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Roving Videographer Singapore

What is a Roving Videographer?

If you have come to this article, we think you may be looking for a roving videographer for a physical or hybrid event. A roving videographer typically roams around your event and capture dynamic shots for your event. And we will discuss the many types of scenarios that you will need a roving videographer.

Roving Videographer for Live Streaming

Culinary & Cooking Live Streaming Production
Screenshot of a Culinary Live Stream

As a standard, most live streaming have multiple camera angles and most of the angles are static or stationary angles. However, there are situation where you want to get a more dynamic, or close-up shot in your live stream. A roving videographer can be really helpful.

Roving Videographer for Culinary Live Stream

In your culinary or cooking live stream, a roving videographer can help with close-up angles of the food preparation.

Roving Videographer for Corporate Webinar

To enhance audience engagement during a corporate webinar, you can create different zones within a same ballroom, function room or studio. Our roving videographer can then transition between the different zones.

Roving Videographer for ORD Parade

A roving videographer can approach every single individual during an ORD parade, allowing the parents and family members to see an up-close view of their son.

Roving Videographer for Event Live Feed

Best Event Photographer in Singapore

This is known as IMAG but commonly referred to as live feed videographer in Singapore. The live feed from the videographer is projected onto LED walls or projector screens at your event venue.

Roving Live Feed for Dinner & Dance

If you have attended any large scale Dinner & Dance, your guests who are seated at the back of the ballroom would struggle to see the stage performances. And that is why a live feed videographer is necessary.

While the static live feed videographer runs a SDI cable straight to the AV mixer. A roving live feed videographer would use a wireless transmission device. The signal are usually high resolution with quite minimal delay.

Roving Live Feed for Carnival Events

At family day carnivals or public events, the event grounds usually span a large area. A roving live feed videographer can create engagement during the carnival by doing live roving interviews with the event participants. The interview will be projected onto venue projector or LED backdrop wall.

Roving Event Videographer

Snippets from Roving Event Videographer

Almost every event videography engagement is a roving video setup. The video are recorded by not transmitted live to any screens.

Roving Event Video for Corporate Events

A roving event videographer at your corporate events roam around your venue. Capturing the essence of your event in short snippets. This is usually combined into an event video highlight in post-production.

Roving Event Interview for Customer Events

At your product launch event with invited guests, our roving event videographer can rove around the event venue to approach event guests for a vox pop interview to hear their feedback.

Event Video Highlight Production

Snippet from an event video highlight

Almost an essential for any event, you the footage from our videographer will be stitched into a short but succinct event highlight video. Our video editor will add complementing motion graphics and background music to liven up the video highlight.

Length & Duration of a Highlight Video

With our decreasing attention span, the trend for the length of a good highlight video is getting shorter. A good video length for your event highlight will be about 1 to 3 mins.

Turnaround Time for Event Highlight Video

The lead time for the creation of a event video highlight will typically range between 7-10 days.

Express Event Video Highlight

Occasionally, you may need a rushed event video edit. This could be featuring your event activities from the day during your evening gala dinner.

Roving Videographer for Government Agencies

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GeBiz Video Production Company

We are a GeBiz registered vendor, providing video production services for corporate clients and government agencies. Our services include event video services, corporate video production and corporate photography.

Hire Vivid Snaps For Roving Videographer in Singapore

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