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Phase 2 Awards Ceremony Stage Instant Print

Vivid Snaps is a professional media company that specialises in event photography services for our clients. With 9 years of experience offering event photography and instant print services, we have refined our services to provide the best awards ceremony instant print solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Read on to find out about our awards ceremony instant print services in phase 2.

What is Instant Print Photography?

Instant Awards Ceremony Photo Print at an Edusave Awards Ceremony

Instant print photography is one of the core services that we offer at Vivid Snaps. Our photographers will go around capturing the highlights and finest moments of the event.

Awards Ceremony Instant Print is an advanced event instant print service provided only by a few photography companies in Singapore. For awards ceremonies, our static photographer will be there to capture the awards ceremony segment. These photos are then sent over to our photo collection station where they are being printed instantly.

At large scale awards ceremonies with over 1000 recipients, delivering prompt instant photo prints is a demanding task. At Vivid Snaps, we rely on experienced crew, good equipment and a reliable workflow to deliver a smooth event experience for your award recipients and guests.

To ensure smooth flowing traffic at the photo collection station, our team uses one or multiple lab quality printers. These printers deliver a 4R photo print with a 8-second photo printing time. What further differentiates us from many other vendors are our high-capacity printers, each holding a roll of 1000 photo prints. This means a lower probability that paper-change is required, resulting in a smoother operation during your awards ceremony.

Phase 2 Awards Ceremony

In the past month, Tampines GRC held a small-scale citizenship ceremony in compliance with the Phase 2 advisory. Our team is proud to be the selected instant print vendor for the event.  

More recently, Great Eastern held their Annual Appreciation Awards ceremony for their long service staff. This event saw more than 200 employees receiving the long service award in recognition for their dedication and hard work to the company. Our team is proud to have also been selected as the trusted instant print vendor for the event.

For this event, we designed a photo border for the photos. On the day itself, we also provided on-site editing for the photos to ensure that our clients on received the best quality photographs for their keepsake.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our services can help to meet your business needs. When we attend your awards ceremony in phase 2, we will ensure that we are compliant with the safe management measures that you have set in place.

We recently wrote more about our awards ceremony instant print services in our previous article.

Different Photo Sizes For Your Event

Aside from the popular 4R-sized photos, our lab-quality printers can also print photos in 5R, 6R, 8R and card sizes.

If you are unsure which photo size would best suit your event, contact our friendly project coordinators who will be able to advise you accordingly. 

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Aside from instant print for awards ceremonies, we also offer a number of industry-standard event services for our clients, such as:

If you are interested in engaging us for any one of these services, drop us a message via the message box at the side of the page, and we will get back to you.

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