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Event Videography

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Event Promo & Teaser Videos

Event Promotional Videos and sometimes referred to as Event Teaser Videos are short videos often used in marketing campaigns for events like concerts, festivals, competitions, and more. They are an effective way to generate buzz and interest around an event.

There are a few key elements that make up a good event promotional video. First, it should have a clear and compelling message that explains what the event is, and why people should attend. This can be done through the use of text, narration, or a combination of both.

The video should also include visually appealing footage and/or images of the event, such as performances, speakers, or activities that will take place. This can help to give viewers a sense of what to expect at the event, while also building excitement and anticipation.

Additional information in the video can also include ticket sales, location, and any other important details that attendees will need to know.

Read on to check out some examples of event promotional videos to get you started!

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Cruise Video Production

Cruise video production involves creating video content specifically for the cruise industry. This can include promotional videos for specific cruise lines or ships, destination overviews, or onboard activities and experiences. 

The videos are often used to showcase the amenities and attractions that a cruise has to offer, and are typically presented in a way that is visually appealing and engaging. Cruise video production typically involves pre-production planning, including scriptwriting and storyboarding, as well as filming on location (either on the ship or at various destinations) and post-production editing and effects work. 

The final product is typically used for marketing and promotional purposes, and may be distributed online or through other channels such as travel agencies or on board the cruise ships themselves.

Event Videography, Events, Videographer Singapore, Videography


シンガポールでのイベントビデオ撮影は、通常、静的またはロービングビデオ録画 会議、見本市、コンサート、企業パーティーなどのイベントで。通常、少なくとも 1 台または 2 台のカメラを使用して、さまざまな角度からイベントをキャプチャします。その後、映像は編集および後処理されて、イベントの重要な瞬間と重要な側面を紹介する最終製品が作成されます。

イベントのビデオ撮影は、販促資料を作成したり、後で見るためにイベントを記録したり、より多くの視聴者にイベントをライブ ストリーミングしたりするために使用できます。イベント動画撮影 最終製品がイベントの本質を捉え、魅力的に編集できるように、イベント前の計画、適切な機器、およびチームの調整が必要です。

Event Videography, Events, Video Production Singapore, Videographer Singapore, Videography, Vivid Snaps

Event-Videodreh in Singapur

Das Filmen von Veranstaltungsvideos in Singapur bezieht sich normalerweise auf Static or Roving-Videoaufnahme bei Veranstaltungen wie Konferenzen, Messen, Konzerten und Firmenfeiern. Normalerweise verwenden wir mindestens eine oder zwei Kameras, um das Ereignis aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln festzuhalten. Das Filmmaterial wird dann bearbeitet und nachbearbeitet, um ein Endprodukt zu erstellen, das die Schlüsselmomente und wichtigen Aspekte der Veranstaltung zeigt.

Event-Videofilme können verwendet werden, um Werbematerialien zu erstellen, die Veranstaltung für eine spätere Betrachtung zu dokumentieren oder die Veranstaltung einem breiteren Publikum live zu übertragen. Event-Videoaufnahmen erfordert eine Vorplanung, die richtige Ausrüstung und Teamkoordination, damit das Endprodukt in der Lage ist, die Essenz der Veranstaltung einzufangen und auch ansprechend bearbeitet zu werden.

Event Videography, Events, Videographer Singapore, Videography, Vivid Snaps

싱가포르 이벤트 영상 촬영

싱가포르의 이벤트 비디오 촬영은 일반적으로 정적 또는로빙 비디오 녹화 회의, 무역 박람회, 콘서트 및 기업 파티와 같은 행사에서. 우리는 일반적으로 다양한 각도에서 이벤트를 캡처하기 위해 적어도 하나 또는 두 대의 카메라를 사용합니다. 그런 다음 영상을 편집하고 후처리하여 이벤트의 주요 순간과 중요한 측면을 보여주는 최종 제품을 만듭니다.

이벤트 비디오 촬영은 홍보 자료를 만들거나 나중에 볼 수 있도록 이벤트를 문서화하거나 더 많은 청중에게 이벤트를 라이브 스트리밍하는 데 사용할 수 있습니다.이벤트 영상 촬영 최종 제품이 이벤트의 본질을 포착하고 흥미롭게 편집할 수 있도록 사전 이벤트 계획, 적절한 장비 및 팀 조정이 필요합니다.

Event Videography, Events, Video Production Singapore, Videographer Singapore, Videography, Vivid Snaps

Evenement Video Filmen in Singapore

Video-opnamen van evenementen in Singapore verwijzen meestal naar statisch of Zwervende video-opname op evenementen zoals congressen, beurzen, concerten en bedrijfsfeesten. We gebruiken meestal ten minste één of twee camera’s om het evenement vanuit verschillende hoeken vast te leggen. De beelden worden vervolgens bewerkt en nabewerkt om een ​​eindproduct te creëren dat de belangrijkste momenten en belangrijke aspecten van het evenement laat zien.

Video-opnamen van evenementen kunnen worden gebruikt om promotiemateriaal te maken, het evenement te documenteren om later te bekijken of om het evenement live te streamen naar een breder publiek. Evenement video filmen vereist planning vóór het evenement, de juiste uitrusting en teamcoördinatie, zodat het eindproduct de essentie van het evenement kan vastleggen en ook boeiend kan worden bewerkt.

Event Videography, Events, Videographer Singapore, Videography

Tournage vidéo d’un événement à Singapour

Le tournage de vidéos d’événements à Singapour fait généralement référence à Static ou Enregistrement vidéo itinérant lors d’événements tels que des conférences, des salons professionnels, des concerts et des fêtes d’entreprise. Nous utilisons généralement au moins une ou deux caméras pour capturer l’événement sous différents angles. Les images sont ensuite montées et post-traitées pour créer un produit final qui met en valeur les moments clés et les aspects importants de l’événement.

Le tournage vidéo de l’événement peut être utilisé pour créer du matériel promotionnel, documenter l’événement pour un visionnage ultérieur ou pour diffuser l’événement en direct à un public plus large. Tournage vidéo de l’événement nécessite une planification préalable à l’événement, un équipement approprié et une coordination d’équipe, afin que le produit final puisse capturer l’essence de l’événement et être édité de manière engageante.

Creative Video Production, Event Videography, Events, Videographer Singapore, Videography, Vivid Snaps

Creative Event Video Production

Creative event videos are a great way to capture the memories of your event. You will see them used on social media, in promotional material or even as a digital gift for your guests. There are two types of event videos – live and recorded. Live event videos are created by filming the event as it happens and can be done using a smartphone or professional live streaming equipment & crew. 

Recorded event videos are post-processed after the event has taken place and typically involve editing footage together with music, sound effects and voice overs to create a more polished product. With companies hosting events monthly, creative event videos have become a staple requirement. In this article, we will look at a variety of creative event video production that sets a higher standard amongst the rest. 

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Supermarket Video Production

Supermarket video production is a new way of marketing that has been gaining popularity in recent years. The videos are uploaded to the supermarkets’ YouTube channels and Facebook pages. They are usually short, informative, and fun. There are a few benefits to supermarket video production: it is cheaper than traditional marketing methods, it can be more effective because people watch them voluntarily, and it is easy to create content in bulk. 

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Singapore Zoo Event Photographer & Videographer

Our event photographers and videographers were thrilled to be given the opportunity to capture a corporate event at the Singapore Zoo. Hosting events at this unconventional location will always offer a new and unique experience for your guests in an exotic setting.

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