being very quick at that. Because every event has its own intricacies that sometimes challenges even an experienced photographer. Our experience photographers have worked with many corporate clients and are familiar with your requirements at an event. They will make decisions that are aligned with your vision.

Fisheye Lens for Large Group Photo

Fisheye Photo of Company Retreat at the sea
Fisheye group photo on-board Royal Albatross (Corporate Event)

Fisheye lens is not part of a standard packing list for event photographers, as the images created by the lens are distorted (warped) and serves very specific purpose. Our event photographers have a fisheye lens available upon request. This helps you take large group photos in a tight venue.

Do note that rental fee may apply for request of fisheye lens on a peak date.

Steven Wong, Senior Event Photographer

Senior Event Photographer, Steven Wong, Vivid Snaps Photography

Steven is a Senior Event Photographer with Vivid Snaps, and he’s highly sought after by many of our clients for corporate events. Commended for his pro-active attitude at events, Steven is also good at directing your event guests for great photos.

Having over 7 years of experience in his event photography career, Steven understands what key moments to look out for at your event. And also making sure that the photos meet your usage requirements after the event.

Expectations of an event photographer has also evolved in the past 7 years of his career. He is well aware of new trends and expectations, and always staying sharp to keep his expertise relevant.

Clinton Lee, Senior Event Photographer

Event Photographer Singapore, Clinton Lee, Vivid Snaps Photography

Clinton is a Senior Event Photographer with Vivid Snaps, and always love the adventure to experience unique events.

Most recently, Clinton has shot for an underground Tunnel Boring Machine, ground breaking event. In a high-profile event graced by minister, you will expect a plethora of other media crew, engaged by different stakeholder. An experienced photographer will know to work well with the other crew, and not miss an important moment because he could not get his spot.

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